30+ Easy Words For Relationships In Korean

30+ Easy Words For Relationships In Korean

Planning to visit Korea on Peppero Day or during Valentine’s Day with your special someone? What better way to impress them than to belt out some words related to relationships in Korean! Not only can our list of words make your partner feel giddy, but it is also guaranteed to make them feel like the heroine of their own K-drama. So, if you are ready to make hearts beat faster, let’s dive right into the lesson.

Are you ready to say “I do” or simply interested in finally confessing your feelings? Don’t worry because we understand where you are coming from, as developing romantic feelings is something that is entirely normal. As humans, religion and science can agree that we are born to love.

When it comes to 사랑 (sarang) or love, no one can deny how powerful this abstract concept is. Having experienced being loved or loving someone is absolutely amazing, and the euphoria from it alone can last for a very long time. For this reason, many of us are somewhat addicted to the idea of falling in love which is also the reason why lots of people can easily get caught up in movies, music, or books related to romance.

Since you landed on this post, there is a big chance that you probably are wondering about Korean culture in terms of being in a relationship. Perhaps, you have met a Korean, and you are finding yourself ready to take your relationship to the next level. Maybe, you are a husband who is looking to spice things up in your marriage by using a Korean-based callsign for your loved one. If any of those floats your boat, then this post is perfect for you.


Status Of Relationships In Korean Language

Like in most Asian cultures, Korean culture has very high regard when it comes to the status of relationships. Basically, the status of a couple will determine what types of activities they can do, how they should act, and how the family members should behave when that special person is around. Since most countries in Asia are conservative, there is no surprise in knowing that Koreans are also conservative when it comes to romantic gestures. You may want to practice dating using an AI tool first while you’re learning the language.

So aside from learning the basic greetings in Korean, let’s learn first the words for the status of relationships.

EnglishKorean Pronunciation GuideAudio
In a relationship / Lover연인Yeonin
Engaged약혼 한Yaghon Han
Secret crush짝사랑Jjaksarang
Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend전 남자 친구Jeon namja chingu
Casual partner전 여자 친구Jeon yeoja chingu
Common Status Of Relationships In Korean


Hierarchy Of Names In The Korean Language

30+ Easy Words For Relationships In Korean

When it comes to the younger generation, tons of couples are using newer Korean words to express their feelings for each other. If you want to sound cute when speaking with someone, take note of the hierarchical system below. In addition, these words are used as a sign of respect for the opposite gender, and calling them using any of these will definitely impress them quickly.

EnglishKorean Pronunciation GuideAudio
Older male오빠Oppa
Younger male*Name*Name
Older female누나Noona
Younger female*Name*Name
Older brotherHyung
Polite Naming Convention In Korean


Terms Of Endearment In The Korean Language

Terms Of Endearment In The Korean Language

For married couples out there who are looking for callsigns for each other, you can use any of these sweet Korean words today!

EnglishKorean Pronunciation Guide
Darling가장 사랑하는 사람Gajang salanghaneun salam
Beloved가장 사랑하는Gajang salanghaneun
My love나의 사랑Naui salang
Terms Of Endearment For Relationships In Korean


Familial Relationships

Of course, love is not just reserved for your special person. As humans, we have a different form of deep love for our family members. Below are some of the basic family words that you might come across.

EnglishKorean Pronunciation Guide
younger sister’s husband서방님Seobangnim
older sister’s husband형님Hyeongnim
older brother’s wife새언니Saeeonni
younger sister여동생Yeodongsaeng
younger brother남동생Namdongsaeng
wife’s younger sister’s husband동서Dongseo
wife’s younger brother’s wife처남댁Cheonamdaek
husband’s younger sister’s husband서방님Seobangnim
father’s younger brother’s wife작은엄마 Jageuneomma
husband’s younger brother’s wife 동서Dongseo
wife’s older sister’s husband형님Hyeongnim
wife’s older brother’s wife아주머님Ajumeonim
Younger sibling동생 Dongseng
Grandmother할머니 Halmeoni
Sisters자매 Jamae

Wrapping Up

Which of these sweet words are you interested in using with your partner today? Let us know in the comment section down below. Also, if we missed anything and you would love to learn a few more translations related to this topic, just send us a comment, and we will get back to you in an instant.

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to find the exact simple words that you can use when talking about relationships in Korean with your friends or special someone. These fun words are easy to use, and all that we have shared in this post are those that are considered polite, so you will not have any trouble when it comes to miscommunication. By the end of this post, we hope that you will be able to remember and use these sets of words in a sentence.

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