10 Easy Flower Names In Tagalog You Must Know

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Curious to know flower names in Tagalog? If the answer is yes, don’t worry because we definitely got you! Whether you want to learn Philippine culture or the Tagalog translations of such beautiful flowers, this is the only guide you will ever need!

Not only will you be able to learn Tagalog, but you will learn the symbolism of each flower and how it is used in the Philippines. If this is something that you are interested in, be sure to keep reading!

What Is Flower In Tagalog?

The direct translation of the word flower in Tagalog is bulaklak. You say it like this: [boo-lak-lak]. It’s a lovely word and is important if you’re interested in learning more about the Philippines. Let me tell you more about it.

  • Why it matters: In the Philippines, bulaklak goes beyond being a part of a plant. People use flowers for parties, church, and even to tell someone they like them.

  • Where you’ll see bulaklak: You’ll find flowers in many places in the Philippines. At festivals (Panagbenga Festival in Baguio), in homes, and in markets (Dangwa Flower Market).

  • Fun fact: There’s a famous flower called Sampaguita. It’s really special in the Philippines. It’s small and white and smells great. We’ll talk more about it as we move on.

What Are The Common Flower Names In Tagalog

If you are curious to know about flower names in Tagalog, we have the perfect list for you! Since Tagalog is such a fun and easy language, you will certainly remember these flower names easily and smoothly.

However, if you want to learn more Tagalog in a fun, educational, and effective way, use the Ling app! It’s totally free to download from the Google Play and App Store! Now that you know about the best language-learning app, let’s look at the table below and learn the most common names of flowers in Tagalog.

How Are Flowers Used In The Philippines

Aside from being used as Filipino home decorations and ornaments in the household or in your room, there are various ways that Filipinos use flowers. Of course, these flowers are still used as a form of emotional expression and, in some cases, even respect.

flower names in Tagalog - man giving flowers to a woman

1. Courtship

Like in many other countries, Filipinos love to give flowers whenever they want to court someone. Not only is this a sign of affection and appreciation to the person that they are courting, but ladies tend to love receiving flowers! Generally, this tradition includes the practice of ‘Harana’ or serenading, where men sing romantic songs beneath the woman’s window, often accompanied by a guitar.

Typically, men give roses or sunflowers whenever they are courting women and when they want to celebrate an important occasion with them. A red rose or pulang rosas in Tagalog is particularly popular, symbolizing deep love and respect, while sunflowers represent adoration and loyalty.

This is why whenever it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day in the Philippines, or even graduation season, many people receive and buy flowers as a sign of love and appreciation for their significant other.

2. Welcome Offerings

When you visit the Philippines, especially when you go to places like Palawan and Boracay, some flowers are made into garlands and even necklaces to serve as welcome offerings to tourists and visitors of the place. These floral garlands, often made of native flowers like Sampaguita or orchids, are a symbol of hospitality and good cheer.

Sometimes, these are even used to honor people of high rankings when they visit a place in the Philippines to show respect as well as to welcome them with warmth and kindness. In such cases, flowers like the vibrant and auspicious Waling-Waling orchid may be used to signify honor and high esteem.

3. Paying Respect

It is not unusual to receive flowers as a form of condolence in the Philippines. In this case, the flowers show your respect for the bereaved family and loved ones. White flowers, especially white lilies and chrysanthemums, are commonly chosen for this purpose, representing purity and mourning.

However, keep in mind that these flowers are not your typical set of flowers because they should be carefully arranged to fit the occasion. Funeral flower arrangements often include larger, more elaborate displays like standing wreaths or casket sprays. Just make sure to tell the florist that the flowers are for a funeral, and they’ll know what to do.

Tagalog Words About Plants And Flowers To Remember

Here are some words and phrases that are related to flowers and plants that might also come in handy whenever you plan to buy flowers from a Filipino vendor or flower shop.

Aside from how these words can be used to communicate yourself better, these can also surely increase your knowledge and what you already know about the interesting language of the Philippines!

What Is The National Flower Of The Philippines?

When you travel to the Philippines, be on the lookout for Sampaguita flowers! Considered to be the national flower of the country, these symbolize purity, simplicity, and strength.

Not only are these flowers very easy to find, but Arabian Jasmine (Sampaguita) is actually not grown through its seeds since it doesn’t have any. Instead, they are grown through cuttings. Interesting, right?

Filipino flower names - A photo of a sampaguita flower

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is actually a place in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where you can buy a variety of flowers for a very affordable and customer-friendly price?

Dangwa, also known as the Bulaklakan in Manila, is the primary source of flowers in the city. Since this flower shop is known for serving a wide array of choices at a very low price, most consumers go to this amazing place to buy their flowers.

If you ever find yourself visiting Manila or the Philippines in general, be sure to check out Dangwa and treat yourself to some beautiful flowers! And you know what? You can use these flower names in Tagalog you have just learned today!

Keep Going And Learn More Tagalog!

So, did you learn something new today? I hope this article about Filipino flowers and their names in Tagalog was fun for you. Flowers are big in the Philippines. They are in celebrations, they are gifts, and people use them to show they care.

Next time you see flowers, maybe you’ll remember some flower names in Tagalog from this helpful blog post. If you liked learning these, why not find out more? There’s much to learn about the Philippines, its language, and its culture.

Salamat (thank you) for reading! Keep looking around and learning. There’s always something new to find out, especially about nature and different cultures. Keep going!

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