6+ Incredible Do’s And Don’ts In Albania

Are you planning to travel to Albania? Albania is one of the most exciting countries in the world. Do you know why? Because it is so affordable that every traveler wants to plan a trip to this fascinating country. What else do you want when you are a traveler, and you visit a country filled with attractions you can enjoy without splurging so much? But before you pack your bags and master the Albanian greetings, read this post as we go over the do’s and don’ts in Albania that every traveler should know of.

Do’s and Don’ts In Albania

Albania is the 25th most visited country in Europe, which is why it’s a no-brainer why many are curious to know what the country has to offer. To help you get started, we created this comprehensive list so that you won’t run into any troubles during your vacation. Let’s get started!

Do’s In Albania

Do's And Don'ts In Albania

Let’s travel through some of the dos you should consider while landing in Albania.

Get Used To The Stares

Just where you will enjoy the Mediterranean climate of this beautiful country, you might become uncomfortable around this climate due to the staring problem that many Albanians have. It is considered a part of Albanian culture and is quite common there, especially if they see a new face. So whenever you feel some eyes stuck on your face, chill – it’s normal.

Say Yes

Saying yes to Albanians is like letting yourself be looked after by those fantastic people. One thing that is overwhelming about the country is that Albanians are fantastically hospitable in nature. They will break an arm and a leg to welcome you with an open heart. Breaking an arm and a leg might be exaggerated, but their feelings are no less than that.

For example, if you come across Albanians which you surely will, and they offer you their national drink called raki, you will have to drink raki even if you are not in the mood.

Go To The Albanian Riviera Albanian Alps

You cannot just visit Tirana, the capital city of Albania. That’s unfair if It would help if you wentYou must go around Albanian Riviera, a coastline in southwestern Albania and home to the most stunning beaches in the world, along with Albanian Alps. So get your tickets ready to witness the world’s best beaches in the country.

Eat The Local Food

Albania is a country that has a rich history in food. One example of traditional Albanian food is the Byrek, which we are sure that the locals will encourage you to try out. Also, try their cottage cheese since most Albanians offer it at a highly affordable rate.

Learn A Little About The History

Albania is a country filled with museums, so it makes sense to learn more about it through its history. Fortunately, there are several historic walk programs that you can join to get to know every path and structure in the cities.

Try The Pizza

This is one of the essential Albania travel tips on your what-to-do list. Just like you must enjoy the local Albanian dishes and tap water, it is almost a crime not to try Albanian pizza. Their pizza tastes so good as it was influenced highly by the Italian people as well. One reason behind the similarity is because of the geographical location of the countries.

Dont’s In Albania

Do's And Don'ts In Albania

Take a look at some don’ts of Albania.

Don’t Underestimate The Raki

Most people consider this the most valuable travel tip while visiting Albania. Raki is the national drink made up of fermented grapes plums with a little alcohol. It is a versatile drink that not only lifts your mood but is also considered good for heart, bones, and toothaches, according to most Albanians. So despite its weird taste, it’s an all-rounder. 

Dont’s Listen To The Misconceptions

Misconceptions, unfortunately, rule this country primarily due to misinformation and misinterpretations. The most apparent cause for this misconception is the Liam Neeson movie, in which Albanians are portrayed as criminals, drug dealers, and bad guys. Still, it is actually the other way around. Albanians are hospitable, amiable, and incredibly friendly people. Albania is a completely safe country with a meager crime ratio. So, you don’t need to heed this mix-up information about the country and its people.

Don’t Say No

Albanian people are pretty hospitable in nature, as you can tell after reading this article, so they might get offended if you negate them somehow. Like if they are offering you coffee, you should take it with a smile and thank them at the end with a few words. It would be great if you praised them in the Albanian language. Albanian speak English, but they feel pride in the Albanian language. So avoid saying no to make them happy.

Wrapping Up

Do's And Don'ts In Albania

Many Albanians speak English, but most don’t, so learning Albanian is a must before you plan a holiday on the beautiful beaches of one of the friendliest countries and explore its interesting history.

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