10+ Important Malayalam Rooms In The House Vocabulary

Have you ever wondered how houses and rooms are in South India? South Indian states like Kerala are known for their rich and comprehensive culture, and in every corner of their livelihood, their culture is ingrained with them. Learning some basic Malayalam rooms in the house vocabulary may help you get acquainted with their culturally decorated houses’ exquisite and benevolent nature. If you are pretty eager to learn about them, you are just in the right place. This post will discuss some of the words and phrases related to this topic to help you express yourself better when conversing with the locals. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Is The Malayalam Language Hard To Learn?

Before we start with the vocabulary, it is essential to understand the intensity of the Malayalam language, the language of Kerala. No doubt, Malayalam has a strict reputation for being a tough language to learn; mainly native English speakers may find it quite baffling. It is the result of particularly the long words and phrases with complicated pronunciations that most English speakers are not used to. However, the hardness level should not be the decider of your learning capacity. If you are visiting South India soon, Malayalam can help you in multiple ways.

Despite the difficulty level of the language, it is an art worth spending time on. It is filled with different language forms, from caste, vocation style, region, to numerous other forms. All these attributes and influence of so many factors like the Sanskrit script, Latin, Pali, and Prakit constitute Malayalam as one of the most comprehensive and profound languages of all time.

Suppose you take even a small step towards learning the basics of Malayalam, in that case, you are one step ahead to making your skills sharper and brighter through this post. Thus, dive into the pool of Malayalam vocabulary and enlighten yourself with amusing and fascinating facts related to this topic!

Malayalam Rooms In The House Vocabulary 

Malayalam rooms in the house vocabulary

The introductory words related to rooms and houses in Malayalam will give you an obvious idea about the locals and their customary daily dialogues. What can be more important than the words related to home? They have always been the first thing we learned as we grew up and slowly started building unforgettable memories filled with hundreds of emotions and an immense amount of love.

Thus, learn how to pronounce a room, its different parts, phrases related to a room and a house, and explore the beauty of Malayalam literature.


vīṭ (വീട്) is the Malayalam translation for the word house. Before going into any other words, it is crucial to know how to say house in Malayalam. It is a short word, and you will constantly need it once you land in Kerala as “house” is a noun we find everywhere, in every corner of our existence.


Muṟi (മുറി) is the Malayalam word for the noun “room.” After learning the word “house,” knowing how to say muṟi is the following prerequisite. It is another short and straightforward word that you can memorize easily without any hardship. This word will come in handy whenever you are looking for a room in Kerala or shifting for accommodation.

Basic Vocabulary

Malayalam House Vocabulary

Now that you know how to say vīṭ and muṟi in Malayalam, it is time to extend your vocabulary. People say there is no wonder about the beauty of a house. It is somewhere people grow up in, live in, and survive in. There are memories that one cannot let go of in every corner of the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

The value of one’s home is more than that of anything else. Thus, we will make some effort to learn different words related to rooms and houses in this section. If you are still interested to know, keep reading the list below.


English Translation: Bedroom

kiṭappumuṟi (കിടപ്പുമുറി) is the room where we sleep or spend most of our time. It is the master room and is very private. Guests are not usually allowed into the kiṭappumuṟi. Its use is confined to mostly household people only.

Additional Vocabulary Related To Bedrooms

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Single room ഒറ്റ മുറി oṟṟa muṟi
Double room ഇരട്ട മുറി iraṭṭa muṟi
Bed കിടക്ക kiṭakka
Door വാതിൽ vātil
Double bed ഇരട്ട കിടക്ക iraṭṭa kiṭakka
Single Bed ഒറ്റയാൾ കിടക്ക oṟṟayāḷ kiṭakka

ഡൈനിംഗ് റൂം

English translation: Dining room

ഡൈനിംഗ് റൂം is the literal Malayalam version of the word dining room. Its pronunciation is ḍainiṅg ṟūṁ, and it is similar to the English word with just a slight accent. It is the room that people use to sit together and have their meal. In Indian culture, it is necessary to have at least three meals with the entire family. It is a belief that such a tradition will make the bond stronger.

Words Related To The Dining Room

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Dinner Table തീൻ മേശ tīn mēśa
Chair ചെയർ ceyar
Plate പാത്രം pātraṁ
Spoon കരണ്ടി karaṇṭi
Glass ഗ്ലാസ് glās


English Translation: Kitchen

aṭukkaḷa (അടുക്കള) is the next necessary word related to rooms in the house. It is one of the rooms considered sacred to Indian families, the kitchen. Especially for women in India, the kitchen becomes their reflection, and nothing unholy can occur in the kitchen. Not only women but every member of the house has to be careful about the kitchen behavior. Nothing can be done that even comes close to being bad or evil. As a matter of fact, in some cultures, outsiders cannot enter or use the household kitchen.

Words Related To The Kitchen

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Kettle കെറ്റിൽ keṟṟil
Back door പിൻ വാതിൽ pin vātil
Microwave മൈക്രോവേവ് maikrēāvēv
Oil എണ്ണ eṇṇa
Food ഭക്ഷണം bhakṣaṇaṁ


English Translation: Bathroom

kuḷimuṟi (കുളിമുറി) is something you should always know. It is the literal translation of the word “bathroom,” and you can fall in need of its use when you are not even thinking about it. Bathrooms are a critical place in a house that can come in handy for people at any time of the day. Use this word with locals when there is some urgent need.

Other Words Related To Bathroom

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Floor തറ taṟa
Door വാതിൽ vātil
Water വെള്ളം veḷḷaṁ
Toilet ടോയ്ലറ്റ് ṭēāylaṟṟ
Wall മതിൽ matil
Bucket ബക്കറ്റ് bakkaṟṟ


English Translation: Drawing room/Livingroom

What is a house without a sandarśakamuṟi (സന്ദര്ശകമുറി)? sandarśakamuṟi is the Malayalam noun of the word drawing-room, the living room in a home. Living rooms are large rooms that people either entertain guests or relax with many social people. A living room is a must in every house; it is the most beautiful part of the house. Since we are already talking about guests and friends, learn how to say Cheers In Malayalam: 20+ Useful Words And Phrases.

Words Related To The Living Room

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Ceiling പരിധി paridhi
center table മധ്യമേശ madhyamēśa
Guest അതിഥി atithi
Window ജാലകം jālakaṁ
Rest വിശ്രമിക്കുക viśramikkuka

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