5 Korean Horror Movies To Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Korean Horror Movies

Are you into watching horror films? Have you ever imagined yourself in a zombie apocalypse? If that’s the case, you will love how South Korean horror movies are just stealing the spotlight today! They are so popular today because of their unique storylines, and the classic jump scares that’ll keep you on your toes. This article will cover the five most popular ones you should watch before the year ends! Let’s get started!

What Are Popular Korean Horror Movies?

Train to Busan

Train To Busan is a zombie genre movie in which a harried investment manager in Seoul seldom has time for his daughter, Su-an. The scene opens with Seok-woo reserving a seat on the following morning’s KTX train to Busan. But to his surprise, the KTX is destroyed by zombies! As the film progresses, it shows that the whole country is suffering from this zombie outbreak, and they are everywhere – including the train station!

Traveling from Seoul to Busan, Jin-hee, Seok-woo, Sang-hwa, Yon-suk, Seong-kyeong, and Su-an are on a train trying to find out their way. The operator told them the rail would stay at Daegu Station because servicemen had been sent there. When Sang-hwa phones his wife, he discovers that she and a few others are stranded in the bathroom. They start battling their way into the lower chambers to save them since they can’t bear to see them perish. Jong-gil unlocks the door, letting the zombies swarm the section out of rage and defeat. Unbeknownst to Seok-woo and the others, Yon-suk had survived the swarm of zombies in the compartment.

In Busan, South Korea, Su-an and Seong-kyeong are imprisoned in a railway car. Snipers keep watch but are hesitant to shoot them since they are unsure of their health. What happens next? Watch the movie and find out!

A Tale Of Two Sisters

This movie was meticulously crafted, down to the precisely synchronized stereo sound. Although it may not be graphic, it may sometimes be frightening, and the content is quite disturbing. Whatever perspective you choose, this Asian horror is undoubtedly among the best. A tale of two sisters is a little masterpiece. Comparing it to other well-known Japanese films is unfair since this Korean film offers much more.

Bright colors are used throughout the day, and dark hues are also utilized during the night in outstanding cinematography. Although the plot takes a little while to get going, there is enough diversity in voice and moods to keep things intriguing.

Additionally, it has a couple of surprises. The musical soundtrack is fantastic, and although it’s not meant to be terrifying at times, I couldn’t avoid noticing that it had a somewhat Italian vibe. A story of two sisters is a suspenseful horror film that blends the supernatural and psychological genres.

Popular Korean Horror Movies

The Call

So-yeon (Park Shin-hye) gets a call from Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo), a young lady in fear, claiming that her mom (Lee El) is attempting to burn her alive as she enters the ancient family house where she formerly resided with her sick mother (Kim Sung-ryung).

The ladies make several frantic calls like this until they finally engage in conversation and realize that So-yeon and Young-sook are phoning from the same home and phone, separated by 20 years, with So-yeon calling from the year 2020. The ladies attempt to alter each other’s current lives due to their new relationship, and they start exchanging information that begins to change their reality. Go watch the movie right now to see what happens next!

The Wailing

The wailing is a psychological horror movie that could even fit into the supernatural horror genre, and it is one of the best Korean horror movies in Korean cinema. A newcomer from Japan is now residing in a small home in a small South Korean community in the mountains. A mystery illness begins to appear among some locals, resulting in an outbreak led by violent breakouts, lethargy, and, finally, death.

To look into the stranger’s home, policeman Jong-goo tries to recruit a second police officer and a priest who speaks Japanese. The still-alive Japanese visitor is discovered by Japanese monk Il-gwang in a cave and is captured on camera. The priest sees the foreigner transform into a devil after being shot by him. He phones J.Goo and warns him not to trust Moo-myeong when she claims to have set up an ambush for the demon, warning him that the trap would not work if he returned to his residence.


Thirst is another excellent psychological thriller in which a failed medical experiment turns a catholic priest into a vampire. Its stunning cinematography is just impeccable for 2009. Sang-hyun is a priest who values life so highly that he voluntarily participates in a covert vaccine research project to eliminate a terrible disease. He is portrayed by top Korean actor Song Kang-ho in the drama The Host.

However, the priest becomes infected and needs a transfusion right away. Sang-hyun survives because the blood he gets is contaminated, but he now dwells as a vampire. His best friend’s wife, Tae-ju (Kim Ok-vin), approaches Sang-hyun and asks for assistance in fleeing her life as he struggles with his newly discovered insatiable need for blood. This puts more pressure on Sang’s beliefs. Hyun’s Sang-hyun quickly enters a realm of sensuous delights and comes to know the Seven Deadly Sins well.

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