6 Stunning Places In Vietnam You Don’t Want To Miss

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When you think of stunning places in Vietnam, what comes to mind? Is it the lush jungle or colorful rice paddies? The bustling cities with their vibrant floating markets and lively people? Or is it something more—something more beautiful and unique than you could ever imagine?

If so, then you need to take a trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country with a rich history and a diverse landscape. It’s full of stunning places that will leave you breathless and wanting more. If you want to learn Vietnamese or just explore this fascinating country, you’re in for a treat.

Here are some of the most beautiful places you should definitely visit when in Vietnam:

Bac Son Valley

The Bac Son Valley is one of the most stunning places in Vietnam you don’t want to miss. This valley is located in northern Vietnam, near Hanoi. It’s known for its majestic beauty—the lush green hills are surrounded by rice paddies and rivers, making it an ideal place to hike or bike.

If you’re looking for an immersive experience that allows you to experience local culture while enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty, then this is definitely an area worth visiting during your next trip!

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Bac Son Valley

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is the place for you if you’re looking for a place to unwind and disconnect. Located near Halong Bay in Vietnam, Cat Ba Island has white sand beaches and friendly locals. It’s also home to Cat Ba National Park, which is excellent if you want to see some wildlife or climb a mountain.

There are tons of things to do on the island, but one of our favorite activities is taking a boat ride through Halong Bay!

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Cat Ba Island

Ninh Binh

This stunning area is about a two-hour drive south of Hanoi and is marked by an abundance of lush rice fields at the foot of gigantic, soaring limestone cliffs.

Things move at a little more leisurely pace here, and the locals are warmer than average. And the funny thing is goat herds are more likely to cause traffic bottlenecks than motor vehicles!

You may see a spectacular panorama of the surrounding area by hiking up the Mua Caves. In addition, you may get a different perspective of the picturesque scenery by taking a leisurely boat trip across the sea.

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Ninh Binh

Hoi An

Hoi An should be at the top of your “where to go in Vietnam” list since it is rich in history and a cultural paradise. And with good cause! After seeing the hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s larger cities, visitors looking for a taste of rural life will find much to keep them occupied in this quiet town.

Hoi An’s historical core can be found at The Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town has various architectural styles, from traditional Chinese storefronts and temples to brightly painted French colonial villas.

For a taste of authentic rural Vietnam, there’s no greater spot than this one, where architectural styles from different ages coexist.

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Hoi An

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is the largest city in Vietnam and one of the most exciting and beautiful places to visit in Southeast Asia.

This vibrant and diverse city offers a cornucopia of sights, sounds, and experiences for travelers looking for an authentic taste of Vietnamese culture. 

But whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s rich history or experiencing its thriving nightlife scene, there’s something for everyone here.

The city is home to several national parks and landmarks, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, considered one of the most beautiful churches in Asia. 

The Reunification Palace was formerly used as the headquarters for South Vietnam’s government during the Vietnam War and remains a popular tourist attraction today. 

You’ll also want to stop by Dong Khoi Street, where you’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities and local eateries.

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Ho Chi Minh City

Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang province is a serene riverfront region in Vietnam’s far north that borders China and is noted for its breathtaking scenery. It is also a hilly region distinguished by steep valleys and secluded limestone karsts.

One of the most enjoyable activities in Ha Giang is hiking between villages across the terraced rice fields and buckwheat fields.

You may also wander into a gem of mystical landscapes, including forest mountains, mysterious caves, and the breathtaking Quan Ba Valley, where the Quan Ba pass is located.

The pass, also known as Heaven’s Gate, boasts breathtaking vistas of gleaming rice terraces, undulating hills, and winding rivers.

Stunning Places In Vietnam ling app Ha Giang Province

Speak Like A Local

With its gorgeous beaches, historic sites, and delicious food, there’s no wonder Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. All of the places we mentioned here are beautiful and have so much to offer.

So next time you’re planning a vacation and looking for somewhere new to explore, consider visiting one of these stunning places in Vietnam. But make sure to brush up on your Vietnamese first to enjoy your trip even more!

Hello!Xin chào![Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Xin chào![/Speechword]
Good morning!Chào chị![Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Chào chị![/Speechword]
Good afternoon!Chào buổi chiều![Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Chào buổi chiều![/Speechword]
Good evening!Chào buổi tối![Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Chào buổi tối![/Speechword]
How are you?Khỏe không?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Khỏe không?[/Speechword]
Very good, thank you.Được rồi, cảm ơn cô.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Được rồi, cảm ơn cô.[/Speechword]
What is your name?Tên bạn là gì?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tên bạn là gì?[/Speechword]
My name is…Tên tôi là…[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tên tôi là[/Speechword]
Nice to meet you.Rất vui được gặp bạn.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Rất vui được gặp bạn[/Speechword]
Please.Làm ơn.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Làm ơn[/Speechword]
Thank you.Cảm ơn.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cảm ơn[/Speechword]
Thank you very much.Cảm ơn rất nhiều.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cảm ơn rất nhiều[/Speechword]
Great.Tốt quá.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tốt quá[/Speechword]
I’m sorry.Tôi xin lỗi.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tôi xin lỗi[/Speechword]
You’re welcome.Không có gì.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Không có gì[/Speechword]
Excuse me.Xin lỗi cho tôi hỏi.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Xin lỗi cho tôi hỏi[/Speechword]
No problem.Không vấn đề gì.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Không vấn đề gì[/Speechword]
Speak slowly.Nói chậm thôi.[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Nói chậm thôi[/Speechword]
Where are you from?Bạn từ đâu đến?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn từ đâu đến[/Speechword]
What time is it?Mấy giờ rồi?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Mấy giờ rồi[/Speechword]
Can you help me?Bạn có thể giúp tôi chứ?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn có thể giúp tôi chứ?[/Speechword]
How much does it cost?Giá bao nhiêu?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Giá bao nhiêu?[/Speechword]
Can you give a discount? Bớt được không?[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bớt được không?[/Speechword]
I understandTôi hiểu[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tôi hiểu[/Speechword]
Goodbye!Tạm biệt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tạm biệt[/Speechword]
No problemKhông sao[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Không sao[/Speechword]

Why You Should Visit Vietnam

With its gorgeous beaches, historic sites, and delicious food, there’s no wonder Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. All of the places we mentioned here are beautiful and have so much to offer.

So next time you’re planning a vacation and looking for somewhere new to explore, consider visiting one of these stunning places in Vietnam. But make sure to brush up on your Vietnamese first to enjoy your trip even more!

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