Animal Names In Albanian: 26 Fascinating Examples

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A crucial vocabulary set in your new language should be Animal names in Albanian. Albania is a very biodiverse place for a small country, and there are numerous flora and fauna. The most famous, of course, is the Albanian eagle- it’s so famous it even appears on the flag! If you’ve watched an Albanian sporting fixture, you’ll have noticed the players doing the cross hands gesture shenja e flamurit, which represents the wings on the flag. 

Animal Names In Albanian 

Lion (female)Luaneshë
Lion (male)Luan
Cat (female)Mace
Cat (male)Maçok
Dog (male)Qen
Dog (femaleKuçkë
Bear (female)Arushë
Horse (male)Kalë
Horse (female)Pelë
Chicken (female)Pulë

Wildlife In Albania


The climate of Albania is perfect for housing a dynamic and varied bird population. In total, there are 353 species of bird in the country. Birds love wetlands, lagoons, and lakes, which Albania has many of. 

As you’d expect from a country named the land of the eagles, there are numerous species of raptor. These animals are mainly found in mountainous areas of Albania and are largely well protected because of their geographical remoteness.

Eagles are fierce predators, and you can tell by looking at them that they are top of the food chain. On the other side of the coin, besides the mediterranean sea, there is a wide selection of beautiful birds, including pelicans and flamingos. A special animal not to be missed by bird watchers is the dalmatian pelican which can be found in Albania and is an endangered species.


Albania has 58 species of mammals. Similar to birds, the country’s geography provides a welcome environment. There are many national parks and nature reserves to protect these beautiful creatures. The remoteness of certain parts of the country provides ideal breeding grounds. Some particularly remote spots are the Albanian Alps and the Korab mountains.

Some fearsome carnivorous Albanian mammals are the Eurasian Lynx, the European wildcat, and the Balkan Lynx. The last of these is critically endangered, with only approximately 100 remaining.

Animals such as the grey wolf, Eurasian wolf, and golden jackal also call the Albanian countryside home. The red Albanian fox is also widespread, and you can even see them creeping up in cities at night. Another common visitor is the fallow deer.

Particularly spectacular for wildlife lovers is the brown bear, a relatively common species. Many an Albanian writer have compared the tenacity of the bear with Albanian people. Luckily for any bear spotters, you can find bears all over the remote areas from Southern Albania, Northern Albania, and Western Albania.

A full wildlife set wouldn’t be complete without some of the less headline-grabbing Albanian animals. There are populations of otters, badgers, and weasels. Not to mention a significant amount of seals, one of the rarest is the Mediterranean monk seal.

Because of Albania’s extensive coastline, many marine mammals, including dolphins and whales, can be spotted. Today, several sanctuaries have been created to protect these vital species.

Animal names in Albanian


There are several species of reptiles in Albania, most of which have found a home in coastal areas. Swimming in the warm waters, you will see many different kinds of sea turtles, including the loggerhead turtle, the green sea turtle, and the hawksbill sea turtle.

Of course, these species are found in saltwater, but there are also several freshwater turtles; notable examples are the European pond turtle and the Balkan pond turtle. A cousin of the turtle is the lizard, and there are many in the country, including the European Green lizard, the Balkan green lizard, and the Mediterranean house lizard. You’ll quickly find yourself making friends with one of these when you discover how many pesky insects they eat that get into your house.


Albania has 249 species of saltwater fish and 64 freshwater species. Albania has Europe’s oldest lake, Lake Ohrid. The lake is home to the Ohrid trout, an endangered species that can only be found in that location.

Wildlife In Tirana

If you’re making a flying visit to Albania and don’t have enough time to get out into the countryside, options are available for you in the capital Tirana. The most famous is the Grand Park of Tirana (Parku i Madh i Tiranës)

With 289 hectares of land, including an artificial lake, plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities. Not to mention, they have a zoo and a botanical garden with 120 species of flora. The park is beloved by local people and has been nicknamed the lung of the city because of the extensive green areas in a city with air pollution problems.

Tragically it was announced recently that part of the park would be destroyed to make way for a new road, which spurred outrage from many residents. A good platform for an Albanian politician would be to campaign to save it!

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