Colors In Irish: #1 Painless Easy Guide

Interested to learn the naming conventions for the colors in Irish? Worry no more because we have your back as we will walk you through the most straightforward ways to name each color and integrate each word into different sentences. After all, this category can be deemed as one of the most basic ones, which is why mastering this early on can seriously upgrade your vocabulary. So, without further ado, let’s get it on!

Why Is Ireland A Perfect Place To Visit?

If you have ever been to Ireland or are planning to visit the country, you must know that it is like a really cool place because you will meet the past and the present! It’s like a time machine…only this one actually exists, and instead of riding a machine, you simply have to book a ticket to visit. Unlike many other places, the Irish people pride themselves on their country’s ancient monuments (where some Game of Thrones shots were taken), jaw-dropping glorious landscapes and cityscapes, and picture-perfect natural wonders making it one of the perfect holiday destinations.

Additionally, the place does not just feature a buzzing city and country life but also sumptuous native delicacies that can only be found there! Ever heard of the famous Soda Bread, Boxty, Barmbrack, or Coddle? Just thinking about all of those can seriously make anyone linger for traditional Irish food! And what better beverage to down after such a heavy meal than traditional Irish alcohol? In fact, if you want to learn more about its people, you simply have to do a bar crawl, and you’d definitely unlock everything there is to know since Irish people are somewhat in a relationship with liquor.

While we can go for pages writing down everything there is to love about Ireland, let’s focus on the reason why you landed on this page. Perhaps you are really interested in leveling up your vocabulary words in the Irish language and want to be as descriptive as possible during conversations. After all, it is almost impossible to be clear when you can’t even name the color of your shirt, right? In today’s post, we will give you help you navigate this tricky situation by giving you the best list of translations for color-related words so that you can incorporate them into your usual interactions.

What Are The Colors In Irish?

Can you literally imagine a world without colors? To put it simply, would you be comfortable living in a world of purely black-and-white hues? For most of us, such an instance will be depressing… just too gloomy for anyone’s taste as you cannot distinguish the difference between green, blue, black, or any other color. So, before we start, let’s focus first on a few words related to it. The word color can be directly translated to dath, or dathanna is plural.

Below are some examples of how to use this single word appropriately:

English Translation Irish Word
to color (verb)dathaigh
colorful (adjective)dathannach / ildaite
coloring (noun)dathú
crayons (noun)criáin
same color (noun)an dath céanna

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to the different ways on how you can translate the names of Irish colors; starting with the most basic ones:

English Translation IrishEnglish TranslationExample Expression 
black /darkdubhpitch blackdubh dorcha 
white/ blankbánsweet talkerbéal bán
reddearg intense hatreddearg-ghráin
yellowbuíyellow tone of autumn buíochan an fhómhair
bluegormbluebellcloigín gorm
greenglasvegetables / greensglasraí
browndonn brown paper bagpáipéar donn
pinkbándeargpink roserós bándearg
orangeflannbhuíI love orangeis breá liom oráiste
purplecorcapurple rainbáisteach corcra

But of course, there are still a number of different ways to say specific colors, which is why the list below will cover more descriptive colors in the Irish language.

English Translation Irish
sky bluegorm na spéire

As you reach the end of this post, we hope that we can provide you with the best range of color-related words using Irish Gaelic. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to read more tips and tricks involving the use of the Irish language, like how to say I love you and the best transportation-related vocabulary. Also, feel free to share this post on social media or share with us your ideas about Irish in the comment section down below.

Colors In Irish Other Names

Other Irish Color Names You May Also Need To Know

Chrome yellowChrome buí
Dodger blueDogra gorm
Bright yellow (Crayola)Buí geal (Crayola)
Duke blueDiúc gorm
Black oliveOlóige dubh
Floral whiteBláth bán
Dark turquoiseturquoise dorcha
Blue-violet (Crayola)Gorm-violet (Crayola)
Celtic blueGorm Cheilteach
Brown sugarSiúcra donn
Burnt umberUimhir dóite
Banana ManiaMania Banana
Deep ceriseCearrbhachas domhain
Cadet blueDalta gorm
Brunswick greenBrunswick glas
Burnished brownDonn dóite
Amber (SAE/ECE)Ómra (SAE/ECE)
Deep saffronCróch domhain
Electric purpleCorcra leictreach
China pinkTsín bándearg
French violetViolet na Fraince
Bitter lemonlíomóid searbh
Ao (English)Ao (Béarla)
Burnt orangeOráiste dóite
Electric indigoIndigo leictreach
Electric blueLeictreach gorm
Candy pinkCandy bándearg
Dark cornflower blueBlue cornflower gorm
Claretan Chláir
Café au laitCafé au lait
Blue (RYB)Gorm (RYB)
Black chocolateSeacláid dhubh
Black beanBean dubh
Copper (Crayola)Copar (Crayola)
Cedar ChestCedar cófra
CG redCG dearg
Chartreuse (web)Chartreuse (gréasáin)
Blood redDearg fola
Fuzzy WuzzyWuzzy doiléir
Arctic limeAol Artach
Bright maroonMarún geal
Blue jeansJeans gorm
Fire engine redDearg inneall dóiteáin
Blue sapphireSapphire gorm
Cornell redCornell dearg
Cotton candyCandy cadáis
French raspberrysú craobh na Fraince
Dark liverAe dorcha
Congo pinkChongó bándearg
Dark sea greenGlas farraige dorcha
Cornflower blueCornflower gorm
Alloy orangecóimhiotal oráiste
English violetViolet Béarla
English greenBéarla glas
Blue (Crayola)Gorm (Crayola)
Dark siennaSienna dorcha
Davy’s greyDavy liath
Electric limeAol leictreach
Eggshellblaosc ubh
Dark violetViolet dorcha
Electric greenGlas leictreach
Cadmium greenGlas caidmiam
Dark lavalaibhe dorcha
Dark moss greenGlas caonach dorcha
Firebrickbríce tine
French pinkbándearg na Fraince
Celadon blueCeladon gorm
English reddearg Béarla
Barbie PinkBarbie bándearg
Copper redCopar dearg
Blast-off bronzeCré-umha soinneáin
Blue (Munsell)Gorm (Munsell)
Dark magentaMageanta dorcha
Antique bronzeCré-umha ársa
Baby blue eyesLeanbh súile gorm
Chinese redSínis dearg
Antique rubyRuby ársa
Dark jungle greenGlas jungle dorcha
Deep chestnutChestnut domhain
Fiery roseFiery ardaigh
Forest green (traditional)Faiche na foraoise (traidisiúnta)
Blue (Pantone)Gorm (Pantóin)
Blue-violet (color wheel)Gorm-violet (roth dath)
Aero blueAero gorm
French lilaclilac na Fraince
Dogwood roseDogwood ardaigh
Caput mortuumCaput mortuum
Dartmouth greenDartmouth glas
Copper pennyCopar pingin
French roseFraincis ardaigh
Black ShadowsScáthanna Dubha
Acid greenAigéad glas
Carmine (M&P)Carmine (M&P)
Dark orangeOráiste dorcha
Ash grayLiath fuinseoige
Fern greenRaithneach glas
Cosmic latteLatte Cosmaí
Cadmium yellowCaidmiam buí
Castleton greenGlas Chaisleán na Trá
Chartreuse (traditional)Chartreuse (traidisiúnta)
Copper roseCopar ardaigh
Dark sky blueSpéir dorcha gorm
Bleu de FranceBleu de France
Bottle greenGlas buidéal
Burnt siennaSienna dóite
Dark greenGlas dorcha
French mauvemauve na Fraince
Black coffeeCaife dubh
Black coralCoiréal dubh
Chocolate CosmosCosmos Seacláide
Amaranth (M&P)Amaranth (M&P)
Caribbean greenGlas sa Mhuir Chairib
Blizzard blueBlizzard gorm
French limeaoil na Fraince
Baker-Miller pinkBaker-Miller bándearg
Field drabRéimse drab
Fire opalOpal dóiteáin
Carolina blueCarolina gorm
Fuchsia (Crayola)Fuchsia (Crayola)
Deep Space SparkleSliocht Spáis Deep
Bud greenBud glas
Deep pinkbándearg domhain
Bittersweet shimmerSimmer searbh milis
Cerulean blueCerulean gorm
Dark electric blueGorm leictreach dorcha
Baby pinkLeanbh bándearg
Dark purpleCorcra dorcha
Forest green (Crayola)Faiche na foraoise (Crayola)
Cerulean (Crayola)Cerulean (Crayola)
Bright lilaclilac geal
Blue-green (color wheel)Gorm-uaine (roth datha)
Cyber yellowCibear buí
Android greenGlas Android
Chili redChili dearg
Antique whiteBán antique
Dark slate blueScláta dorcha gorm
Amaranth purpleAmaranth corcra
Cool greyCool liath
Apple greenÚll glas
Cyber grapefíonchaor cibear
Cobalt blueCóbalt gorm
Beau blueBean gorm
Dark green (X11)Glas dorcha (X11)
Cherry blossom pinkBláth silíní bándearg
Carrot orangeOráiste cairéad
Deep jungle greenGlas jungle domhain
Cerulean frostSioc cerulean
Carnation pinkCarnation bándearg
Dark byzantiumByzantium dorcha
Blue (pigment)gorm (lí)
Eton blueEton gorm
Antique fuchsiaAntique fuchsia
Bistre brownBistre donn
Denim blueDenim gorm
Bright greenGlas geal
Fuchsia roseFuchsia ardaigh
Alice blueAlice gorm
Dark orchidMagairlín dorcha
Deep sky blueSpéir gorm lúide
Baby blueLeanbh gorm
Charleston greenCharleston glas
Battleship greyLong chogaidh liath
Army greenArm glas
Earth yellowDomhan buí
China roseD’ardaigh an tSín
Cocoa browncócó donn
Cyan (process)Cian (próiseas)
French beigebeige na Fraince
Barn redScioból dearg
Cadmium redCaidmiam dearg
Blue (NCS)Gorm (NCS)
Deep champagneChampagne domhain
Café noirCafé Noir
Blanched almondBlanched almond
Chocolate (traditional)Seacláid (traidisiúnta)
Crimson (UA)Crimson (UA)
African violetViolet Afracach
Dark brownDonn dorcha
Chinese yellowSínis buí
Dutch whiteOllainnis bán
Chinese violetViolet na Síne
Brink pinkBruach bándearg
Bitter limeAoil searbh
French fuchsiafuchsia na Fraince
Cadet blue (Crayola)Dalta gorm (Crayola)
Coral pinkCoral bándearg
Blue bellCloigín gorm
British racing greenGlas rásaíocht na Breataine
Champagne pinkChampagne bándearg
Amaranth pinkAmaranth bándearg
Air superiority blueUasghrádú aeir gorm
Dark salmonBradán dorcha
Antique brassPrás ársa
Dark liver (horses)Ae dorcha (capaill)
Dark redDearg dorcha
Egyptian bluegorm na hÉigipte
Dark olive greenGlas olóige dorcha
Charm pinkCharm bándearg
CG blueCG gorm
Fuchsia purpleFuchsia corcra
Bright navy blueGorm dubhghorm geal
Brilliant roseD’ardaigh iontach
Dark blue-grayGorm-liath dorcha
English vermillionvermillion Béarla
Canary yellowBuí Chanáracha
Coyote brownCoyote donn
Arylide yellowArylide buí
Fluorescent blueGorm fluaraiseacha
Brick redBríce dearg
Dark cyanCian dorcha
Big dip o’rubySliotán mór ruby
Cadmium orangeOráiste caidmiam
Candy apple redCandy úll dearg
Dark slate grayScláta liath dorcha
Falu redFalu dearg
Atomic tangerinetangerine adamhach
Chocolate (web)Seacláid (gréasáin)
Colors In Irish Questions And Answers Related

Questions And Answers Related To Irish Colors

Now that you learned more about the colors in Irish, you should be able to make a few sentences out of it. The best way is to have interactive chats with your Irish friends by asking a few things about what color they like. Here are some of the most common questions about colors in Irish:

English TranslationsIrish Sentences
What is your eye color?Cén dath atá ar do shúile?
I have blue eyes.Tá súile gorma orm.
What color is this?Cén dath atá air seo?
This is red in color.Is dath dearg é seo.
What is your favorite color?Céard é an dath is fearr leat?
My favorite color is green.Is é an dath is fearr liom glas.
What colors should I use in this painting?Cad iad na dathanna ba cheart dom a úsáid sa phictiúr seo?
You should use a gold color.Ba chóir duit dath óir a úsáid.
How should I say this color in Irish?Conas ba cheart dom an dath seo a rá as Gaeilge?
You can say flannbhuí.Is féidir leat a rá oráiste.
What color would you like to have on your site?Cén dath ar mhaith leat a bheith ar do shuíomh?
I need some jewelry in orange color.Teastaíonn roinnt jewelry uaim i ndath oráiste.
Can you see the car in light blue color?An bhfeiceann tú dath éadrom gorm ar an gcarr?

Want To Learn More About The Irish Gaelic?

Which among those is your favorite color in Irish? Is it “rua”, “glas” or “uaine”? If you have already forgotten what the translation is, always remember that you can also use English words since most Irish locals primarily use English in day-to-day conversations.

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