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The Real Impact of Pan Fried Pork Buns

Take a deep breath. Just say something. Quick.

My mind raced as I finally made eye contact with the cashier.

Too late.

Once again, another person beat me to it, rattling off his order of delicious baos and fried dumplings so quickly I could barely understand his Chinese.

My parents immigrated from China to the US right before I was born. I grew up in Houston, Texas and at home, my Chinese held up enough to have understandable conversations with my parents — I could even write a few traditional poems. So, for a girl who grew up in America, I always thought my Chinese was pretty decent. That was until I was humbled on my trip to China as a 15-year-old.

It was the first time my dad didn’t travel with me. My grandma was busy so I set out early to spend my first day exploring Shanghai alone. My first stop was this tiny dumpling house nearby. They sold my all time favorite food, Shen Jian Bao. These were the most delicious pan fried pork buns and when you took a bite, steaming hot broth would explode out.

I stepped into the small shop and immediately the savory aroma made my mouth water. However, it was also packed. Customers were shoving to get to the front and it seemed like pure chaos trying to get through the crowd. In my hometown, I was used to waiting neatly in lines so I first moved to the back to try and get in line. But I soon realized that somehow I was actually moving backwards and people who came in after me were cutting in front. Furious yet still shy, I tentatively squeezed forward enough to get a look at the menu.

Darn it. It was all Chinese and no pictures, my worst nightmare.

I spent a good minute trying to decipher the words I did know and piece them together like a puzzle. Unsure, I chose what I thought was a soup and pork buns and edged towards the cashier. As people kept rudely cutting me off, I thought back to my hometown, where all these adults would surely let a small, confused girl through first and be kind enough to offer some help. But here, I guess it was a culture shock that everyone truly minded their own business. Seeing all these people ordering dumplings made me understand the importance of taking my own initiative to make things happen.

Through a stroke of courage, I swiftly pushed to the very front and feigning confidence, I spoke my order. Then the cashier asked something I didn’t quite catch. He spoke too fast and I also wasn’t ready for follow up questions. I just nodded, paid, and finally went to wait for my food to be ready.

Stepping out of the dumpling shop, I realized I needed to act with greater confidence here. The rest of the day, I challenged myself to ask for directions as I got lost around the city and to learn how to bargain as I shopped. I know shopping and navigating doesn’t seem too significant, but for me, it was the act of

adapting to a foreign culture that I was proud of. It seems silly but ordering those pan fried pork buns taught me a great deal. First, it made me realize that what I think I understand can change drastically after experiencing something new. And never expect opportunities to be handed to me, I should always take initiative to put myself out there.

Now as I prepare to study abroad, I plan on taking those lessons with me to Copenhagen. I want to experience and overcome both the ups and downs of a foreign environment. I want to immerse myself in Danish culture, meet new people, and get out of my comfort zone in hopes of gaining independence and a more diversified perspective. There’s so much out there that I don’t know — I want to open my eyes to the things I don’t understand and the realities and issues that exist beyond my home. And as a landscape architect, I want to evaluate and apply my existing knowledge through my studies in Copenhagen. I aim to challenge my current design perspective by observing a city that’s the paragon of urban planning. Now a lot more confident than my 15-year-old self, I feel ready to take on my second experience abroad alone — one pork bun at a time.

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국경을 넘는 학습
:Ling 장학금 제도

어려운 언어를 위한 쉬운 길!

Ling의 장학금 제도인 ‘국경을 넘는 학습(Learning Beyond Borders)’를 발표하게되어 기쁘게 생각하며, 각각 1위와 2위 수상자에게 $1,000와 $500의 장학금을 수여할 예정입니다.

Ling은 언어 학습이 ‘재미’ 있고, ‘효과적’이며, ‘접근하기 쉬워야’ 한다고 생각합니다. 

+ 재미: 재미가 있어야 무엇이든 계속 할 수 있습니다. 우리는 매력적인 콘텐츠와 인터페이스, 그리고 캐릭터 등을 통해 학습을 재미있게 만들고 있습니다.

+ 효과적: 실제 상황에서 사용할 수 있는 어휘와 구문을 여러 원어민들과 함께 정리하였습니다. 그리고 모든 단계에서 학습 진행 상황에 대한 즉각적인 피드백을 받을 수 있도록 구성하였습니다. 

+ 접근성: 우리는 언제 어디서나 손 쉽게, 그리고 저렴한 가격으로 학습할 수 있도록 노력하고 있습니다.


지금 바로 2024년 봄 Ling 장학금을 신청하세요!

지원 자격

  • 2학년 이상으로 성장
  • 현재 승인된 4년제 대학에 재학 중인 사람
  • 지원 마감일까지 유학 프로그램에합격
  • 비영어권 국가에서 유학을 계획하고 있는 학생



  • 1등: $1,000 상금, Ling의 모든 언어에 대한 평생 무료 멤버십, 이 장학금 페이지 및 Ling 소셜 미디어 채널에 게시된 자기소개서(관심 있는 경우)
  • 2등: 상금 $500, Ling의 모든 언어에 대한 평생 무료 멤버십, 장학금 페이지 및 Ling 소셜 미디어 채널에 게시된 자기소개서(관심 있는 경우)


신청 절차

  1. 필요한 모든 서류를 준비하세요
  2. 자기소개서(동영상 또는 에세이) 준비
  3. 아래 ‘지금 신청’ 링크를 사용하여 장학금을 신청하세요.
  4. 이메일을 통한 답변을 기다리세요


자기소개서 요구사항

옵션 #1: 에세이 작성

에세이에 매력적인 제목을 지정하고 다음 중 하나에 답하여 700-1,000 분량의 글을 작성하세요


  • 이 장학금을 받는 것은 당신에게 어떤 의미가 있나요?
    유학을 통해 어떤 영향을 미칠 계획인가요?
  • 과거에 새로운 언어를 배우거나, 교육 문제를 겪거나, 해외 여행을 가면서 개인적으로 어려움을 겪었던 순간을 묘사해 보세요. 그 어려움을 어떻게 극복했고, 그로부터 무엇을 배웠나요?
  • 당신이 공부할 나라의 언어는 무엇입니까? 당신의 언어 학습 계획은 무엇입니까? 언어에 어떻게 적응/학습/연습할 계획인가요? (비영어권 국가에서 공부하는 학생에 한함)


옵션 #2: 비디오 에세이

다음 메시지 중 하나를 다루는 5~7분짜리 비디오를 녹화하세요.


  • 교육이 당신에게 왜 중요합니까?
    (학업적으로나 개인적으로) 직면했던 도전적인 순간을 설명하세요. 그 어려움을 어떻게 극복했는지, 그리고 그 어려움을 통해 무엇을 배웠는지 토론해 보세요.
    유학을 통해 무엇을 얻고 싶나요?


동영상에 다음 사항도 모두 포함했는지 확인하세요.


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