Shopping Vocabulary In Malay: Your #1 Best Guide

Going shopping in a new country is always on our lists! Not only will shopping enable us to get affordable items, but it also allows us to get unique pieces that cannot be found around easily. And trust me, Malaysia has a lot of unique, affordable, and quality items that you will want to get. So, trying to equip yourself with the necessary shopping vocabulary in Malay is a great decision!

Don’t worry! You will get the hang of these words as we proceed. In fact, we’ve gathered the most important shopping word and phrases that you will be needing. And if you are enthusiastic about learning Malay, there is a gift at the end of the article. Friend, without further ado, let’s get right into it!


Important Shopping Phrases To Know

You may already know Malay vocab for restaurants, personality vocabulary, or Malay accommodation Vocab, but what about shopping vocab? Not to worry, this article is at your service. Let’s discover the important shopping phrases to get started with.

How Much Is this? – Berapa harga ini

This is one of the most popular shopping phrases for visitors and natives. When you enter a Malay market, you will be captivated by delightful things you wish to get, but you’ve got to ask Berapa harga ini to be able to find out whether it is Mahal or Murah

Expensive – Mahal

You may see products that are expensive, and you are thinking of negotiating the price with the seller. Saying Mahal or Benda ini terlalu mahal, which means this is too expensive, will let the seller know that you want a reduction in price. Now, it is up to you and the seller to agree on a beneficial point.

You’re Cheating Me – Awak tipu saya

Ever been surprised how a piece of material will cost almost a fortune? Sometimes, sellers may aggravate prices because they realize you are a foreigner or you can’t speak the language well. Don’t worry. It is common in a lot of countries. A way to let the seller know that you’ve caught them in the act is to say Awak tipu Saya. When you tell a seller that, they will know that you want a reduction, or they can further convince you that they are not cheating you.

Can I Use A Credit Card – Bolehkah saya menggunakan kad kredit

Ever entered a shop, picked the things you want, and realize they don’t do credit cards? I know, right! I have been a victim. Asking a vendor or receptionist whether they accept credit cards before you start shopping is advisable in Malaysia. So, the first sentence to say is Bolehkah saya menggunakan kad kredit? You will either receive a ya (yes) or tidak (no).

I Don’t Want It – Tak nak

Vendors may try to suggest new products or add extra products to your list. You can’t blame them, and they simply want you to get the best items. However, when you are not interested in getting any more items, throwing a few Tak nak politely will stop the seller from adding any extra item to your shopping bag.


Lastly, knowing your Malay Numbers is important when shopping, especially if you are dealing with countable items. So, let’s say you are shopping for a piece of clothes or bags, and the vendor asks berapa banyak yang anda mahu (how many do you want). You have to be able to reply with the number of items you are interested in. This leads us to know the Malay numbers.

Numbers In Malay

So, you can say Saya nak dua (I want two) or Saya nak sepuluh (I want ten)


Other Shopping Vocabulary In Malay That Comes In Handy

malay shopping vocabulary /  girl shopping
This is too expensiveBenda ini terlalu mahal
Don’t even think about itJangan harap.
OK, I’ll buy it Baiklah,saya beli
I need…Saya perlukan
The quality is not goodKualitinya tidak baik
Can I have a plastic bagAdakah beg plast
Can you give me a cheaper price?Boleh kurangkan harganya
Do you have this in my size?Adakah dalam saiz saya
Do you accept credit here?Bolehkah saya menggunakan kad kredit
Where is the nearest ATM?Di manakah ada ATM
Only cash please!Tunai sahaja!
Don’t lieJangan Bohong
Can I have a refund, please?Bolehkah saya mempunyai bayaran balik, sila?
Can I change money here?Bolehkah saya bertukar wang
It’s cheaper over thereDi sana lebih murah
Do you accept American dollars hereOrang menerima dolar Amerika di sini
Do you have it in a different colour?Adakah anda mempunyai ia dalam warna yang berbeza?
Can I see this?boleh i melihat ini, sila?
Can I have this one?Bolehkah saya mempunyai satu ini, sila?

Let’s explore more Shopping Vocabulary to keep in mind.


Biggest Shopping Places In Malaysia

malaysian shopping malls

Pavilion KL

When it comes to shopping malls, the Pavilion Kualar Lumpur is a state-of-the-art shopping mall where you can get top brands and everything you want. It functions basically like other shopping malls, but trust me, the view is breathtaking, and you find almost everything you want.

Kasturi Walk

If you are interested in artifacts, street stalls, and local market scenarios. Kasturi Walk has everything you need from Malaysian Batik fabric, jewelry, and other unique artifacts you will be interested in.

Lorong Guilt Flea Market

Another loving place to find unique items is the Lorong Guilt Flea Market. You can find anything ranging from artifacts, books, knives, vessels, and so much more.

Other places to explore are the Central Market, Cecil Street Market, and Pentaling Street


You Can Now Get Ready For Your Shopping Spree

I am sure you enjoyed the ride! I did too! Now that you have the necessary arsenal, it is time to enjoy your shopping spree in Malaysia! I will be cheering you on from here! Remember, knowing shopping vocabulary in Malay will help you close fair deals and even sound like a local. Don’t forget your Mahal and Numbers. Let’s move on to the good part for Malay Language Learners.

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