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Exploring at least a couple of the many and varied cities in Estonia is unavoidable if you are planning on visiting this gorgeous Baltic country. Each of the cities featured on this top 10 list of cities in Estonia features a smorgasbord of things to see and do including historic architecture, family-friendly beaches, fairytale castles, manor houses, art galleries, museums, restaurants, cafes, and warm Estonian welcome.

Tallinn, Estonia’s Capital City

Covering an area of around 160 square kilometers, Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city, is also the country’s largest city. The majority of the population is Estonian, but the city also has a large Russian population and a smaller Ukrainian representation. Tallinn is the perfect example of a mix of the old and the new. The cobbled medieval streets, finest Gothic architecture, and stunning views of Tallinn’s Old Town are juxtaposed by cutting-edge cafes, restaurants, and businesses that exist on the other side of the historic walls.

Tartu, Estonia’s Second City

Situated some 180 kilometers from Tallinn in the eastern part of the country Tartu, Estonia’s second city lies 40 kilometers from Estonia’s border with Russia. Tartu is recognized as not only the cultural capital of Estonia but of the Baltic States. The title owes much to the city’s ancient university and its large population of students and the fact that Tartu is Estonia’s oldest city. Wooden architecture, the riverside promenade, and the Estonian National Museum are must-visits. Tartu is easily accessible for a fun day out by train from Tallinn.


Nestled between the Baltic Sea and Lake Narva is Narva, another of Estonia’s major cities. Situated in the northeastern part of the country, one of the largest cities in Estonia has a population of just over 65,000. Narva was originally established by the Danes in the 13th century and is strategically placed on the road between Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Although heavily bombed during the second world war, Parvu remains a gorgeous quiet city with a beautiful castle. Hermann Castle is well worth a visit for the views of Russia from its tallest tower and the many arts and crafts workshops for visitors to get involved with.

Cities In Estonia. Gorgeous Wintery View Of Estonian City With Medieval Spires.


Although much smaller than Tallinn, Parnu is still recognized as one of the largest cities in Estonia with a population of around 40,000. Located on the Baltic Sea to the west of the country, Parnu is 50 kilometers from Estonia’s border with neighboring Latvia. Covering an area of just 32 square kilometers, Parnu is actually a rather small city. The biggest draw to this coastal resort town is the white sandy dunes stretching along the seafront. Many Estonians head to Parnu for their summer holidays.


Situated in the northeast of the country, Kohtla-Järve is an industrial town also known for its oil production. With a population of approximately 35,000, this small city is surrounded by countryside where forestry and agriculture are important to the economy.


Situated in southern Estonia, Viljandi is a peaceful city covering some 15 square kilometers with a population of just over 17,000. Although a small city, Viljandi is rich in history. Viljandi Order Castle, dating to the 16th century is a magnificent ruined fortress that attracts visitors from around the country. During the summer months, thousands of visitors flock to Viljandi for its world-renowned concerts and folk music festivals. Enjoy the historic wooden architecture and pay a visit to the Bonifatius Guild store where you will discover fabulous examples of Baltic folk art. The more adventurous will enjoy heading out to the hiking trails of the surrounding lakes and forests.


A small and quiet city more akin to a small town, Haapsalu is as famous now for its spas as it has been for centuries. The city has always been a favorite holiday destination with the locals because of its charming position on the sea. Things to do include visiting some of the many museums including the Shawl Museum which showcases the art of creating delicate lace shawls, a skill that has been handed down through the generations. Be sure to take some time to check out Haapsalu’s amazing medieval castle and learn about its ghost stories!

Cities In Estonia. Ancient Cobbled Streets And Stone Houses In the Sun.


Rakvere is famous for being one of the greenest cities in Estonia. Waste reduction, sustainability, and energy efficiency benefit both the locals and those visiting the area. Be sure to take time to visit the impressive castle ruins and be sure to check the listings for festivals before you arrive. Nearby Lahemaa National Park is a draw for nature lovers, hikers, cyclists, wildlife enthusiasts, and bird watchers. The 17th-century medieval church and town hall are focal points as the church has one of the tallest spires in the country.


Sillamäe is one of Estonia’s newest cities having been constructed in the 1960s. An impressive wide boulevard leads down to the seafront and is lined with incredible examples of Stalinist architecture.


Situated on Saaremaa Island, staying in Kuressaare provides a springboard for exploring the windmills, manor houses, churches, and parks of Estonia’s largest island. The city’s focal point is the imposing medieval castle.

How To Visit Our Top 10 Cities In Estonia

The best way to take in the sights of our top 10 cities in Estonia is by car as this will give you the freedom to set your own itinerary.

Alternatively, Estonia has an excellent public transport system and trains and buses run regularly between all of its cities. Booking a place to stay as well as onward travel between can easily be done online.

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