20+ Unique Words For Fruits In Estonian – Best Guide

Fruits In Estonian

The ideal garden in Estonia would feature fruit trees galore and berry bushes in abundance. Estonians love their gardens and growing fresh fruit and veg. Even in the city where there is little room for garden plots, Estonians will make use of the space at hand and will set up urban greenhouses, make use of the yards around apartment blocks and utilize their windowsills for growing simpler fruit and vegetables.

Where there is space available out in the countryside, the most common fruit trees are apple trees. Their fruit is harvested and used to create scrumptious compotes and apple cakes. Apples are also used to make delicious apple wines and ciders.

Production farms, home kitchens, and larger manufacturers will use the quality fruit of Estonia to create a wide range of syrups and jams. Fruit, or Puuviljad in Estonian, will be picked from trees including damson, cherry, plum, and pear. Berries from bushes include raspberries, gooseberries, and blackcurrants.

Fruits In Estonian


Where To Find Fresh Fruit In Estonia

Any visit to Estonian would never quite be complete without visiting a couple of this charming Baltic country’s open-air food markets.

Nomme Market – Tallinn

Tallinn’s Nomme Market has been selling the finest fresh food for over 100 years. Originally granted its charter by the governor of Estonia, it provides seasonal fresh fruit and veg to locals and visitors alike all year round. As well as the freshest quality fruit and berries, Nomme is famous for its wide variety of flower and plant stalls. Much of the foodstuff on display has been grown by local Estonian producers and includes fresh fish and meat, sausages, various dairy products, and canned food. Visitors are invited to relax in the many cafes serving freshly baked pastries.

Central Market (Keskturg) – Tallinn

Also located in Tallinn, Central Market is a large food market located near the historic old town. The market was first established in 1947 and has been growing in popularity ever since. There are countless stalls selling the best local fruit and berries, vegetables, a wide variety of fresh fish, and Estonian handicrafts. Central Market also has a large meat building with the widest range of meats to be found within the city. The market’s street food area is the place to head if you fancy relaxing with a cup of coffee and a freshly baked pastry.

Balti Jaam Market – Tallinn

Balti Jaam Market has made it its mission to promote healthy eating through the freshest local ingredients and exquisite cooking. With more than 300 stalls located over three floors, the market is a mecca for foodies. The ground floor is dedicated to delicious fresh produce, including fruit, berries, and vegetables as well as a wide range of fish and meat. There are well over a dozen dining opportunities where visitors will be tempted to try out local dishes as well as some superb international flavors.

Mustamäe Market – Tallinn

Yet another Tallinn market where locals and visitors can head for a bewildering range of fresh fruit and veg as well as other delicious foodstuffs. Mustamäe market has the added attraction of regularly hosting events such as concerts.

Pärnu Market Ltd. – Parnu

Pärnu Turg is definitely worth a visit if you are a food lover. Its legendary Food Street is jam-packed with eateries serving up traditional and contemporary Estonian cuisine and exotic Asian dishes. The market is open to accept visitors throughout the day, so you can stop by for a sandwich or a bowl of porridge in the morning, feast on a variety of delicious dishes at lunchtime, or order something exotic for dinner. The market has been selling fresh fruit and vegetables on its stalls since 1953. Its permanent traders continue to source the freshest locally grown produce and are a sign that you will get nothing but the best.

Kihnu Harbour Market – Kihnu

Located on the island that gives it its name, Kihnu Harbour Market is the perfect place to find some of the best in Baltic cuisine. Located in the picturesque port area, visitors are invited to sample the smoked fish served with Kihnu white and black bread and herring rolls, followed by delicious ice cream, waffles, cakes, and fruit pies washed down with a refreshing cup of coffee. And don’t worry about the children because there is a specially constructed ship in the harbor where they can play pirates while the adults relax.

Get Out To The Countryside

If you find yourself exploring the Estonian countryside, be certain to visit one of the numerous small-scale organic farms. Most of the owners are more than happy to open their gates to visitors. You may well find yourself enjoying a lesson in local agricultural practices while sampling some of the delicious homegrown delights on offer.

This fruit is deliciousSee puuvili on maitsev
I like bananasMulle meeldivad banaanid
I don’t like cucumberKurk mulle ei meeldi
Bananas taste sweetBanaanid maitsevad magusalt
Lemons taste sourSidrunid maitsevad hapult

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