Your Complete Guide To The 5 Best Apps To Learn Russian

Are you interested to learn Russian but don’t know where to begin? In this blog post, we’ll share with you the best apps to learn Russian!

If you are just getting started with your language learning journey, we know how hard that can be. Hopefully, these language learning apps can be of help to you!

The Russian Language

Admittedly, learning Russian can definitely be a challenge. From learning about Russian grammar to learning Russian vocabulary, all these require a person’s commitment and focus.

Best Apps To Learn Russian

The Russian language is hard not just because they use the Cyrillic alphabet for the script, but it is because of how the words are pronounced. Both of these things in combination make learning the language very intimidating.

Although Russian sentence structure isn’t that difficult in comparison to writing and speaking, most language learners have a hard time mastering the language.

If you are one of those people, you should definitely take a look at some of the applications that can help you become a fluent Russian speaker!

Learn Russian

1) Memrise

If you are a beginner learning Russian, or any other language, Memrise is a good application to get you started. This is because this language learning application mainly focuses on building your vocabulary.

Memrise is one of the top Russian learning apps when it comes to learning new words and slowly building sentences along the way.

While this app largely focuses on building your vocabulary and introducing you to new words, its interactive exercises will definitely make it a fun experience for you!

2) iTalki

Looking for a way to learn Russian or to speak Russian with native speakers? If so, iTalki is here to help! This language learning app is a great app for people that want to become intermediate learners of any language.

With this application, you will be connected to a language teacher that speaks the language that you want to learn. This will make language learning a bit easier since you can lay out the goals that you want to achieve with an actual teacher.

Whether it is to learn new vocabulary, learn Russian grammar, or just practice Russian, you can achieve all this and more through iTalki. More advanced language learners actually prefer this application because it allows them to practice talking directly with a native speaker and to learn how the locals talk.

3) YouTube

Although this isn’t necessarily a language learning application or a language exchange app, YouTube is a great resource to get information about anything! Whether you want to have a deeper understanding of the Russian alphabet or improve your Russian vocabulary, you can definitely do it through YouTube!

The best part about using YouTube is that you can search for specific lessons that not all language learning apps and language courses tackle. You can also learn at your own pace.

If you are learning a new language, you can always use YouTube to get started!

4) Duolingo

Just like Memrise, you can improve your vocabulary and advance your Russian language skills by using Duolingo! One of the differences with this app is that it’s catered to language learners that want to know the background of how a language is structured.

For Russian, this includes the introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet as well as getting you familiarized with how the words are pronounced in Russian. Since this application is mainly focused on getting you to learn Russian vocabulary, Duolingo is the perfect choice along with Memrise.

Not to mention, Duolingo comes in a free version as well!


HelloTalk is another great application when it comes to learning languages. With this language exchange application, you can talk directly to native speakers of the language that you want to learn.

This application is similar to iTalki in that the language learner can learn Russian at their own pace and have an enjoyable learning process. The only difference between the two applications is that HelloTalk is much more casual and fun. This application is great if you want to practice your Russian speaking skills and if you already have adequate knowledge of the language.

Using HelloTalk is also a great way to make friends and immerse yourself in a community that has the same goals as you! It will also give you a brief idea of how to pronounce sentences or how people speak in daily life.

The Ling App: An Additional App To Help You Learn Russian

Technically we’ve already shared the 5 best apps to learn Russian, but we wanted to save the best for last!

So, we want to talk about the Ling App! The Ling App is one of the best apps to use to learn Russian! This platform will make language learning an easier experience for you, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner!

Filled with activities and mini-quizzes that have been specifically designed to cater to your language needs, learning Russian will feel fun instead of stressful! The lessons are bite-sized and easy to comprehend, plus there are plenty of grammar tips.

Not only that, but you can practice speaking from hundreds of dialogues that depict real-life situations in order to prepare yourself when the time comes.

The Ling App can help you master grammar, vocabulary, and the confidence to speak the language. You can even access their podcast section if you are on the go!

Ling App Learn Russian

Did we also mention that you can choose from more than 60 languages! Once you’re finished with Russian, you can start learning Thai, Tagalog, Korean, and so much more.

Check out the Ling App today to get your language learning journey started!

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