8 Picturesque French Villages Everyone Will Love To Visit

There is no surprise in saying that French villages are often ranked among the most beautiful ones in the world. When one imagines traveling through this country, one imagines fields of lavender, vineyards, and medieval castles. In this blog, we will take a quick trip through some of the most beautiful villages in France and what you can expect to see and do when you visit. We’ll also cover some unique French words to help you when conversing with the locals about this topic. Let’s begin!

A big fan of Emily in Paris? About 99% of the time, people watched that hit series because it featured France. You see, France is a place that seems straight out of a fairytale. The country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and well-preserved castles, cathedrals, and palaces that exude an air of chivalry and romance. Walking through the magnificent halls of the Palace of Versailles, it’s easy to feel like royalty yourself. Honestly, it feels like everywhere you turn, there’s a sense of enchantment and wonder that can’t be found anywhere else.

But it’s not just the grandeur of France that captivates visitors! The romantic language is such a draw on its own as well! In this post, we’ll review some vocab that’ll empower you to speak like a native French speaker. Let’s begin!

Best French Villages For Travelers To Visit

n this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best French villages for travelers to visit. Whether you’re seeking medieval architecture, scenic vistas, or a taste of authentic French culture, these villages offer something for everyone.

Gorgeous Gordes

Gordes Located in the heart of the Luberon region, Gordes is a hilltop village that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The village is characterized by its lovely stone houses, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and medieval castle ruins, which make it a popular destination for photographers and artists.

Among the many cultural attractions in this fortified village is the Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey, surrounded by Provence’s quintessential lavender fields and the Château de Gordes. Be sure to stay until sunset, when the hilltop turns gorgeous gold.

Stunning Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Saint-Paul-de-Vence is a medieval village on the French Riviera in southern France perched on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The village is known for its art galleries, boutiques, and cafes, which attract visitors worldwide. This tiny village has attracted several famous artists, including Chagall, Matisse, Dufy, and Picasso, who used to stay at the Colombe d’Or, where some would pay for their bed and board in kind with their canvases.

Other famous names associated with Saint Paul include stars of the silver screen Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren, and Greta Garbo. Some of the must-see attractions in this beautiful village include the Fondation Maeght with its collections of contemporary European art and the recently restored Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs.

Exquisite Eze

Eze is a stunning village on a rocky hilltop overlooking the French Riviera. The ancient village is known for its narrow streets, steep cobbled paths, ancient buildings, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of the most popular attractions in Eze include the Jardin Exotique, perhaps second only to the exotic garden in Monaco, which is home to a variety of rare plants, including succulents and cacti as well as statues of women created by Jean-Philippe Richard, and the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, a stunning baroque church that dates back to the 18th century and is a must visit because of its ornately decorated interior. The unrivaled views of the French Riviera alone mean Eze should be at the top of any list of beautiful villages in France to visit.

Ravishing Roussillon

Overlooking the provencal countryside, this historic village is located in the heart of the Luberon region and is well known for being one of the most beautiful villages in France. Roussillon is a picturesque village known for its vibrant red and orange houses. The village is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the Colorado Provencal, a series of striking red sandstone cliffs. Famous names inspired by the lovely village include artists Pierre Ambrogiani and Jean Cocteau.

The French village is also home to many cultural attractions, including the Musée des Ocres et de la Couleur, where visitors can learn how ochre is used to produce fabulous reds and oranges of the local iron-rich sandstone in the building industry, and the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Vie.

Charming Colmar

A charming village in the heart of the Alsace region, Colmar is often referred to as France’s fairytale town. The village is known for its colorful half-timbered houses, winding canals, cobblestone streets, and charming cafes. Some of the most famous attractions in Colmar include the Unterlinden Museum, home to various ancient artifacts and artworks, and the Saint-Martin Collegiate Church. This stunning Gothic church dates back to the 14th century.

The medieval town and its half-timbered houses are thought to have inspired the setting for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Because of its location in Alsace on the German border, the picturesque village benefits from German and French influences on its architecture, food, drink, and culture. Be sure to take a boat trip on the canals to get a different view of Colmar’s Petit Venice.

Heavenly Honfleur

Honfleur is a beautiful village on the Seine estuary’s banks in Normandy. The village is known for its picturesque harbor, lined with colorful houses and boats. As one of the most beautiful villages in France, it is easy to forget that Honfleur was originally created as a center for trade. Some of the attractions in Honfleur include the Sainte-Catherine Church, the largest wooden church in France, and the Eugene Boudin Museum, which showcases the work of the famous Impressionist painter. Monet and other artists would also set up their easels on the hill above this beautiful village.

Alluring Annecy

Easily one of the most picturesque villages in France, Annecy is situated on the banks of Lac d’Annecy in the French Alps. Annecy is known for its ancient buildings, pristine lake, winding canals, and stunning natural landscapes. Some of the most popular attractions include the Château d’Annecy, a medieval castle that dates back to the 12th century, and the Palais de l’Ile. This historic building has been a courthouse, mint, and prison and is now a French museum in the middle of a canal. Because it is celebrated for being Europe’s cleanest lake, the lake is popular with boating and watersports enthusiasts.

Stunning Saint-Emilion

Saint-Emilion is a charming village and deserves the title of one of the beaux villages de France that were made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saint-Emilion is located in the heart of the world-renowned Bordeaux wine region. The picturesque village takes its name from a hermit who came to live in a nearby cave where he is said to have performed some miracles. Visitors to France should put a trip to this beautiful village at the top of their list if only for the medieval town, its chateaus, and their fabulous wines.

Useful French Vocabulary To Take With You

DowntownCentre ville
GuesthouseMaison d’hôtes
RuralRurale (f) Rural (m)

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