Flavors In Albanian: 25 Awesome Examples

Albania has a unique cuisine, and Albanian flavors are praised by chefs and foodies alike. Today we’re gonna take a look at what you can expect out of an Albanian dish, as well as some general vocabulary for flavors in Albanian that are sure to come in handy if you find yourself in Tirana. First, some basics, Bitter is I hidhur, and Sweet is E embel.

We’re also going to learn about popular Albanian foods as well as some traditional food to get a better sense of what makes Albanian cooking so interesting.

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Flavors In Albanian – A List

BitterI hidhur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I hidhur[/Speechword]
BurntE djegur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E djegur[/Speechword]
ButteryGjalpë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Gjalpë[/Speechword]
CheesyDjathtë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Djathtë[/Speechword]
Creamykremoze[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]kremoze[/Speechword]
DeliciousE shijshme[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E shijshme[/Speechword]
EggyVeza[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Veza[/Speechword]
FermentedE fermentuar[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E fermentuar[/Speechword]
FishyPeshku[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Peshku[/Speechword]
FreshTë freskëta[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Të freskëta[/Speechword]
FriedE skuqur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E skuqur[/Speechword]
GreasyI yndyrshëm[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I yndyrshëm[/Speechword]
HerbalBimore[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Bimore[/Speechword]
JuicyE lëngshme[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E lëngshme[/Speechword]
MildE butë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E butë[/Speechword]
PepperyPiper[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Piper[/Speechword]
RawTë papërpunuara[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Të papërpunuara[/Speechword]
RoastedI pjekur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I pjekur[/Speechword]
RottenI kalbur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I kalbur[/Speechword]
RubberyGome[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Gome[/Speechword]
SaltyI kripur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I kripur[/Speechword]
SavouryI shijshëm[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I shijshëm[/Speechword]
SourI thartë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I thartë[/Speechword]
SpiceyErëza[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Erëza[/Speechword]
StaleI ndenjur[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]I ndenjur[/Speechword]
SweetE embel[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]E embel[/Speechword]
TartTortë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tortë[/Speechword]

Albanian Cuisine

It is hard to talk about Albanian flavors without first mentioning Albanian cuisine, as obviously, flavors derive from food.

Here are some examples of the most famous Albanian foods

1. Byrek

Byrek is the undisputed king of Albanian dishes and is basically the national dish. Byrek is to Albanians what pasta is to the Italians. There are different variations on byrek, but in most recipes, you’ll find a bread base, olive oil, onion, chuck roast, and tomatoes. The closest analogy in England is probably a pasty.

Byrek has a creamy, savory taste, particularly if it’s made with cheese. Cottage cheese or feta cheese go very well.

2. Baklava

This traditional dish is the most famous sweet food in Albania- and large parts of the Balkan region claim to have invented it. Personally, I think Albanians have taken the recipe and improved it. We at Ling think that honey baklava is the best. Its made with filo pastry, honey, walnuts, and cinnamon. Albania isn’t like France, where there are countless desserts to choose from, so make sure you snap baklava up whenever you get the chance.

cooking flavors in Albanian

3. Qofte Të Fërguara

Otherwise known as fried meatballs. In Turkey, you’ll find this described as kofta. These meatballs are made from lamb and seasoned with spices such as paprika. Good qofte should be meaty, tender, and spicy. I like it with baked cheese, but probably not many Albanians would say that.

4. Perime Ne Zgara

You can find this in many local traditional restaurants. Perime Ne Zgara translates to grilled vegetables; however, because Albania is such a fertile land, you often get many more vegetables than you bargained for. Incorporated into this dish, you can find everything from onions to potatoes to zucchini to squash. It all depends on the season. Sometimes spices are added to the vegetables, and other times a creamy dip. You can also pickle them.

5. Petulla

Petulla is quite a unique food because it is a fried dough snack that can be sugared or eaten with salt and meat. This is a snack that has something for everyone.

6. Peshk I Pjekur Me Hudhra

This is basically fish with garlic and is a popular local dish in coastal areas. Of course, it tastes like garlic, but also extra salt is added. Peshk goes very well with a fruity Albanian wine.

7. Speca Te Mbushur

This very popular local dish translates into peppers stuffed with rice. However, be careful when preparing this one, as the peppers burn very easily. The peppers are large, so aren’t too spicy, which is why Albanians eat this dish with salce kosi or sour cream.

8. Tavë Kosi

This traditional Albanian food translates to baked lamb with rice balls and is similar to Greek moussaka. It uses lamb shoulder, greek yogurt, and olive oil, so there is a little bit of everything for the palate to delight in.

flavors in Albanian

Learn Albanian With Ling!

We hope you enjoyed that little walk through Albanian gastronomy. Albania has some of the most delicious food in the world, and traditional Albanian food recipes are a great example of fantastic Mediterranean cuisine.

Ling doesn’t just teach you how to talk about traditional foods in Albanian; also plenty about Albanian culture.

If you really want to expand your knowledge of Albanian culture, then undeniably the best thing you can do is learn the language. When you have a solid basis in the lexicon you find that new facets of the culture spring to life. This is particularly true if you come to read Albanian novels.

I advise reading this blog in tandem with your regular Albanian learning. The app contains cultural information, but the blog is where we really drill down into the base layer of Albanians’ thinking and acting.

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