5 Best Tips To Remember Words In Tagalog!

Are you feeling frustrated that you keep on forgetting learned words easily? We have the best tips to remember words in Tagalog for you! As much as we want to become an expert overnight, there is no particular best way to do that. However, we recommend you follow the tips this post covers to ensure our epic solutions for your forgetful mind. Curious as to how? Read on!

The Reality Of Learning A New Language

The hard and cold truth when you are learning a new language is that it will never be easy. No matter how many language tutors and language applications you download, the learning process will be complicated if you do not have the commitment, focus, and drive to learn a foreign language. Even if you enroll in prestigious language schools, there’s no quick way to become a native speaker. To put it simply, it is a process that you must embrace.

That said, when you want to master your target language, you must know what learning style fits your best and set goals you want to achieve for yourself! Not only will this make learning the language a bit easier, but you will also enjoy learning new words and phrases along the way too!

Tips To Remember Words In Tagalog: Your Complete Guide!

Ready to make your learning progress more advanced and faster? Buckle up because these tips will surely make you learn languages like a piece of cake! Not only will these help you learn vocabulary, but they can also introduce you to a new word or two and know the correct pronunciation of such words.

Tips To Remember Words In Tagalog

Not only will these tips apply to you when you learn Tagalog, but they also can be applied when you want to learn the many languages all around the globe. This makes the language learning process fun – once you start, you’ll never return to your old ways! Interested? Read on down below because we got the best tips for you!

Tip #1: Watch Tagalog Content

One of the best ways to help you speak Tagalog is by immersing yourself in TV shows and movies that speak such language. Doing this trains your ears and mind to subconsciously pick up and practice such words. Not only that, but because the Filipino entertainment industry is known to be very impressive at what they do, you will be able to jumpstart your Tagalog lessons while keeping yourself entertained!

By watching various Tagalog videos and movies, you will also be able to allow your mind to translate the words you already know about unknowingly. That said, when you watch anything Tagalog or even listen to Original Pilipino Music (also known as OPM), you will undoubtedly remember words in Tagalog more.

Tip#2: Go Over Your Tagalog Vocabulary List Every Day

Review. Review. Review! If you are already practicing your Tagalog and are not a beginner with such language, it is best that you make it a habit to immerse yourself in the words. Whether taking up five minutes of your day or more, allowing yourself to go through the words repeatedly will make your mind remember them easily. Because words stick better when you continue going through them more often, it is only right to go through your list of Tagalog words daily.

Also, we highly recommend that you try intentional learning. In this approach, you will focus only on the words you think you interact with the most. For instance, learning the common words related to feelings, life, work, or descriptions should be what you should learn in the first phase. From there, you slowly ramp up and widen the Tagalog vocabulary you may learn.

 Tips To Remember Words In Tagalog

Tip #3: Speak The Words Out Loud

This is one of the best tips that you should definitely practice! Speaking words out loud will not just let you practice speaking the words correctly, but it will also let you remember them more. Because it helps you retain the information better when you speak it out loud and try to add it in real conversations with native speakers.

Don’t worry if your Tagalog pronunciation is not at its best because you will surely develop it as you go further with learning Tagalog. Proven and tested by science, speaking the words out loud can surely help you in mastering and remember the language pretty easily!

Tip #4: Talk To Your Filipino Friends

While it is nice to speak the words out loud, it also would not hurt you if you start talking to Filipinos! If you do not have Filipino friends yet, this is your sign to have some! Not only are they very accommodating and nice, but they are also very good teachers.

Aside from rehearsing the words in your mind or saying it out loud, talking to the people who know the language best can be a great way to practice and remember the words you already know about. Through simple conversations with native speakers, you can apply what you already know and easily remember what you already have forgotten!

Tip #5: Use Language Learning Applications!

An oldie but a goodie? Yup! This tip works best especially if you feel lost and not very organized in your language learning journey. Through these language learning platforms, you will be able to not just have the best content possible, but you will also have access to courses structured to fit your needs as a person learning a foreign language.

Whether it is to know one foreign word a day, or a couple of phrases, these language platforms can certainly help you. That said, when you are struggling in remembering Tagalog words and phrases, it is also nice to use language learning applications because they make it really easy for you!

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