Space Vocabulary In Albanian: 30+ Super Examples

Let’s face it. Some vocabulary you use all the time, and others are for more niche situations. No doubt: space vocabulary in Albanian definitely falls into the category of ‘outside everyday parlance.’ However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn it.

For example, some of the vocab isn’t as niche as you’d imagine. Basic vocabulary like star (Yll) and Earth (Toka) are beneficial. Secondly, perhaps you’re really interested in physics or astronomy in your native language.

People often ask why the content creators at Ling decided to include a unit on space vocabulary. The simple answer is that we understand that to get people excited about learning a language, you have to include stuff related to their interests.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, where Ling HQ is located, is a great spot for star gazing and a surprising number of our developers love escaping the city. We spend our whole lives drowned in light pollution, staring up at the orange sky; it’s amazing how you see people come alive when they see the clear night sky, and that is precisely when this vocabulary is most useful.

Before diving into the list, let me tell you a little more about Ling. Since 2017, Ling has been doing for lesser-spoken languages what Duolingo did for the language learning giants like English and French. We aim to make languages like Albanian and Thai as accessible as the monolithic languages. 

Space Vocabulary In Albanian – The Basics

BlackholeVrimë e zezë
Dwarf planetPlaneti Xhuxh
Red GiantGjiganti i Kuq
Shooting StarYll qe shkelqen
Solar systemSistem diellor
SunspotNjolla diellore

Does Albania Have A Space Program?

An interesting quirk of history is that former communist countries often had space programs even if they were financially poor. 

The point was not for the betterment of the Albanian people but rather as a direct challenge to the west, who famously put a man on the moon in 1969. (Colloquially, the battle between the communists and capitalists was known as the space race). 

In 1975 communist Albania had a space program known as “Fluturim me Presh ne Bythe”. The first mission they attempted was a transorbital flight around an asteroid called Thana’s peak. Unsurprisingly the mission wasn’t a success. The last space mission was in 1997, and the independent program was scrapped in 2000.

space vocabulary in Albanian

Space Vocabulary In Albanian – Technology

Launching satellitesNisja e satelitëve
Outer spaceHapësirë ​​kozmike
Rocket LaunchLëshimi i raketës
Space shuttleAnije kozmike
Space stationStacioni hapësinor
Space suitKostum hapësinor
Space technologyTeknologjia hapësinore
SpaceshipAnije kozmike

Is Albania In The European Union?

This story might have slipped by you because a lot of headlines regarding the European Union in recent years have been dominated by first Brexit, and next, the war in Ukraine. However, something that might have jumped off the inside pages and caught your attention is Albania’s attempt to become part of the European Union. As of 2022, the process is still under consideration and has gone through many different machinations.

The reason that this is important is because of the European Union’s space program. Albania could never hope to have a space program all on its own. 

However, it would be disingenuous to say that the Albanian government would value the space program highly. There are far more pressing concerns such as the massive trade opportunities being part of the EU affords.

Albanian space vocabulary

What Is The European Union’s Space Program?

The European Union’s space program rivals anything that Nasa has been able to accomplish in recent years. Its numerous uses include Earth observation, satellite navigation, global connectivity, and overall space research.

Some projects you should really be paying attention to are Copernicus which is an earth observation system that measures data relating to climate change, Galileo, which is a connectivity satellite that controls everything from smartphone signal to drone usage; and Egnos, a global satellite network used by pilots all over Europe to navigate.

In 2022 a new initiative called the Eu space-based secure connectivity system was launched. It’s a counterattack to hackers that aims to bring down Europe’s internet network and is trying to provide high-speed broadband for the whole continent.

So you see why 97% of Albanians are desperate to join the EU. However, it remains to be seen if their application is successful.

Learn Albanian With Ling

If you’ve done a Google search, you’ve probably discovered that there are limited resources online for learning the Albanian language. The app market is a dead space. The best you could do is find an Albanian translation software that translates an Albanian word in a very basic way.

Ling changed all that when it released its Albanian course. There is everything you would expect from a language learning course, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar practice. Software engineers and Albanian teachers designed ling courses, so there is the perfect fusion of usability and quality.

Over at Ling, we’re trying to create an Albanian space where you can learn about space in Albanian! Our blog updates with a new post weekly where you can find related words and phrases lists. The most popular recently have been Albanian writing and Albanian vocabulary for the airport

Thanks for reading!

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