Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish- #1 Helpful Guide

Accommodation in Irish ling app

A good hotel or guest house can make or break a trip. Think about it. You book your flights, buy a whole new holiday wardrobe, check out what there is to do in Dublin, and perhaps even learn a little Irish with Ling, and then you arrive at your accommodation and discover that there’s a building site outside your window and work starts at 7 am.

Today we’re gonna bring you a guide to where to stay in Ireland as well as accommodation vocabulary in Irish that might see you land a better room than you might be expecting.

Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish – Basic Vocabulary For Places To Stay

I spent a fair share of my early twenties working in hotels, and it’s a tough gig! Sometimes it’s difficult to decide who can be more demanding, the guests or the managers. Not many people know this, but when you get to a hotel, it’s possible for the person at the front desk to upgrade you. If I worked in a hotel in Ireland and spoke Gaelic, I’d definitely give the upgrade to someone who spoke a little bit of the Irish language.

GuesthouseTeach Aíochta

Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish – Useful Words

Besides knowing what your accommodation is called in Irish, here are some other important words to know.

Air conditioningAerchóirithe
Free parkingPáirceáil saor in aisce
Per dayIn aghaidh an lae
Per nightIn aghaidh na hoíche
PoolLinn snámha
VacationLaethanta saoire

Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish – Useful Phrases

It’s all well and good knowing the correct vocabulary, but the deal is really sealed when you start stringing phrases together. These questions will help you know what amenities your room has and when you need to check out.

Can you recommend any nice hotels in Ireland?An féidir leat aon óstáin deasa in Éirinn a mholadh?
Do you have any rooms available?An bhfuil aon seomraí ar fáil agat?
Does the room have air conditioning?An bhfuil aerchóiriú sa seomra?
How much is the room per night?Cé mhéad atá sa seomra in aghaidh na hoíche?
Is there wifi?An bhfuil wifi ann?
May I see the room first?An bhfeicfidh mé an seomra ar dtús?
What time is check- out?Cén t-am é seiceáil amach
What time is check-in?Cén t-am é an tseiceáil isteach?
Where is the swimming pool?Cá bhfuil an linn snámha?
Who is the owner of this hotel?Cé hé úinéir an óstáin seo?
Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish-city and people

What Are The Best Places To Stay In Dublin City Centre?

O’Connell Street

O’Connell Street is slap bang in the center of Dublin, and its central location means you’re never too far away from the action. 

Temple Bar

Yes, this is an area and not a pub. That being said, it is, in fact, renowned for its nightlife. There is a lot to see and do here, including visiting the Irish Photography Centre and the Arthouse Multimedia Centre. It is also home to the Irish Stock Exchange as well as Speaker’s Square, where you’ll hear many a person give rise to whatever they want to shout about that day.

As mentioned, Temple Bar’s nightlife is famously good. Some favorites include the Porterhouse and Temple Bar pub.

Accommodation Vocabulary In Irish bridge and river


Trinity is just down from O’Connell street and borders Temple Bar. The area takes its name from the college, one of the world’s best. We could write an entire article about Trinity itself (and maybe we will in the future), but for now, we’ll just limit ourselves to 3 amazing facts.

  • It started as a friary under the direction of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1592
  • Students don’t pass under its bell tower when they’re undergraduates because an old superstition dictates that anyone that does will fail their exams. The only time they do pass through is on graduation day
  • The library has 5 million books- a copy of every book printed in Ireland and Britain since 1801

As you’d expect, being a student area, Trinity also has excellent nightlife.

Grafton Street

Grafton street is for those of you not traveling on a budget (the area is famous for being home to many high-end brands). Some popular hotels include the Shelbourne, where you’ll pay about $300 per night. The reason it’s so expensive is that it’s the 5th most expensive shopping street in the world as of 2016.

Grafton Street is also famous for its buskers and street performers. See some very talented musicians strut their stuff as you do a bit of retail therapy.

Learn Irish With Ling

Learn Irish With Ling

It’s time to speak Irish with one of the fastest-growing apps on the market!

Ling is not just there to teach you the literal meaning of Irish words; we’re so much more than that. We want you to be able to speak Irish fluently in conversation with the average person walking down the street in Dublin.

We have speaking, writing, listening, reading, and pronunciation practice. These skills are built around a fun framework of mini-games and quizzes. This is nothing like those boring lessons with a foreign language teacher at school.

Ling has three pricing options, monthly yearly, or lifetime. Going monthly will cost you $8.99; however, an annual subscription drops to $4.50 per month.

The lifetime membership comes in at $149.99, but think about that. You get all future iterations of the app from here to eternity! That means you could be joining us in the metaverse in years to come.

If you enjoyed this blog, think about checking out a few others, such as Irish cooking utensils and country names and nationalities in Irish.

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