Cambodian Population: #1 Best Guide To Learn Today!

Cambodian Population

Does it surprise you that Cambodia is among the world’s 100 most populous nations?

The total population of Cambodia is growing, and experts predict that this trend will continue till 2023. This is excellent news for anybody interested in meeting locals in Cambodia while learning Khmer. So, let’s do some research on the Cambodian population so you can find some motivation to stay up with your language studies.

Cambodia Population 2022

According to Worldmeter and the statistics of The Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as of September 18 of 2022, the current population of Cambodia is 17,229,542.

This amounts to around 0.20 percent of the global population, placing it at 70 on the list of nations by population.

Sex Ratio

The male population of Cambodia is 8,491,328 and 8,855,002 females, which creates a ratio of 0.96. So, in terms of gender, it’s nearly even. If you’re curious about how old Cambodians are on average, consider the following data.

Median Age

Most Cambodians are 24 years old.

Cambodian population age group

Age Group

The highest number of Khmer people among all age group are 5,518,326 young people under 15 years old, with 2,770,223 males and 2,748,104 females. The second large group is 10,982,812 people between 15 and 64 years old, with 5,275,186 males, and 5,707,626 females. Lastly, the smallest group has 645,574 people above 64 years old, with 243,140 males and 402,433 females.

The demographic breakdown of Cambodia’s growing population is youthful and dynamic, with fewer citizens of retirement age. Countries under development often have high birth and death rates of this kind. This population, age distribution model, is characterized by low education and healthcare levels and a short average lifespan.

Total Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of a Khmer is 62.7 years. On average, Khmer males are expected to live 60.3 years old, while women can expect to be 65.1 years old. The Khmer female appears to have a longer lifespan than the Khmer man. A statistic is the average number of years a person may anticipate living after birth. Under the assumption that the rate of birth and death would stay unchanged throughout a person’s life, it displays the expected number of years that person will live.

Cambodian population by religion

The Cambodian Population By Religions

According to Pew Research Center, Buddhist are 16,807,992 people (96.9 %), Muslims are 346,914 people (2.0 %), Khmer people who believe in traditional religions are 86,729 people (0.5 %), Christian are 69,383 people (0.4 %), and 34,691 or 0.2% of Khmer people are religiously unaffiliated.

Population Growth Rate In Cambodia

The demographic of Cambodia was calculated to be 17,146,712 on January 1, 2022. The previous year’s population was 16,872,865, representing an increase of 1.62%, or 273,847 individuals. In 2021, there was a net gain in population due to births exceeding deaths by 307,592. The loss of 33,746 citizens was primarily attributable to emigration.

If international migration continues at the same rate as the previous year, the country’s population will fall by 34,293. This means more individuals will permanently leave the country to live in another nation. In other words, there are emigrating than immigrating to Cambodia from other countries to become permanent citizens.

Birthrate In Cambodia

Did you know that Niger has the world’s highest fertility rate, at 6.91 children per woman? That’s over 7 children per woman! So now, let’s take a look at the current Cambodian birthrate.

In 2022, there will be an estimated 20.865 newborns for every 1000 Cambodians. This is a decrease of 2.18% from 2021. In 2021, there were only 21.330 births per one thousand people in Cambodia, a reduction of 2.13% from the year before. As you can see, this is way far from Niger’s birthrate. However, this number is still not considered low compared to its neighbors.

Population Density

As of September 2022, the population density of Cambodia was 94.7 people per square kilometer. Cambodia’s population density is determined by dividing the number of permanent residents by dividing it by the country’s total land mass.

After Learning Cambodian Population, Learn Khmer

Even though it may not seem to immediately encourage you to learn the Khmer language, learning about the population of Cambodia might somehow push you to stay studying. Nonetheless, the more you explore Cambodia through geography, culture, ritual, history, or anything else, the more interested you will get in picking up some fundamental Khmer.

In addition, statistics suggest that the number of Cambodians keeps rising, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with natives when traveling across the nation.

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