61+ Amazing French Slang Words And Phrases Easy To Learn!

French Slang Words

Would you like to learn French slang words and phrases? In every culture, people use slag words and phrases in everyday talks. Knowing them when listening to French people will allow you to understand what they are saying.

In addition, if you use some French slang phrases and words once in a while, you will sound cool and more natural.

To learn which one you could use in your conversations, keep reading.

What Are The Most Common French Slang Words

Learning French slang words can be helpful if you want to understand better and communicate with young people and locals in informal or casual settings. In addition, French-speaking countries might even use different slang words.

Slang words are often used in everyday conversation, giving you a better insight into the culture and mentality of French speakers. But keep in mind that some slang words can be vulgar or offensive, so it’s important to be careful when using them.

If you’re planning to visit France, it’s always a good idea to learn some basic French phrases and expressions first and then gradually expand your vocabulary to include slang words and more informal language.

This will help you navigate different situations and communicate more effectively with locals. Here are some common french slang words you can use o hear in everyday conversations with French friends:

To eatBouffer
Sketchy, shadyChelou
To catch or get somethingChoper
Dad or momDaron(ne)
a womanUne meuf
Brother or sisterFrangin(e)
Guy or dudeGars
To like or enjoyKiffer
Heavy, annoyingLourd
Crazy, awesomeOuf
To pick up, flirtPécho
Friend or buddyPote
a scamUne arnaque
Annoying, boringRelou
To dress up or get dressedSaper
To leave, get out of hereSe casser
Party, gatheringTeuf
Not badPas pire
I love youJe t’m ( Short for je t’aime)

Generally speaking, there are always new slang words and phrases every year, but if you keep improving your language skills and practice a lot, you can easily keep up with the new terms.

Useful Common French Slang Expressions To Learn

French Slang Words Ling App

Knowing French slang expressions makes you look savvy and sophisticated, and It can add some panache to your conversation. French slang is often funny and entertaining. You could just memorize a few expressions to use in different situations.

Here are some common French slang phrases:

  1. C’est chaud – It’s hot (as in intense or difficult)
  2. C’est n’importe quoi – It’s nonsense or ridiculous
  3. Ça roule – That works, or it’s all good
  4. Faut que j’y aille – I have to go
  5. Pas de souci – No problem
  6. T’es sérieux(se) ? – Are you serious?
  7. T’inquiète (Ne t’inquiète pas) – Don’t worry
  8. J’en ai marre – I’m fed up
  9. C’est la galère – It’s a nightmare or tough situation
  10. C’est mort – It’s dead or hopeless
  11. J’ai la flemme – I’m lazy, or I can’t be bothered
  12. Ça craint – That sucks, or it’s bad
  13. J’ai la dalle – I’m hungry (slang)
  14. T’es relou – You’re annoying
  15. T’es chiant(e) – You’re annoying or difficult
  16. Ça me saoule – It’s annoying me
  17. Je m’en fous – I don’t care
  18. C’est pas mon truc – It’s not my thing
  19. Ça va péter – It’s going to explode or get crazy

Slang Phrases In French Used By Young People And Their Meanings

A French slang expression could be difficult to understand if you do not know that all the words together have different meanings if you were to take each French word separately.

Young people use French colloquial expressions and might even speak with modern French slang words.

Here are some of the best French slang phrases to know:

  1. C’est ouf (un truc de ouf) – That’s crazy (a crazy thing)
  2. J’ai la dalle de ouf – Slang phrase that means I’m extremely hungry.”
  3. J’suis trop chaud – I’m really excited
  4. Je suis crevé – I’m tired or worn out
  5. J’ai la flemme de ouf – I’m super lazy
  6. C’est la merde – It’s a disaster
  7. C’est nickel – It’s perfect or spotless
  8. T’es dans la galère – You’re in trouble or having a tough time
  9. Ça me saoule grave – It’s really annoying me
  10. Ça déchire – It’s awesome or cool
  11. Ça fait mal – It’s painful (used to describe something difficult or intense)
  12. Ça crève les yeux – It’s obvious or glaringly apparent
  13. Je te kiffe– I like you
  14. Arrête de te la péter – Stop being a show-off or stop bragging
  15. Mort de rire – Literally translates into “died laughing.” It is the equivalent of the modern slang word LOL
  16. C’est nul – It sucks
  17. Bobo sur le pied – I have a scratch on my foot
  18. Ferme ta gueule – Shut the f**** Up
  19. Ce mec – That guy is good-looking
  20. Être au taquet – to be at the cleat

In the French-speaking world, many of these expressions are used in text messages too between friends and when writing personal e-mails.

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