10+ Phrases For Emergencies In Nepali Simplified

The Nepali language has existed since the 12th century. The language of Nepal and its words were once known as Khas Khura. Nepal’s known for many disasters due to its hybrid geo-climatic system. That is why some phrases for emergencies in Nepali are simplified and ready to use!

People worldwide would visit Nepal on vacation or bathe in its rich culture and beauty. Pokhara is a name that must be mentioned for Nepal. It has a fantastic view, mountain peaks of snow, and gorgeous lakes in Phewa, Begnas, and Rupa. These are popularly known as “the jewel of the Himalayas.” 

Others may visit Nepal for business purposes or as a retreat. But did you know that it is also a focal point for disasters? Yes, Nepal has a beautiful landscape at a bitter cost – earthquakes, landslides, and floods.

Other significant disasters in Nepal are drought, fire, glacier lake outburst floods (GLOF), avalanches, and hailstorms. Yes, this is somewhat concerning!

Examples Of Emergencies In Nepal

Earthquake Effects in Nepal
Earthquake Effects in Nepal

You may be aiming for a nice day, planning to visit a temple, or taking a trekking trip, and within a moment, everything changes! A fire, a stolen car, a lost phone, an earthquake, or a cardiac arrest! It certainly won’t be helpful if you need to look for the nearest dictionary or translator to ask for help in an emergency. Just knowing English words and not any Nepali may prove challenging.

As danger comes unannounced, the urgent need for the police or a doctor will require specific phrases for emergencies in Nepali to save a life. Here are some typical scenarios of emergencies in Nepali and their translation to the Nepali language from English:

  • fire – Āgō – आगो
  • war – Yud’dha – युद्ध
  • violence – Hinsā – हिंसा
  • floods – Bāḍhī – बाढी
  • earthquakes – Bhūkampaharū – भूकम्पहरू
  • landslides – Pahirō – पहिरो
  • road accidents – Saḍaka durghaṭanāharū – सडक दुर्घटनाहरू
  • theft – Cōrī – चोरी

National Emergency

A state of national emergency was declared in the year 2005 in Nepal. Measures taken were mainly for the country’s security during the civil war. After the Gorkha earthquake in 2015, a national emergency happened again. Many lost lives when the quake hit at 7.8 Richter scale, shaking Nepal and its neighboring countries.

Authorities organized a request for help internationally and received aid and military support from over 4000 people. Several disaster management systems and response teams are now in place for such situations.

Phrases For Emergencies In Nepali Language

Emergencies In Nepali

The Nepali language is from the Pahari languages, similar to Hindi, the official language of India. It has a Devanagari script. In cases of emergencies, Nepali phrases are convenient to know. Sometimes just a search for a word in the dictionary to see the translation without understanding the way to use this word is not helpful.

In an emergency, it is best to try to remove any barriers in languages. In Nepali culture, we can start with the simple – Namaste (translation: I greet the god within you). It is good to know the services available during emergencies; it is wise not to sign any documents without someone trusted, maybe a lawyer that advises accordingly.

Here are some phrases for emergencies in the Nepali language:

  1. Where is the emergency exit – Āpatakālīna nikāsa kahām̐ cha – आपतकालीन निकास कहाँ छ
  2. Wait, watch out! – Parkha! Dāyām̐ bāyām̐ hērnuhōs – पर्ख! दायाँ बायाँ हेर्नुहोस्
  3. I have lost my bag – Mailē mērō jhōlā harā’ēkō chu – मैले मेरो झोला हराएको छु
  4. Stop that thief – Tyō cōralā’ī rōka – त्यो चोरलाई रोक
  5. I need to contact the police – Mailē pulisalā’ī samparka garna āvaśyaka cha – मैले पुलिसलाई सम्पर्क गर्न आवश्यक छ
  6. I need a doctor! – Malā’ī ḍākṭara cāhiyō! – मलाई डाक्टर चाहियो!
  7. This is urgent – Yō jarurī cha – यो जरुरी छ
  8. Fire! There’s a fire! – Āgō! Tyahām̐ āgō cha! – आगो! त्यहाँ आगो छ!
  9. I lost the address – Mailē ṭhēgānā gumā’ē – मैले ठेगाना गुमाए
  10. I accept my mistake; I was wrong. – Ma mērō galtī svīkāra garchu, ma galata thi’ēm̐ – म मेरो गल्ती स्वीकार गर्छु, म गलत थिएँ

Always have contact with local friends. Expressions are followed in an emergency, and there are risks to be unduly blamed for no wrongs committed because you are a foreigner!

Learn The Nepali Language With Ling

Learn Nepali with Ling
Learn Nepali With Ling

In Nepali culture and customs, people still prefer to use fire stoves. They are allowed to keep running to provide heat, especially in rural areas. It is very common for people to catch fire. 

Another challenge in Nepal is that it is common to find a thief or instead not find one; it is also common for reports to be made to the police but with minimal results.

Not to worry! We at Ling can help! Ling is a gamified language learning app that can help you speak Nepali in no time. They are definitions and synonyms of Nepali words in English. You can talk and improve how you speak in Nepali, there are sentences and examples, and it has a variety of lessons to suit your preferences in learning.

The website has much more information to assist your learning. It also has many languages to choose from, not just Nepali. Their site has exciting blog posts to gain the proper knowledge of Nepal. Take a trip through Ling and become a master in Nepali before your travel.

Check out this link on emergency numbers while in Nepal. Equipped with these, a local friend, and your Ling App, I believe you will have a fantastic time in Nepal!

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