10 Timely Vocabulary About Health In Korean Language

There’s only one thing we, doctors, can tell our patients with certainty, “We will do our best.” – A timely quote to remind us about 건강 geongang (health in Korean). This line is from the Kdrama entitled “Hospital Playlist” which is very popular in Korea and other countries. This Korean drama will teach you the value of friendship, life, and health in Korean culture.

With the current situation of the world under this Covid-19 that we are facing, everyone realizes the importance of health. We have learned how to pay attention to make ourselves fit and healthy. We have learned how to take care of our bodies that most people take for granted because of the material things in life and the temporary happiness we are always seeking.

So, in this blog, let us learn some basic words and phrases related to health in Korean for free. Don’t worry because some English translations and romanizations will guide you along your language learning journey. You may check Ling App for other topics and lessons from other languages as well.


Basic Words And Phrases About Health In Korean

Health In Korean
건강 (Geongang) | Health In Korean

Did you know that Koreans have this thing called the Three Arms of Health Security? These Three Arms of Health Security consist of the National Health Insurance Program, Medical Aid Program, and Long-term Care Insurance Program. This just proves that Koreans really take health seriously. They are investing in building a long-term healthcare system that will benefit their people.

If you want to learn more about the Korean healthcare system, you can search it online or click this link. But for now, let us learn some basic words and phrases about heath in Korean.

1. 건강 (Geongang)

English Translation: Health

The first word that we will learn is, of course, the word health. If you want to say the word health in Korean, use the Hangul character 건강. This is pronounced as (Geongang). Health in Korea is a huge deal. If you watch different Kdramas, you’ll see a lot of scenes where they eat healthy food and do exercise.

2. 건강한 (Geonganghan)

English Translation: Healthy

Right now, one of the most important adjectives we wish to describe ourselves is “healthy” 건강한 (Geonganghan). Being healthy nowadays is very important to avoid acquiring diseases easily. Now that we are prone to infections and viruses, we should really make an effort to be healthy by eating healthy food and working out.

3. 보험 (Boheom)

English Translation:  Health Insurance

Investing in health insurance is a necessity now. When Covid-19 hit, nobody prepared for it. People realize the importance of health insurance because it will really help you to pay for your hospital bills, especially when you have to undergo operations (수술 | susul).

4. 건강보험증 (Geongangboheomjeung)

English Translation: Health Insurance Card

When you need hospitalization (입원 | ibwon), the first thing that the hospital will ask for you is your health insurance card (건강보험증 | Geongangboheomjeung). If you have this, the process of admission will b easier.

5. 건강 검진 (Geongang Geomjin)

English Translation: Health Checkup

It is really important to schedule a health checkup 건강 검진 (Geongang Geomjin) if you are experiencing unusual feelings or pain. No matter how light it is, do not ignore minor symptoms just to make sure that everything is okay.

6. 약 (Yak)

English Translation: Medicine

If you have watched the Korean drama Jewel in the Palace, you will be exposed to different Korean traditional medicines. From there, you can see the variation and the improvement of medicine throughout the years.

Other words related to medicine are 진통제 | jintongje which means pain killer, 감기약 | gamgiyak, which means cold medicine, and 구급약 | gugeubyak, which means first aid medicines.

7. 의사 (Uisa)

English Translation: doctor

Of course, we can’t talk health without mentioning our dear front-liners like the doctor 의사 (Uisa). If you want to be inspired about taking a medical degree, you may watch “Hospital Playlist” and “Dr. Romatic.”

Some additional terms about people who work in the medical field that we will learn include nurse (간호사 | ganhosa), pharmacist (약사 yaksa), and surgeon (외과 의사 | oegwa uisa).

8. 건강식, 행복한 몸 (Geongangsik, Haengbokan Mom)

English Translation: healthy food, happy body

Your body deserves to be happy by eating healthy food. Although there are lots of delicious food in Korean like Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), Jjajangmyeon (짜장면), and Kimchi (김치), you should really watch the food you are eating. Like what the old saying says, “You are what you eat.”

9. 건강한 식습관 (Geonganghan Sikseupgwan)

English Translation: healthy diet

Wondering why the Kpop idols are fit and have glowing skin? It is because they are on a balanced diet. Yes, if you are a Kpop idol, you should really maintain your body and health to stay fit because the training and rehearsal are insane. But, even ordinary people should have a healthy diet.

10. 운동하다 (Undonghada)

English Translation: to exercise

The last phrase that we will learn about basic words and phrases about health in Korean is 좋은 몸매 joeun mommae in good shape 운동하다 Undonghada. If you translate it into English, it means “to exercise.”. Staying in good shape (좋은 몸매 |joeun mommae) is really important among Koreans, and it is clearly reflected in their dramas and movies.


Symptoms And Diseases

An unhealthy lifestyle like regular drinking, and not eating healthy food can cause diseases and symptoms. Diseases and illnesses can also be hereditary. With the environment, we are facing now, we can easily acquire diseases and symptoms from the things we touch and smell. After learning the basic words and phrases about health in Korean, let’s move to the symptoms and diseases. Here are some words related to symptoms and diseases in Korean.

RomanizationEnglish Translation
복통boktongstomach ache
비염 두통biyeom dutongsinus headache
어깨 통증eokkae tongjeungshoulder pain
생리통saengnitongperiod pains
고혈압gohyeoraphigh blood pressure
저혈압jeohyeoraplow blood pressure


Sentences Related To Health In Cantonese

Now that we have learned the basic words and phrases related to health and also some Korean terms about disease and symptoms let’s learn some Korean sentences that you can actually use in conversations. If you want to be guided about the pronunciation, check out Ling App.

  • 건강한 식습관 가지기 Geonganghan Siksseupkkwan Gajigi

English Translation: Eat healthily.

  • 많은 채소를 먹으면 나는 건강해질 거예요 Maneun chaesoreul meogeu-myeon naneun geonganghaejil geoyeyo

English Translation: If I eat more vegetables, I will be healthy.

  • 체육관에 자주 간다면 몸매가 좋아질 거예요 cheyukgwane jaju ganda-myeon mommae-ga joajil geoyeyo

English Translation: If you go to the gym often, you will be in good shape.

  • 의사가 필요해요. Uisaga piryohaeyo.

English Translation: I need a doctor.

  • 체온이 40(사십)도 이상이면 열병이 있어요 cheoni 40(sasip)-do isangi-myeon yeolbyeongi isseoyo

English Translation: If the body temperature is more than 40 degrees, you have a fever.


Korean Words And Phrases About Covid-19

Of course, we will not end this blog/lesson without learning some words and phrases about the pandemic that we are currently facing. This will be essential, especially if you’re going to travel to Korea. It would be best if you observed the proper health protocol to avoid the spread of this virus. Here are some important words and phrases that you might hear a lot.

RomanizationEnglish Translation
사재기sajaegipanic buying
징후jinghua symptom
잠복 기간jambok giganincubation period
마스크maseukeuface mask
손 소독제son sodokjehand sanitizer
라텍스 장갑ratekseu janggaplatex gloves
사회적 거리두기sahoejeok georidugisocial distancing
면역sahoejeok georidugiimmunity
입을 가려 주세요!ibeul garyeo juseyo!Cover your mouth, please!
저는 약을 먹어요.jeoneun yageul meogeoyo.I take medicine.
저는 의사에게 진료를 받아요.jeoneun uisaege jillyoreul badayo.I go to the doctor.
저는 손을 씻어요.jeoneun soneul ssiseoyo.I wash my hands.
저는 진단해요.jeoneun jindanhaeyo.I diagnose.
저는 제 체온을 재요.jeoneun je cheoneul jaeyo.I take my temperature.


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