10+ Funny Malayalam Phrases With Meanings

Do you want to visit Kerala and immerse yourself in the culture? Learning the most regularly used funny Malayalam phrases might boost your chances of immediately being involved in the community.

“Slang” is a word or a phrase that is not frequently present in dictionaries. Because slang expressions have many meanings, it is important to understand the context of the conversation to utilize them. Therefore, it is advisable to practice Malayalam funny phrases with friends before using them with strangers!

In Kerala, funny phrases are now an important component of any communication. Increase your command of funny phrases in Malayalam through Ling App – the number 1 platform for lesser-spoken languages.


Famous Funny Malayalam Phrases

English phrasesPronunciationMalayalam phrases
You have big hands.niṅṅaḷkk valiya kaikaḷuṇṭ.നിങ്ങൾക്ക് വലിയ കൈകളുണ്ട്.
You looked like the fish-shaped pastry.niṅṅaḷ matsyattinṟe ākr̥tiyiluḷḷa pēsṭri pēāle kāṇappeṭṭu.നിങ്ങൾ മത്സ്യത്തിന്റെ ആകൃതിയിലുള്ള പേസ്ട്രി പോലെ കാണപ്പെട്ടു.
Give them an elephant but do not make people think pointlessly.avarkk ānaye keāṭukkū ennāl āḷukaḷe art’thaśūn’yamāyi cintippikkarut.അവർക്ക് ആനയെ കൊടുക്കൂ എന്നാൽ ആളുകളെ അർത്ഥശൂന്യമായി ചിന്തിപ്പിക്കരുത്.
Is there a shortage of ponds that a crane has seen? kreyin kaṇṭa kuḷaṅṅaḷkk kṣāmamuṇṭēā?ക്രെയിൻ കണ്ട കുളങ്ങൾക്ക് ക്ഷാമമുണ്ടോ?


Some Common Malayalam Slang Words 

Moreover, in Malayalam, humorous is thalachorú (തലച്ചോറ്), which means head rice! Like a good joke, the word is short and easy to say. It has the translation as ”to make a joke” or ”humorous.” It doesn’t take long on the internet to find cracking Malayalam jokes.  

The word “a fool” “oru viḍḍhi” “ഒരു വിഡ്ഢി” has the same meaning as the word “scoundrel” “nīcan” “നീചൻ”.

English wordsPronunciationMalayalam words
A fooloru viḍḍhiഒരു വിഡ്ഢി
Damn you, scoundrel!nāśaṁ, nīcan!നാശം, നീചൻ!
Go away, you dog!pēākū, nāyē!പോകൂ, നായേ!
Get the hell out of my place.narakatte enṟe sthalatt ninn puṟattākkuka!നരകത്തെ എന്റെ സ്ഥലത്ത് നിന്ന് പുറത്താക്കുക.
Oh! You little punk!ō! ceṟiya paṅkē!ഓ! ചെറിയ പങ്കേ!
Awesome, freak!gambhīraṁ, vicitraṁ!ഗംഭീരം, വിചിത്രം!


Funny Malayalam Phrases – Sayings With Wisdom And Humor 

In a cultural city of India, you have to keep in mind that you do not use slang words with girls and their parents. It sounds disrespectful and unethical. You can use the fun nickname like “douchbag” “tāntēānni” “താന്തോന്നി” for friends but not for kids or any girl. 

Learn to speak those phrases that sound fun and have deep meaning. The phrase “A fly does not enter a closed mouth” “aṭañña vāyil īcca kaṭakkilla” “അടഞ്ഞ വായിൽ ഈച്ച കടക്കില്ല” is my favorite. Here are some examples.

English phrasesPronunciationMalayalam phrases
A fly cannot enter a closed mouth.aṭañña vāyil īcca kaṭakkilla.അടഞ്ഞ വായിൽ ഈച്ച കടക്കില്ല.
A squirrel must not open its mouth because an elephant did.āna tuṟannatināl aṇṇān vāya tuṟakkarut.ആന തുറന്നതിനാൽ അണ്ണാൻ വായ തുറക്കരുത്.
Will bathing make a crow a white crane?kuḷikkunnat kākkaye veḷḷa keākkākki māṟṟumēā?കുളിക്കുന്നത് കാക്കയെ വെള്ള കൊക്കാക്കി മാറ്റുമോ?


Where Did Malayalam Slang Come From?

Kerala has always been a cultural and economic hub, and as tends to happen around these places, a lot of words from foreign languages begin to infiltrate the original language. Loan words can be found in English, Dutch, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Here we’re going to present you with some interesting examples. For instance, Yemandan meaning ‘powerful’ comes from the name of the German warship SMS Emden. The story of how this came to slide into the Malayalam language is bound up with World War 1. At the time the Emden was often seen in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Kerala. The reason for the ship being in that part of the world was to destroy British possessions in colonial India. The sight of it must have terrified local people so much that it stuck in their minds, and then found its way into the vernacular.

Another famous example is Oc or ‘to get something free at someone’s expense.’ This comes from the time when the East India Company was dominating trade in the region. If a company member wanted to send out a letter for free they could do so by printing On Company service.


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