8 Best Phrases To Say Good Luck In Cantonese


Are you ready to spread some good luck vibes? I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear someone wishing me good luck, I always feel the butterflies within me, and my body feels warm and fuzzy. That’s why in today’s post, we’ll focus on how to say good luck in Cantonese so that you can make better connections with native speakers of this Asian language. Ready to learn more? Keep reading below!

Whether it’s a big exam, a job interview, or starting a new venture, sending good wishes to someone can make all the difference in their outlook and attitude. It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that shows your support and belief in their abilities. So if you ever visit Cantonese-speaking places, remember the role of this expression in their culture. You see, luck is believed to play a significant role in one’s life, and wishing someone good luck is seen as a cultural and traditional way to invoke positive energy and fortune.

Ways To Say Good Luck In Cantonese

In Cantonese, the word for “luck” is “運氣” (wan6 hei3). Expressing good wishes and extending good luck in Cantonese is an essential part of their culture. Whether it’s for family, friends, or colleagues, there are various ways to convey your hope for their success and well-being. If you’re new to Cantonese, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the section below, which includes some basic yet effective ways to wish someone good luck.

Good Luck! – 祝你好運!(Zuk1 Nei5 Hou2 Wan6!)

If you’re looking to learn how to wish someone good luck in Cantonese, the simplest phrase to use is 祝你好運 (zuk1 nei5 hou2 wan6!). According to the locals, the phrase “祝你” can literally be translated as “I wish you” or simply “to you.”


Have A Nice Trip. – 一路顺风 (Jat1 Lou6 Seon6 Fung1)

If you know someone who is about to embark on a journey, you may want to consider using the Cantonese Chinese expression 一路顺风 (jat1 lou6 seon6 fung1). This phrase is often used alongside other well-wishes to convey hopes for a successful journey. Essentially, wishing someone a “一路顺风” means you want them to have a safe and comfortable trip while also sending positive vibes their way.

Have A Good Exam/Do Well On This Exam – (好好儿考啊 Hou2 Hou2 Ji4 Haau2 Aa1)

If you’re looking to offer words of encouragement to someone who is taking an exam in Cantonese, you may want to try using the phrase 好好儿考啊 (hou2 hou2 ji4 haau2 aa1). This expression essentially means “Have a good exam/do well on this exam.” This phrase can be beneficial if you work in the education field or are a student in Hong Kong.

Do Well On This Task/Job – 好好儿干啊 (Hou2 Hou2 Ji4 Gon1 Aa1)

Hong Kong is known for its many opportunities, so it’s no surprise that there is often a need to wish someone “good luck” in the workplace. If you’re looking for a phrase to use in this context, you may want to consider 好好儿干啊 (hou2 hou2 ji4 gon1 aa1). This expression means “Do your best” or “Work hard.” It can be beneficial when someone is about to undertake a task or job in your workplace, such as a project.

I’m Cheering For You! – 我为你加油 (Ngo5 Wai4 Nei5 Gaa1 Jau4)

Receiving encouragement and support can do wonders for our confidence and motivation. If you want to offer such support to someone in Cantonese, a great phrase to use is 我为你加油 (ngo5 wai4 Nei5 gaa1 jau4), which translates to “I’m cheering for you!” The figurative meaning of the term 加油 (gaa1 jau2), which literally means “add oil,” is “come on, let’s go!”

I Wish You Success. – 祝你成功 (Zuk1 Nei5 Sing4 Gung1)

If you’re looking for a versatile phrase to wish someone success in Cantonese, 祝你成功 (zuk1 nei5 sing4 gung1) is a great option. This expression translates to “I wish you success” in English, and it’s a common way to offer good wishes in various contexts. One of the advantages of this phrase is that it doesn’t specify the field or aspect of success, making it a versatile expression that can be used in many different situations.

I Wish You Happiness – 祝你们幸福 (Zuk1 Nei5 Mun4 Hang6 Fuk1)

This expression is widely used in Chinese culture to offer well wishes to newlyweds, and it’s a beautiful way to express your hopes for their long-term happiness together. So, if you want to offer your best wishes to a newlywed couple but prefer to avoid using the phrase “good luck,” consider using “百年好合” instead.

I Wish That You’re Happy Every Day And That All Your Wishes Come True – 祝你天天快乐,心想事成 (Zuk1 Nei5 Tin1 Tin1 Faai3 Lok6, Sam1 Soeng2 Si6 Sing4)

In Cantonese, there’s a common expression used to wish someone a “Happy Birthday.” However, if you want to go beyond just offering birthday wishes and add some good luck into the mix, you can use the phrase 祝你天天快乐,心想事成 (Zuk1 Nei5 Tin1 Tin1 Faai3 Lok6, Sam1 Soeng2 Si6 Sing4). This translates to “I wish you happiness every day and all your wishes come true.” It’s a beautiful expression that combines birthday greetings with words of encouragement and good fortune.


Lunar New Year Greetings For Good Fortune

Chinese New Year is a significant holiday in Chinese culture where families gather to enjoy delicious food and exchange red packets filled with money. It’s also a time when people wish for prosperity, luck, and good health. If you plan to celebrate, learning some common Cantonese greetings for wishing fortune and success is worth learning.

I Hope That Every Year Will Be Plentiful For You. – 年年有餘 (Nin4 Nin4 Jau5 Jyu4)

Aside from 新年快樂 (san1 nin4 faai3 lok6), which means “Happy New Year” in Cantonese, you can also use 年年有餘 (nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4). This means, “I hope that every year will be plentiful for you.” This typical holiday greeting expresses hope for financial security in the coming year.

Make A Fortune, And Be Successful. – 發財好市 (Faat3 Coi4 Hou2 Si5)

This phrase is to wish someone wealth and success in the stock market. This is useful to say to people who have investments or who have businesses that rely on a thriving market.

Wishing You Luck And Prosperity. – 大吉大利 (Daai6 Gat1 Daai6 Lei6)

This is a common Lunar New Year expression meant to convey best wishes for the following year. The Chinese expression “大吉 Daai6 Gat1” means “good fortune.”

Other Cantonese Words For Good Luck

EnglishCantoneseJyutping Romanization
May you have an abundant source of income, wealth, and fortune财源广进coi4 jyun4 gwong2 zeon3
May you get promoted quickly平步青云ping4 bou6 cing1 wan4
May you immediately meet with success马到成功maa5 dou3 sing4 gung1
I wish you a long life together祝你们百年好合zuk1 nei5 mun4 baak3 nin4 hou2 hap6
I wish you happiness and bliss祝你们幸福美满zuk1 nei5 mun4 hang6 fuk1 mei5 mun5
I wish you a happy marriage/wedding祝你们新婚愉快zuk1 nei5 mun4 san1 fan1 jyu4 faai3
You’ll definitely succeed你一定会成功的 / 你肯定会成功的nei5 jat1 ding6 wui2 sing4 gung1 dik1 /  nei5 hang2 ding6 wui2 sing4 gung1 dik1
I hope everything goes well祝你顺利zuk1 nei5 seon6 lei6
I hope everything goes well with your work祝你工作顺利zuk1 nei5 gung1 zok3 seon6 lei6

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