65 Easy Names For Clothes In Vietnamese

Are you a shopaholic who happens to be living or vacationing in Vietnam? If that sounds like you, it’s time to learn Vietnamese and start communicating about what you enjoy – clothes!

When you’re learning a new language, remember that it’s essential to learn vocabulary about what you’re interested in! We know language learning can sometimes feel overwhelming with introductions, numbers, emergency vocabulary, common phrases, and everything else, but don’t forget to learn words that you enjoy.

That’s why we want to teach you 65 easy names for clothes in Vietnamese! That way, the next time you go to the local market or shopping mall, you can talk to the merchant about precisely what you want!

What Is The Traditional Vietnamese Clothing?

Clothes In Vietnamese

If you’ve ever traveled to Vietnam or seen photos of Vietnam, you’re probably familiar with the traditional Vietnamese clothing known as an áo dài.

In Vietnamese, áo means “shirt,” and dài means “long.” So, when you put the two words together, the Vietnamese term refers to a “long shirt.” If you’ve ever seen an áo dài in person or worn one yourself, you know it’s like a tunic over trousers. What’s fun about this garment is that you can find it in every pattern! But, if you still can’t find one you like, you can even have one custom-made with the exact pattern you want.

If you happen to be in Hanoi, don’t forget to visit Luong Van Can Street, where you can get fitted for an áo dài. If you want to see even more beautiful patterns, you can head to the city of Huế, which is known for its áo dài.

Typically, men and women wear the áo dài for special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, and the new year festival. However, you might see some female high school teachers wearing it. Nowadays, the áo dài is even worn in the famous “Miss Ao Dai” pageants, which have caused the garment to gain significant attention from those overseas.

There is even an áo dài festival held every year in San Jose, California, by Jenny Do. Since San Jose is home to a large Vietnamese community, the festival aims to showcase áo dài from international designers. Looking at recent áo dài designs, you might notice that a shorter, more modern version is becoming more popular. This is known as the áo dài cách tân and is often worn by the younger generation.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the áo dài is one of the few Vietnamese words that appear in the English dictionary?

Names For Clothes In Vietnamese

Names For Clothes In Vietnamese

We’ve divided up the clothing vocabulary into the seasons you’d typically wear them in to make things easier. For example, if you want to know how to say “scarf” in Vietnamese, then you can check out the “Winter Clothing” section!

Now, it’s time to learn Vietnamese!

Summer Clothing

Costumetrang phục[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]trang phục[/Speechword]
Dressđầm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đầm[/Speechword]
Flip flopsdép tông[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]dép tông[/Speechword]
Sandalsdép xăng đan[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]dép xăng đan[/Speechword]
Shortsquần short[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần short[/Speechword]
Slippersdép lê[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]dép lê[/Speechword]
Skirtváy ngắn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]váy ngắn[/Speechword]
Swimsuitđồ bơi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đồ bơi[/Speechword]
Tanktopáo ba lỗ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo ba lỗ[/Speechword]
Tiecà vạt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cà vạt[/Speechword]
T-shirtÁo thun[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Áo thun[/Speechword]

Fall Clothing

Blazeráo khoác nỉ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo khoác nỉ[/Speechword]
Braáo lót[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo lót[/Speechword]
Coatáo choàng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo choàng[/Speechword]
Hoodieáo trùm đầu[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo trùm đầu[/Speechword]
JacketÁo khoác[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Áo khoác[/Speechword]
Polo shirtáo thun có cổ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo thun có cổ[/Speechword]
School uniformđồng phục học sinh[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đồng phục học sinh[/Speechword]
Sneakersgiày thể thao[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]giày thể thao[/Speechword]
Sweateráo len[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo len[/Speechword]
Underwearđồ lót[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đồ lót[/Speechword]

Winter Clothing

Button-down shirtáo sơ mi cài cúc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo sơ mi cài cúc[/Speechword]
Hat[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]mũ[/Speechword]
Long sleeve shirttay áo dài[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]tay áo dài[/Speechword]
Pantsquân dai[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quân dai[/Speechword]
Scarfkhăn quàng cổ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]khăn quàng cổ[/Speechword]
Shoesđôi giày[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đôi giày[/Speechword]
Suitbộ đồ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]bộ đồ[/Speechword]
Sweatshirtáo nỉ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo nỉ[/Speechword]
Trousersquần[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần[/Speechword]
Vestáo vest[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo vest[/Speechword]

Spring Clothing

Bootsngười đánh giày[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]người đánh giày[/Speechword]
Cargo pantsquần vận chuyển hàng hóa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần vận chuyển hàng hóa[/Speechword]
Dress shirtáo sơ mi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo sơ mi[/Speechword]
High heelscao gót[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cao gót[/Speechword]
Jeansquần jean[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần jean[/Speechword]
Raincoatáo mưa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]áo mưa[/Speechword]
ShirtsÁo sơ mi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Áo sơ mi[/Speechword]
Socksvớ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vớ[/Speechword]
Tennis shoesgiày tennis[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]giày tennis[/Speechword]

Different Fabrics In Vietnamese

Canvastranh sơn dầu[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]tranh sơn dầu[/Speechword]
Clothvải[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vải[/Speechword]
Corduroyvải nhung[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vải nhung[/Speechword]
Cottonbông[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]bông[/Speechword]
Denimvải denim[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vải denim[/Speechword]
Laceren[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]ren[/Speechword]
Leatherda thuộc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]da thuộc[/Speechword]
Linenlanh[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]lanh[/Speechword]
Rubbercao su tẩy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cao su tẩy[/Speechword]
Satinsa tanh[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]sa tanh[/Speechword]
Silklụa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]lụa[/Speechword]
Spandexvải thun[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vải thun[/Speechword]
Velvetnhung[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]nhung[/Speechword]
Woollen[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]len[/Speechword]

Additional Terms To Learn

Clothingquần áo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần áo[/Speechword]
Men’s clothingquần áo nam[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần áo nam[/Speechword]
Size smallkích thước nhỏ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]kích thước nhỏ[/Speechword]
Size mediumkích thước trung bình[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]kích thước trung bình[/Speechword]
Size largecỡ lớn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cỡ lớn[/Speechword]
Skirtsváy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]váy[/Speechword]
Tight fitting clothingquần áo bó sát[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần áo bó sát[/Speechword]
To try onthử[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]thử[/Speechword]
Wearing clothesmặc quần áo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]mặc quần áo[/Speechword]
Women’s clothingquần áo phụ nữ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]quần áo phụ nữ[/Speechword]

There you go! We hope this vocabulary has helped you learn Vietnamese!

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Names For Clothes In Vietnamese

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