Albanian Vocabulary For Emergencies: 25 Critical Examples

As much as we don’t like to think about things like this when we’re traveling, accidents happen, and sometimes you need the ability to communicate if there’s a problem. That is why Ling has decided to construct this list of Albanian vocabulary for emergencies. Here are a few basics: Help (Ndihmë)… I am lost (jam i humbur).

Albanian Vocabulary For Emergencies

Fire stationStacioni i zjarrit
Fire truckKamioni i zjarrfikësve
Police stationStacion policie
Police carMakinë policie
Police officerOficer policie
ParademicMjeku ndihmës
I am lostjam i humbur
I am woundedUnë jam i plagosur
Call an ambulanceThirrni një ambulancë
Call 911Telefononi 911
Be carefulBej kujdes
I need a doctorkam nevoje per nje doktor
Are you ok?je mire?
Albanian vocabulary for emergencies

Is Albania Safe?

  • Crime- Thankfully, as things stand, your chances of experiencing any crime against you in Albania are small. For example, in the capital city Tirana, there are very few reports of crime generally and especially against tourists. Only minor things like pickpocketing could become an issue. Albanian has a problem with human trafficking; however, this isn’t something that becomes a danger to Western tourists.
  • Landmines- Although this may sound a little strange because Albania is a modern European country, there were conflicts in the northern region beside Kosovo in the past. Although Albania says landmines pose no problems anymore, it would still be advisable not to get off the beaten track if you travel in that region.
  • Driving- It is possible to drive in Albania with a U.K driving license, although I wouldn’t recommend it! A big problem is that the roads in the countryside are of inferior quality. You can be traveling along quite happily and then hit a giant pothole that can send you off course. Another issue is that Albanian drivers tend to be quite aggressive. The road fatality amounts are some of the highest in Europe.
  • Politics- Although the political situation is much better than what it was when Albania was under the influence of the Soviet Union and their communist regime, things are much more stable now under prime minister Edi Rama. However, that being said, it is advisable to avoid any political rallies. Thankfully, relationships between religious groups are positive.
  • Terrorism- Albania is relatively safe in terms of terrorism. The threat is much higher in Western and Northern Europe than in Albania. Regular Albanians face little threat of terror. The only people who could be targets are western tourists because of the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.
  • Laws- It’s difficult to get into trouble in Albania. Policing is much more relaxed. However, an exception is for drug-related crimes. If you’re caught with illegal drugs, you’ll get in a lot of trouble. Surprisingly Albania is relatively positive towards LGBT groups, and homosexuality is legal. In fact, Tirana has a number of gay bars.
  • Scams- As with most tourist areas, some scams operate mainly in Tirana. The most common will be small things like being charged extra for a beer or taxi. These problems are exacerbated in places associated with the underworld, like nightclubs. 
  • Guns- During the communist regime, there were a large number of guns in the country, as well as stockpiled ammo. Because these weapons are sometimes stored unsafely, fires can happen, and the explosions can be terrifying. There are over 200,000 illegal firearms in Albania, which means you should definitely be de-escalating during road rage incidents. Again, if you find yourself in a dodgy nightclub, you could be unlucky enough to find someone with a concealed weapon.
  • Natural disasters- Probably the biggest danger facing you face in Albania are natural disasters. An infamous earthquake in 2019 claimed many lives. Another danger is getting lost while hiking. Albania is a rugged, mountainous country, and it’s possible to get lost in the wilderness if you aren’t careful. Make sure if you’re going for a hike, tell someone your route, and take plenty of water.
vocabulary for emergencies in Albanian

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