#1 Best Guide To Albanian Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

If you’ve ever tried the Albanian traditional cuisine, Fergese, washed down with the Albanian favorite drink Raki, you will agree that the country is a home to rich dishes! These cuisines will leave your mouth watery and make you long for more.

These cuisines, however, follow a dedicated cooking process, which requires specific cooking utensils. In this post, we will walk you through the Albanian cooking utensils vocabulary so that you can follow traditional recipes in an instant. After all, we bet that you also want to make your own renditions of the classic dishes in this awesome country, right? If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Albanian Kitchen Utensils To Know

Every country has its own special dishes that require specific flavors and cooking utensils. Albanian however have a lot of unique cuisines, and here are some important kitchen utensils that are required.

Pots – Ibrik

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Ibrik[/Speechword]

The Famous Fergese, Ashure, and more require quality pot for mixing and boiling. That is why a pot is found in every Albanian home. Ibrik is used in everyday cooking, and it is one of the essentials for cooking.

Pan – Tigan

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tigan[/Speechword]

Ranging from the famous Byrek, Albanian cherish their pans. From frying pans to baking pans, you need to have a great pan if you want to cook a lot of Albanian cuisines. Therefore, getting a good Tigan is essential in every Albanian’s home.

Coffee Grinder – Mulli kafeje

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mulli kafeje[/Speechword]

Albanians love their coffee, and you will see workers taking coffee breaks sipping a nice hot coffee. Well, some Albanians also use a coffee roaster to dry out some spices, to get richer flavors

albanian cooking utensils vocabulary

Bowls – Tas

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tas[/Speechword]

Albanian dishes are usually served in bowls, apart from some dishes like Qofte, Flija, etc. So, you’d need quality bowls to enjoy popular Albanian soups. The famous Jani me Fasule, Ashure, or Feregese will require some quality bowls for serving.

Knives – Thikë

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Thikë[/Speechword]

Albanians are heavy on fish and meat! You will see dishes like Tavë Kosi (baked chicken in yogurt), Qofe, and other traditional Albanian food with meat. Albanians don’t joke with a knife to ensure those meats are chopped into mall bits or get the bones out of the way.

Cutting Board – Prerje bordit

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Prerje bordit[/Speechword]

There is a lot of Albanian food that requires a cutting board for cutting vegetables. An example is the Byrek Stuffing which consists of vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients. Prerje bordit is definitely a must-have.

Oven – Furrë

[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Furrë[/Speechword]

It is non-negotiable to have (Albanian name). There is a lot of food, especially Albanian desserts that require baking. So, any kitchen utensils related to baking are a must-have in an Albanian home. Therefore, don’t forget to add baking utensils to your list.

There are other necessary Albaning cooking utensils but we will go over them in a jiffy.

Other Albanian Cooking Utensils

Now that we’ve gotten important Albanian cooking Utensils out of the way, let’s focus on other important utensils you should have if you are living in Albanian. To make reading easy, I have categorized them into digestible tables like Kitchen appliances, cookware, utensils, and other utensils.


Butcher BlockBllok kasap[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Bllok kasap[/Speechword]
Meat forkPirun Mishi[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pirun Mishi[/Speechword]
Meat forkPirun Mishi[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pirun Mishi[/Speechword]
PlatesPjatë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pjatë[/Speechword]
ForkPirun[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pirun[/Speechword]
CupFilxhan[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Filxhan[/Speechword]
CutleryServis[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Servis[/Speechword]
Tea cupFilxhani[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Filxhani[/Speechword]

cooking utensils in albanian


Cutting BoardDërrasë prerje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Dërrasë prerje[/Speechword]
TrayTabaka[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tabaka[/Speechword]
KettleIbrik[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Ibrik[/Speechword]
Egg poacherVeza gjuetar pa lejë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Veza gjuetar pa lejë[/Speechword]
Egg beaterVeza rrahës[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Veza rrahës[/Speechword]
BasketZeine[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Zeine[/Speechword]
Egg beaterVeza rrahës[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Veza rrahës[/Speechword]
Flour sifterSitës Miell[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Sitës Miell[/Speechword]
Garlic pressHudhër për shtyp[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Hudhër për shtyp[/Speechword]
Cing spatulaShpatull krem[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Shpatull krem[/Speechword]
GraterRend[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Rend[/Speechword]
JarPoçe[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Poçe[/Speechword]
knife shapnerMprehës thikë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mprehës thikë[/Speechword]
LadleLuhare[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Luhare[/Speechword]
RoasterTavë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tavë[/Speechword]
SaucerPjatë filxhani[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pjatë filxhani[/Speechword]
PestleThërrmoj[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Thërrmoj[/Speechword]
SieveSitë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Sitë[/Speechword]
Paring knifeKrasitje thikë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Krasitje thikë[/Speechword]
WhiskRrahëse vezësh[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Rrahëse vezësh[/Speechword]
Baking sheetTavë pjekjeje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tavë pjekjeje[/Speechword]
Butter dishGjellë gjalpë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Gjellë gjalpë[/Speechword]
Cake standQëndrim tortë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Qëndrim tortë[/Speechword]
Meat forkPirun Mishi[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pirun Mishi[/Speechword]
Baking dishPjatë pjekje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pjatë pjekje[/Speechword]
Baking panPjatë pjekje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pjatë pjekje[/Speechword]
Flour sifterSitës Miell[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Sitës Miell[/Speechword]
Measuring cupMatja filxhan[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Matja filxhan[/Speechword]
BeaterRrahës[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Rrahës[/Speechword]
MixerMikser[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mikser[/Speechword]
Mixing bowlTas Përzierja[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tas Përzierja[/Speechword]



Kitchen Appliances

Charcoal grillDjeg qymyr druri[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Djeg qymyr druri[/Speechword]
Coffee machineAparat kafeje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Aparat kafeje[/Speechword]
Coffee makerBeres kafeje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Beres kafeje[/Speechword]
ColanderKullesë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Kullesë[/Speechword]
CookerFurnelë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Furnelë[/Speechword]
Dutch ovenFurrë hollandisht[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Furrë hollandisht[/Speechword]
GrinderMulli[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mulli[/Speechword]
GrillVuaj[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Vuaj[/Speechword]
Coffee grinderMulli kafeje[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mulli kafeje[/Speechword]
Hot platePjatë e nxehtë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pjatë e nxehtë[/Speechword]
Ice cream makerAkullore krijues[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Akullore krijues[/Speechword]
MicrowaveMikrovalë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mikrovalë[/Speechword]
Teakettleçajnik[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]çajnik[/Speechword]
TureenSupierë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Supierë[/Speechword]
Meat grinderMulli mishit[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mulli mishit[/Speechword]
Pepper grinderMulli Piper[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mulli Piper[/Speechword]
OvenFurrë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Furrë[/Speechword]


English Albanian
Trash canKoshi i mbeturinave[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Koshi i mbeturinave[/Speechword]
Dish towelPeshqir pjatë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Peshqir pjatë[/Speechword]
Can openerMund të hapës[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Mund të hapës[/Speechword]
Dish rackRaft enësh[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Raft enësh[/Speechword]
NapkinPecetë[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Pecetë[/Speechword]
Paper towelsPeshqir letre[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Peshqir letre[/Speechword]


Popular Albanian Cuisines You Should Try

As a bonus, we will list out the popular Albanian cuisines that get our mouth watery every time!


[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Byrek[/Speechword]

byrek, albanian food

Byrek is one of the most popular Albanian street food you will find around because it is easy to eat on the go. It is an Albanian pie that can have different fillings such as vegetables, meat, cottage cheese, onions & tomato. Whatever filling you’re feeling up to!


[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Ferges[/Speechword]

Eating Ferges when it is cold gives you a whole different vibe! The flavor would have being juiced out and everything will work in sync. Ferges is also known as summer stew and it is better eaten after two to three hours of cooking


[Speechword voice=”Albanian Male” isinline]Tarator[/Speechword]

tarator; albanian food

Tarator is a cold yogurt appetizer that is more enjoyable during the summer. Tarator is mainly made from greek yogurt, cold water, salt, and cucumber. you can decide to get creative with your Tarator, though.

There are plenty of Albanian cuisines to try out, but we will limit it here.

Wrapping Up

I believe you are equipped with enough utensil knowledge to navigate your way. Finding the right utensils matters a lot in Albanian and can sometimes be a determining factor in how the food will turn out. If you are interested in learning more about Albanian, then read on.

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