5+ Useful Phrases To Say I Love You In Arabic

Arabic is such a glorious language that it has more than 280 million native speakers worldwide. There are lots of fascinating facts that make it unique from all other languages. Along with many others, one of the most well-known amazing facts about the language is that it has almost more than one word for expressing love.

How is it possible to have many different words that have the same meaning? You are about to get the answer to this question in this article. So without further ado, let’s start learning all the words to express your love to your lover by saying I Love You In Arabic.

Saying I Love You In Arabic

Before we dis deep into expressing love in Arabic, it would be a great idea to discuss a little about the Arabic language. As we have said, there are many words through which we can say I love you in Arabic, but you just need some clarification about it.

So here is the time to kick your confusion out of your mind. The thing is that Arabic has a grammatical difference between saying I love you to a woman or a man, unlike English, which has no such formula while addressing a female or a male while expressing love.

Moreover, Arabic is spoken in many countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Syria, so there are slight differences between Egyptian Arabic and Levantine Arabic in Jordan and other countries.

How To Say I Love You In Arabic?

Let’s start with the basic one. So one of the most simple and common ways to express love is saying ‘Ana Ohebak (انااحبك) or Ana bahebak (انابحبك) to a man, while Ana ohebak (اناعضبك) or Ana bahebak (انابحبك) for a woman

This is one of the most straightforward examples. The difference in short vowels that changed from ‘a’ to ‘e’ in Ana ohebak or Ana bahebak and Ana ohebek or Ana bahebak, worth noticing 

One more thing we need to know in these examples is that the actual word that has a deeper meaning and is used to express love is Ohebek or bahebek, and ohebak or bahebak. In contrast, the addition of Ana is used when declaring your love officially.

Saying I Love You To A Woman In Arabic

Here comes the part for which you were waiting; we will describe the words or phrases you can use in a romantic context, i.e., while saying I love you to females.

Uhibbuki (أحبك)

This is a beautiful expression of love in the Arabic language. It is used by the males when they want to express their love for their female friends in modern Arabic. This simply means ‘I love you so much in English. If you are a foreigner and need more about the language, you might face problems regarding correct pronunciation.

So here is the solution. Uhibbuki is pronounced as ‘oo-heb-boook.’ It is pretty easy to pronounce, so anytime you want to express your feelings for your Arabian female friend, you can use this word, and you will have a good impression of her.

Habibti (حبيبتي)

This is a common word that most foreigners are familiar with. If not exactly with the word ‘Habibti,’ you must have heard Habibi and these two have almost the same meaning. The only difference is that ‘Habibi’ is used for males while ‘Habibti’ is for females. Both are used to show affection to your loved one. 

This sweet little word is easy to remember and speak. It is an English equivalent to the phrase dear or darling. So if you want to express your kind feelings for someone very dear to you. You can use this word and give a friendly voice to the receiver.

Toq’borny (تقبرني)

This is one of the most profound words to express love in Arabic. This simply means ‘bury me alive. This small English phrase tells the bottomless feelings one can say while talking to his love of life. When you speak to your special friend and use this phrase, it means that ‘you have never seen the prettiest lady than her.

Ana Bamoot Feek (بموت فيك)

This phrase means ‘I am dying for you. A person usually uses this phrase when he loves his girl and gets highly impressed by his lady. Like if she has done something extraordinary that brought sizable happiness to her man. He uses this phrase out of extreme love and affection.

Saying I Love You In Arabic To Males

I Love You In Arabic

The words used above are almost identical for both men and women. Just a simple difference lies in grammar like ana bamoot feeki becomes ana bamoot feek (انابموتفيك), uhibbuki will become uhibbuka (انااحبك), etc.

These are some Arabic love phrases or words you can use to express your love to someone. These love phrases and terms can be used by anyone special to you, or you find yourself connected with people like your family members, friends, girl or boyfriends, etc. 

This article has provided you with some of the major love words, but these can have a slight difference when you move from place to country or country. For example, modern standard Arabic is slightly different from the old one. But concepts are almost the same everywhere, having the same meanings.

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I Love You In Arabic

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