How to Say Thank You In Latvian: 3+ Useful And Easy Phrases

Visiting Latvia soon? Then why miss the chance to grasp some essential phrases in the Latvian language that will help you receive a more fruitful and warm response from the natives. Learning how to say thank you in Latvian, hello, how are you, you’re welcome, etc., is one of the introductory Latvian lessons that one should consider adhering to before landing in the beautiful land of Latvia.

This blog has you completely covered if you are wondering how to say thank you in the Latvian language, as it will provide the best translations and phrases you will need. Let’s not waste any more time and start learning Latvian right away!

Is Taking Latvian Lesson Hard?

Before we get started with the words and phrases in Latvian, it is important to clear minimal doubts and questions such as, is Latvian hard to learn or is Latvian unattainable. These are common questions that keep bugging every learner, causing an unnecessary fall in confidence.

However, the fact is that it is not impossible to learn Latvian at all. If you speak Estonian or Lithuanian, the Latvian language will come in as a dessert, and you will be able to talk in Latvian effortlessly. Nevertheless, for native English speakers, a small help from a good site and App would be more considerable.

The Latvian language is an Eastern Baltic language spoken by almost 1.7 million people. It belongs to the Indo-European language family and is popularly known as the Lettish language. Latvian is relatively new compared to other European languages, with its scripts appearing in the 16th century and its grammatical structures in the 18th century. It is an exciting language with three dialects. Although close to Lithuanian, it is a very innovative language with unique vowel systems and important words present with the influence of Finnish scripts.

How To Say Thank You In Latvian?

How to say thank you in Latvian

Now that we are clear with our doubts regarding the extraordinary Baltic language, let’s get started with the most important words. This blog section covers the main Latvian lesson that will teach us its versions of Thank You and the different alternatives. Whenever someone helps or provides a favor, it is always polite to address a ‘thank you’ and show our gratefulness for their deed. So, learn how to say thank you in Latvian and make the natives delighted!

1. Paldies

Paldies is the first word you need to learn in Latvian. It is the literal translation of the word Thank You, and you can use it in front of anyone in Latvia. It is the most common and one of the most important words. Saying Paldies to someone when they do a favor will help them pursue a sophisticated and humble impression of your personality.

2. Es esmu tik pateicīgs

Other than the normal Thank You version in Latvian, you can also use Es esmu tik pateicīgs which means “I’m so grateful” in English. It is an alternative to the regular thanking note and will help express your gratitude to someone more openly and sincerely. So, when you want a change, use “I’m so grateful,” Es esmu tik pateicīgs.

3. Liels paldies

Liels paldies is the Latvian form of the English phrase; Many Thanks. It is a more sophisticated alternative to the familiar words and phrases, and you can use it to express your gratitude to anyone and everyone. Using “Many Thanks” will show how inherently you mean something and help you bring out a more genuine response.

4. Es novērtēju jūsu darbu

Again, if you want to change your choice of words and phrases, Es novērtēju jūsu darbu is a good choice. Whenever someone gives you a free favor and helps you out, always appreciate their existence and hard work. And that is precisely what the phrase Es novērtēju jūsu darbu means. It says I appreciate your work!

5. Esmu tev vienu parādā

Lastly, we bring you a change of note. The phrase esmu tev vienu parādā is the literal translation of the words; I owe you own. Instead of a Thank You, you can use this when someone looks out for you. It means that you owe them a favor next time. It is more casual and sounds more promising than a Thank You note.

Thank You Phrases In Latvian

Latvian is a baltic language spoken by so many yet known so less. Only learning the words would not suffice. Let’s see some basic examples to grasp the entire concept.

English Translation Latvian
Thank you so much for your help Liels paldies par palīdzību
I appreciate your presence Es ļoti novērtēju jūsu klātbūtni
Many thanks to everyone present here Liels paldies visiem šeit klātesošajiem
I’m so grateful to have you Es esmu tik pateicīgs, ka esmu jums
Thank you, my love Paldies mana mīla
I owe you this time Šoreiz esmu tev parādā

How To Say You’re Welcome In Latvian 

You are welcome in Latvian

If you want to search for the answer to a Thank you, this Latvian lesson has you covered. This section will brief us on some common “You’re Welcome” phrases and words and will discuss some common word formations. Also, with given alternatives, you will no longer have to repeat the exact phrases anymore.

1. Nav par ko

When you translate Nav par ko, it is the basic Latvian version of the phrase; You’re welcome. It is an essential vocabulary you will constantly need once in Latvia. It is always polite to reply with Nav par ko when someone thanks you and gives a humble impression of your character.

2. Nepiemini

Another similar meaning phrase with a different vocab is the word Nepiemini. This word means equal to the English phrase, Mention not. It shows that doing a favor was not a problem at all.

3. Mans prieks

Lastly, to sound more welcoming and fun, say Mans prieks when someone appreciates your deed. It means My pleasure and expresses that you are completely happy to have done something for them.

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