Dating In Malaysia: The #1 Detailed Guide You’ll Ever Need

This is the ultimate guide to dating in Malaysia!

Malaysia is a wonderful country with beautiful people, and it’s clear why some people would want to see if they can meet new friends that can maybe lead to something more. Who knows, people might be interested, right?

If you are one of those people, congratulations: you just found the last guide you’ll ever need to date in Malaysia! Whether you’re a lonely ex-pat or a world traveler looking for a fling, here are some essential things to know if you want to date someone in Malaysia. Learn more about Malaysian with Ling through this detailed blog.

Dating In Malaysia As A Foreigner: Essential Tips You Need To Know

Dating in Malaysia as a foreigner? This is one guide you'll definitely love!

Understanding Malaysian Dating Culture

Malaysian dating culture is hardly cut-and-dry. It is, after all, a very diverse country made up of people of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Arabic descent and indigenous groups. There are many customs to follow, and it all depends on how you choose to date people. Malays, men, and women both place a premium on having their own families someday.

As diverse as it may be, Malaysian dating customs have stayed conservative, especially in relationships, marriage, and children. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Malaysian man who wants to avoid getting married or a Malaysian woman who doesn’t want at least three kids.

As a foreigner, you may be looking for something more casual. Well…

Do Malaysians Date Casually?

Casual dating is absolutely a thing in Malaysia! The dating scene, although more conservative than most countries, is still a hotbed of singles who want nothing more than something casual. However, it would be wrong to automatically assume that of everyone, so make sure you state your intentions clearly when getting to know someone.

Keep in mind, however, that most Malaysian people are Muslim, followed by Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Confucians, and more. All of these different religious beliefs share something in common: being conservative. So keep that in mind when looking for a simpler setup when dating Malaysians.

Do Malaysian Singles Want To Get Married?

Malaysian men and women, as a rule, prefer their dates to be exclusive. When a Malaysian guy or woman says they are dating someone, they mean they are exclusively seeing someone. Malaysian culture dictates that Malaysian singles should do all they can to find their perfect match and start their own family with a life partner.

Many Malaysians place a great deal on their ideal date and expect things to get serious immediately. In many places, even in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, people still go for arranged marriages. Family plays a huge part in people wanting to get married, and dating a Malaysian person might require you to make a good impression on their family.

How Does Malaysian Society See Gay People?

While Malaysian men and women enjoy a dating culture that, while conservative, is relatively free, people of other genders do not have it as well. Malaysia considers homosexuality illegal. The state censors homosexuality in media. According to Equaldex, over 86% of Malaysians do not accept homosexuality. It is ranked as one of the least tolerant places for LGBTQ+ folks in the world.

Same-sex unions are criminalized, and trans people are persecuted. As a result, the dating culture for gay people in Malaysia is pretty precarious. With people facing up to 20 years of imprisonment for dating someone of the same gender, LGBTQ+ people have more to worry about than finding their perfect match. And while there persists a dating scene for LGBTQ+ in Malaysia, it is only typically shared among trusted friends.

When dating in Malaysia, don't rush things - people like to take it slow.

Tips For Dating In Malaysia As A Foreigner

Malaysian Dating Culture Tips

Dating in Malaysia can be weird and jarring for people who weren’t born there. With a large portion of the population practicing theists, it is common to hear about the Malaysian dating scene being more conservative than in other countries.

Getting To Know Each Other Through Text

Regarding relationships, men and women prefer talking indirectly during the first few days. It has been found that people like to speak over text messages first instead of starting a relationship in person. See if someone wants to be friends first! It might be useful to also use a language learning app like Ling when you want to impress your Malaysian loved one. Learn Malay or any of the 60+ languages the Ling app offers by downloading it on your Android or iPhone now!

Bring Your Diploma

Another thing that Malaysians look for in a potential match is their education. Malaysian people value education with respect, and they expect their partners, especially if they are eyeing marriage, to be at least college-educated (plus points if you have a well-paying job.)

Dating For Keeps

Be prepared to meet Malaysians who are entering a relationship with the expectation of getting married. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, people in Malaysia may be looking for new people to be their life partners. If you want someone, you have to promise them the world!

Foreigners Are Okay, But Be Mindful

Malaysians have long been lenient about relationships between natives and foreigners. In big cities, you’ll likely find a Malaysian dating a foreigner. However, foreigners are expected to defer to local culture and follow a more conservative outlook when it comes to having a relationship with Malaysians.

Find Creative Ways To Show Your Love

As we said before, Malaysian dating is more conservative than how we’re used to outside it. For example, you’d be surprised that Malaysian culture frowns upon public displays of affection! So if dating Malaysian singles, keep the PDA (Public Display Of Affection) on the DL (Downline) – people don’t like it!

Dating Malaysian Women

With the changing times, Malaysian women have become more career-focused. In addition, it is now common for families in Malaysia to hire house help to delegate home maintenance. As a result, women are now more empowered to seek out their own incomes instead of being stay-at-home wives.

Be Discreet About Sex

In Malaysia, it’s all about kissing, not telling. While there may be men and women who are into casual encounters, sex is considered a sensitive topic. A fair amount of people want to save sex for marriage. If you go on a first date with someone and expect sex out of your date, you might be scorned by many Malaysians!

Popular Dating Apps

Online Dating Apps Malaysians Use

Malaysian singles have been turning to online dating platforms to find their potential match. If you are in the country and wish to try your hand at going on a date with someone in Malaysia, you should also try your hand at online dating platforms!

Many of these apps offer free access, which other sites might not. This makes it very useful for people who want to date, find people to immerse in the culture with, and do other things!

  • Bumble
    • A dating app where men wait for women to break the text silence.
  • Facebook Dating
    • Launched in 2019, this allows people with Facebook accounts free access to a dating platform. Considering there are over 30 million people on Facebook Malaysia, you’ll probably find a match!
  • Joompa
    • As plenty of people practice Islam, Joompa has Muslim-friendly features that many Malaysian people – mainly guys – appreciate.

Plenty of online dating websites exist specifically for people in Malaysia, all just a Google search away!

Dating in Malaysia can go smoother with these words!

Words For Dating Malaysian People

Once you find someone in Malaysia that interests you, it’s time to talk about… well, a lot! Here are some words you can use on a date with someone. Give them an example of how much of a catch you are!

Beautiful Cantik
Pretty Lawa
Gorgeous Jelita
Cute Chun
Beautiful boyLeng chai
Beautiful girl Leng lui
Caucasians Mat salleh
What’s your name? Siapa nama awak?
My name is… Nama saya ialah…
I’m interested. Saya berminat.
Are you looking for marriage? Adakah anda sedang mencari perkahwinan?
When can we meet your parents? Bilakah kita boleh bertemu dengan ibu bapa anda?
I can wait. Saya boleh tunggu.
Let me pay. Belanja.
I am looking for something short-term. Saya sedang mencari sesuatu untuk jangka pendek.
I don’t like your parents.Saya tidak suka ibu bapa anda.
I’m not looking for marriage.Saya tidak mencari perkahwinan.

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