9+ Easy Gym Vocabulary In Tagalog You Should Learn

Gym Vocabulary In Tagalog

Planning to hit the gym? The word gym doesn’t actually have a translation in Tagalog, but here is some gym vocabulary in Tagalog that you can learn today.

Working out in the gym is one of the favorite hobbies of Filipinos nowadays. There are lots of people, especially younger generations who are inspired to go to the gym to for different purposes. Some to lose weight, others for bodybuilding, and others that have totally different motivations.

So today, we will learn some basic gym vocabulary in Tagalog. There aren’t that many words to learn because Filipinos do not really translate these words into Tagalog, however, in this blog, we will learn gym vocabulary that has translations in Tagalog.

Basic Gym Vocabulary In Tagalog

The definition of a gym is a place for indoor workouts, gymnastics, and exercises. In the gym, there are different machines and equipment that are used for effective workout exercises. In the Philippines, there are lots of gyms that Filipinos love, like Anytime Fitness, Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Celebrity Fitness, UFC Gym, Kinetix Lab, and Elorde Pro Boxing Gym.

Just like what is stated above, there aren’t many gym vocabularies that have translations in Tagalog. Gym equipment and exercise don’t also have Tagalog translations because Filipinos do not translate technical terms. So, here are some of the gym vocabulary in Tagalog that you can learn easily.

1. Gym – Dyim

The first word, of course, is ‘gym’ which is short for ‘gymnasium’. There is no direct translation for the English word gym in Tagalog, but Filipinos use the Filipino alphabet and sound to spell English words in Tagalog, like the word ‘dyim’. You can also make it in verb form, “mag-gym”, which means “to go to the gym”.

2. Barbell – Barbel

The next gym vocabulary in Tagalog is barbel. This is easy to learn because you just have to remove one letter ‘l’ at the end. Since the rule in the Filipino language is “Kung anong bigkas, siyang baybay. (How you say it is how you spell it),” the other ‘l’ at the end is no use. Even though they have similar spelling, the pronunciation in Filipino is different, as you’ll need to pronounce the letter ‘r’ hardly.

This might be one of the few gym pieces of equipment that have translations in Tagalog. In fact, there’s a Filipino superhero named “Captain Barbel”, who gains his power from the barbell itself. Other gym pieces of equipment, such as the following, do not have Tagalog translations. It is used as it is:

  • Exercise Ball
  • Dumbbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Medicine Ball
  • Punching Bag
  • Pullup Bar
  • Resistance Band
  • Rowing Machine
  • Yoga Mat

3. Exercise/Exercises – Ehersisyo/ Mga Ehersisyo

The main purpose of the people who go to the gym is to exercise. To say that in Filipino, you can say ‘ehersisyo’. Although the word ‘exercise’ has a translation, we don’t often hear Filipinos saying, “Mag-ehersisyo tayo sa gym!” (Let’s exercise/work out in the gym!).

4. Muscles – Kalamnan

Filipinos do not usually use the word ‘kalamnan’ to refer to muscles in everyday conversations. People opt to use the English word ‘muscles’.

gym in the philippines - gym words in tagalog
pc. Total Shape

5. Spot – Paalalay

In weight or resistance training, spotting is the act of providing assistance to a partner during a certain exercise, with the goal of enabling the partner to lift or push more weight or force than they could ordinarily perform safely. The word paalalay is the closest term for this gym word.

6. To Lift Weights – Magbuhat

The verb “magbuhat” simply means “to lift weights”. This is primarily one of the things that people do in the gym. But remember, if it is your first time lifting weights in the gym, consult a professional that will select the right weights for you.

7. Heavy – Mabigat

The word “mabigat” means “heavy” in English. You can usually hear that when people do exercises that use weights, like barbell squats, shoulder presses, and deadlifts. This is an important word because if you’re doing weights, you really need to know your limits, or else it might cause harm to you.

8. Light – Magaan

The word “magaan” is just the opposite of “mabigat” (heavy). It means “light”, which is also often used in exercises that involve weights.

9. To Lose Weight – Magbawas Ng Timbang

Of course, let us not forget one of the reasons why people go to the gym – to lose weight. The Tagalog translation of this phrase is “Magbawas ng timbang.” This is the reason why after the holiday season, there are lots of people hitting the gym.

Other Gym Vocabulary In Tagalog

pull a sledmaghila ng kareta

Gym Phrases In Tagalog

Is the gym open today? Bukas ba ang gym ngayon?
Can I use this? Puwede ko ba itong gamitin?
Are you finished?Tapos ka na ba?
What’s your program today? Anong buhat mo ngayon?
How much do you bench?Gaano kabigat ang bench press mo?
Can you spot me? Pwede bang pa-spot?/ Pwede bang paalalay?
How many sets more?Ilang sets ka pa?

Gym Slangs

AMRAPAs Many Reps As Possible
Cardiopretty much the exercises and machines
that do not involve weights
Macrosmacronutrients: protein, fats, carbohydrates
NewbieSomeone who is inexperienced with
or new to the gym
PRPersonal Record
how many times you complete an exercise in a set
RPERating of Perceived Exertion or
Rate of Perceived Effort
Rippedvery lean, sliced, diced, and cut
RIRReps in Reserve
SetsA cycle

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