4 Reasons To Visit Cambodian Cultural Village

If you have traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia, several times and are interested in seeing a new destination that gives you a similar sense of ancient culture and history as Angkor Wat temple, we recommend Cambodian Cultural Village or a new name, “Angkor Green Gardens”!

Siem Reap province has more to offer than the renowned Angkor Wat temple, which has historically been the major tourist attraction. The Angkor Wat temple may symbolize the long-lasting history of the Khmer empire and its distinctive architecture. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this location has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nonetheless, you can explore additional aspects of the local culture, such as how Khmer people live, what traditions they still observe, and the ethnic variety at Cambodia Cultural Village.

The Cambodian Cultural Village welcomes guests worldwide. But before we get into the exciting parts of this location, let’s study some Khmer common words with its culture.

English WordKhmer WordPronunciation
Angkor Wat/City of Templesអង្គរវត្តangkorovott
Folk danceរបាំប្រពៃណីយ៍របស់អ្នកស្រុកrbam brapeinei robsa anak srok
Folk musicភ្លេង ឬ ចំរៀងប្រពៃណីphleng ryy chamrieng brapeinei
Folkloreប្រពៃណីយ៍ និង ទំនៀមទំលាប់អ្នកស្រុកbrapeinei ning tomniem tom leab anak srok

Cambodian Cultural Village (ភូមិវប្បធម៌កម្ពុជា, Phoumi Vobbathmr Kampouchea)

Cambodian Cultural Village is a massive facility that collects heritage and culture. It is a lifestyle attraction that provides tourists and local community with entire infrastructures and recreation services. Visit this cultural museum or theme park like this in Siem Reap, Cambodia, if you’re interested in Khmer history and culture.

Top 3 Reasons To Visit Cambodian Cultural Village (Or Angkor Green Gardens)

This attraction features miniature versions of important historical buildings, monuments, and local customs. In addition, eleven unique villages showcase the diverse cultural legacy of nineteen ethnic groups. Are you still unsure whether or not you should visit Cambodian Cultural Village? So, let us convince you with the top 3 reasons.

Reason #1 Visit Unique Houses You Can’t See Elsewhere

If you want to see what houses in the Khmer empire looked like, you can visit this place. Most structures and residences under the Khmer Empire were made of wood with pitched roofs, as were typical Khmer houses. Stone walls and tiled roofs were exclusive to high-ranking authorities and the royal family owing to their high cost. Thus, the majority of Khmer residences are made from wood.

However, it is not only typical wood houses that are common to see elsewhere. Cambodian Traditional Houses include the Khmer house, Roong Daul house, Roong Doung house, Kataing house, and Bet house.

Reason #2 Impress With Khmer Traditional Performances In Various Styles

The classic Apsara dancing may already be familiar to you. This site features traditional performances in various forms, including those of ethnic minorities originating from northeastern Cambodia.

One of the most notable and well-known attractions must be Phare Circus. It exceeds the scope of a typical acrobatic circus. Instead, the artists write and deliver tales based on their personal experiences. The artists share a part of their life with the audience through a combination of theatre, dance, live music, and circus arts, drawing from current years, folklore, and contemporary culture.

Reason #3 Beautiful Traditional Wedding Ceremony Rites

When a location becomes a tourist destination, it is attractive and intriguing enough to host significant events, such as traditional Khmer wedding ceremonies. Therefore, you may be able to observe the local groom and bride taking a wedding photograph in traditional attire.

We want to provide you with some fascinating information; a Khmer wedding typically lasts one and a half days. It begins in the bride’s house, is followed by a religious ceremony, and concludes with the exchange of ceremonial gifts. As a sign of respect for the bride and groom’s parents and ancestors, the couple’s family and friends are present during their wedding.

Reason #4 Khmer Folk Games Still Exist Here

Cambodian Cultural Village

Most young Cambodians are pressured to relocate from the rural to the metropolis or overseas to support themselves and their families. The lack of youth in the Khmer village has made fewer people play folk games.

Traditional Khmer games, such as Chol Chhong, Bos Ang Kunh, Chab Kon Kleng, Teanh Prot, and Sdach Chong, are played one or two months before the Khmer New Year are especially popular in pagodas and villages. The ancient Khmer identity is symbolized by the more than twenty varieties of Khmer traditional games that promote harmony, enjoyment, and mental and physical well-being. While this activity may go rare in the future, you may still discover evidence of its presence here.

In Summary

Apart from the above, they perform peacock dancing, elephant shows, boxing, and more. Visiting Cambodian cultural villages or Angkor Green Gardens can help you brush up on your knowledge of Cambodia’s history, as only city sightseeing may not be sufficient to comprehend Cambodian culture and history. In addition, it will encourage you to continue studying Khmer since you will be immersed in its culture and find it fascinating to learn more about the locals.

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