4 Best Ways To Ask How Are You In Armenian

Knowing the essential phrases before traveling to Yerevan or any part of Armenia can make a big difference in your travel experience. Apart from the fact that you will be able to navigate your way in Armenian cities, you will also get the chance to strike up meaningful conversations with the locals. In today’s post, we will be taking a look at how to ask how are you in Armenian. In addition, you will learn the basic phrases and the best ways to reply in the Armenian language. If you’re ready for that, keep reading below!

You should also check out how to introduce yourself in Armenian and the essential words and phrases and words that will make your stay more enjoyable.

About The Armenian Language

how are you in armenian; the armenia flag.

Before we dive fully into the best ways to ask how are you in Armenian, it will be nice if you get to know the Armenian language more, especially if you are interested in learning the Armenian language.

The Armenian language is the official language of Armenia, with more than six million speakers worldwide. What makes this an interesting language is that although it belongs to the Indo-European languages, it has an independent branch, with only it being a member because of its distinct phonological changes amongst the family.

Regarding its writing system, the Armenian language has 38 alphabets consisting of 7 vowels and 31 consonants. The Armenian Alphabet script is different from the popular Latin system alphabet, and the language is usually written horizontally, from left to right.

Lastly, learning Armenian can be easy if you have the right guide. And what better way to learn this language than a language learning app that covers everything you need to move from a beginner to a fluent speaker? More on that in the latter part of the article.

Ways To Say How Are You In Armenian

how are you in armenian

What if you meet an Armenian local friend or stranger that asks how are you? How will you reply? Or, what if you are the one that wants to ensure that your friend is okay, and the only way to find out is to ask how are you? What will be the deal? Not to worry, you will not be in that position because we are about to find out how to ask how you are in Armenian.

How Are You? – Inchpes ek?

The best way to ask how are you in Armenian is Ինչպես ես. This Armenian phrase means how are you, and it is commonly used to determine if the other person is doing okay now. This phrase is acceptable in any part of Armenia and is the ideal formal version for asking how are you? So, if you find yourself in a formal gathering or with strangers, the best thing to say is Inchpes ek.

How are you – Vonts es?

An informal way of asking how are you in Armenian is Vont es? And this is usually used between friends and family. If you’ve known someone for a long time, you can skip the formal Inchpes e, and say Vonts es. However, don’t use this in formal gatherings. It is better to stick with Inchpes ek.

How are you – Inchpes es?

Before you say, ‘But Dorcas, that was the first thing you covered,’ you will realize that there is a slight difference. Inchpes es and Inchpes ek have a letter difference, but Inchpes es is usually used informally. It is just a slight variation. However, it can make a major difference. So, Inchpes es can also pass for your friends and family.

How Do You Reply To ‘How Are You?’

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Now that we’ve gone through the Armenian phrases for how are you let’s check out how you can reply if you are being asked.

Lav, Merci

This means ‘Good, thank you,” and it is the easiest way you can reply to a how are you question if you are a traveler or a new Armenian speaker. This is very simple to understand and say. I know a question that may be bothering your mind is, ‘Merci is a french word, so how come Armenians say, Merci? Here is the thing, the Armenian word for thank you is pretty long, and since Merci is a borrowed word from the French, many Armenians use it in daily conversations. It is rare to see an Armenian saying շնորհակալություն (Shnorhakalutsyun), which is the Armenian word for thank you, except in formal situations.

Alternatively, you can say Lav which means good, or I’m fine for informal situations, or Lav em in formal situations.

Shat lav, Shnorhakalutsyun

This is the formal way of saying Lav, Merci. Shat lav, Shnorhakalutsyun means ‘very good, thank you, and it is also a great way to reply to how are you. However, this is rarely used except on formal occasions.

Other Ways To Reply

I am sickես հիվանդ եմyes hivand yem
I am sadես տխուր եմyes tkhur yem
I am happyես երջանիկ եմyes yerjanik yem


How To Ask How Are You In Return

If someone asks you how you are and you want to ask them in return, you can say Du? in an informal situation, which means ‘and you. Or you can say Duk Inchpes ek? in formal situations.


  • Du – And You? (informal)
  • Duk Inchpes Ek? – And You? (formal)

Other Armenian Phrases To Keep Close

other armenian phrases

Let’s check out other common Armenian words that can help you enjoy your stay in Armenia

HelloբարևBarev (informal)/ Barev dzez (formal)
Good morningԲարի առավոտBari arravot
Good AfternoonԲարի օրBari or
Good EveningԲարի երեկոBari yereko
Thank Youշնորհակալությունshnorhakalut’yun
You’re WelcomeԽնդրեմKhndrem
Pleaseխնդրում եմkhndrum yem
I am sorryԿներեքKnerek’
I love YouԵս քեզ սիրում եմYes k’ez sirum yem

Wrapping Up

We’ve explored the common ways to ask how you are in Armenian, and I am sure you’ve been able to know the phrase to use in formal and informal situations. However, there is still more to learn!

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