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Be it a thunderstorm caused by the rage of a Yeti or giving offerings to the mountain gods, the Nepalis take the weather very seriously. There are many myths, legends, and folktales that are still believed to control the weather. In general, the weather is important to know as it also alerts us in case of disasters. Hoping for nice weather, let’s look at some weather in Nepali weather vocabulary.

Nepal, the weather is quite influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism as well as its geographical diversity. It is home to wetlands, hills, caves, plains, and the Himalayas. The combination of these brings a unique blend of climates and weather patterns to Nepal. It has India on its three sides and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on one side, with almost 57,000 square miles of Himalayan mountains. You can find anything from hot and humid to cold and bitter winters.


Weather In The Nepali Language

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“Weather” in Nepali is मौसम Mausama. The average temperature in Nepal varies greatly depending on the region and the time of year. In the lower elevations, temperatures tend to hover around 15-30°C (59-86°F) in the summer months and 5-20°C (41-68°F) in the winter months. In the higher elevations, temperatures can be much colder, ranging from 0-15°C (32-59°F) in the summer and -20 to -5°C (-4 to 23°F) in the winter.

Nepal has a diverse range of climates and weather patterns. Let’s look at each weather according to the areas in Nepal:

  1. पहाडी क्षेत्रहरु Pahari Chetraharu (Mountainous areas): The temperature can be very cold in the winter. The Himalayas including the Middle Mountains and Outer Himalayas have a temperate climate with cool summers and cold winters.
  2. तल्लो क्षेत्रहरू Tallo Chetraharu (Low-lying areas): The temperature is hot and humid. The monsoon season brings heavy rains, while the dry season can be quite cool. The Mahabharat range, Kathmandu Valley, Terai, Inner Terai, and Chitwan Valley are the low-lying areas in Nepal. The weather here is mostly subtropical with warm summers and cold winters.
  3. उच्च उचाइहरू Ucha Uchaiharu (Higher elevations): There can be snowfall in the winter months. The Churia Hills have a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters.
  4. मध्य र पश्चिमी क्षेत्रहरू Madhya ra Paschimi Chetraharu (Central and western regions): The temperature can be quite temperate throughout the year. The Mahakali Zone and Far West Nepal belong to this region and have a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters.


List Of Nepali Weather Vocabulary

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Below is a list of words that you will find very useful in identifying the weather in the Nepali language. Use this Nepali Weather vocabulary to identify the weather today in Nepal.

EnglishNepali Weather VocabularyPronunciation
Flash floodsअचानक बाढीAcānaka bāḍhī
Heavy rainभारी वर्षाBhārī varṣā
Dust stormsधुलोको आँधीDhulōkō ām̐dhī
Extreme temperaturesचरम तापक्रमCarama tāpakrama
Clear skiesसफा आकाशSaphā ākāśa
Partly cloudyआंशिक बादलĀnśika bādala
Cloudyबादल छBādala cha
Tropical stormsउष्णकटिबंधीय आँधीहरूUṣṇakaṭibandhīya ām̐dhīharū
Heat wavesगर्मी लहरहरूGarmī laharaharū


Folktales About Nepali Weather

As mentioned earlier Nepali weather vocabulary is important because Nepal is full of great stories related to weather from long ago. One such story is, “The farmer and the crab”. It features a farmer who became friends with a crab who could forecast bad weather which helped the farmer to save his crops. One day, listening to a neighbor, the farmer traps the crab using it to ward away pests on his crop. A mouse helped to free the crab but it could no longer speak. As a result, it could not forecast the weather and the farmer not only lost his friend but all his crop.

Another perhaps familiar story is that of the Yeti. The yeti was a mysterious creature, said to have magical powers over the weather and the seasons. One day, during the summer, the yeti decided to take a stroll through the mountains and noticed it was very dry. Filled with concern, the yeti raised his hands to the sky and spoke a magical incantation.

Suddenly, dark clouds appeared in the sky and the land was filled with cool rain. The people of Nepal were amazed by the yeti’s magical powers, and from that day forward, the yeti was revered as a protector of the land. Whenever the weather became too hot or too dry, the people of Nepal would make offerings to the yeti and ask for his help.


Important For Nepali Weather Alerts

Due to Nepal’s subtropical monsoon climate, weather alerts are issued by the Nepali Meteorological Forecasting Division (NMFD) of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

These alerts are over radio and television, as well as through email and text messages. The alerts can be for conditions like flash floods, heavy rain, landslides, dust storms, and extreme temperatures.

Alerts may also be issued for high winds and other hazardous conditions. The NMFD also provides detailed weather forecasts for the entire country, which are updated every 12 hours. These forecasts can be accessed online on the NMFD website or through a mobile app.


Learn The Nepali Language With Ling

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In case of bad weather, along with Nepali weather vocabulary, check out this list of phrases to use in the Nepali language with examples for emergencies. It is also a good idea to practice your pronunciation of Nepali vocabulary, especially of the words provided in the list. Look at the Nepali date and time as well to talk about the weather in particular months of the year.

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