How To Say Thank You In Tamil: 4 Easy Ways!

Thank you in Tamil

Are you planning to visit India’s great country and want to know a few words in Tamil to improve your experience? You’ve reached the right place! In this article, I will teach you to say thank you in Tamil and help you get a smile from every local you reach in this beautiful country!

Simple words can significantly impact your overall experience in a foreign country. Believe me. I’m one to know how speaking the local language can be a true lifesaver! I’ve been traveling for several years now, and I have lost count of the times when knowing a few words of the local language helped me get through some very sticky situations!

Not only can they help you in moments of stress where you need to get yourself heard and understood, but little and easy words in the local language can also be real ice-breakers in a conversation, helping you to connect and make friends along your journey! Overall, learning a few keywords in the language of the country you’re exploring is a critical decision that I advise everyone to take!

I learned this firsthand during my trip to Tamil Nadu last year when I found myself wandering the streets of Chennai, completely lost. My phone’s battery had dried out on the plane because my seat had no charger (airlines, am I right?), and I spent about 6 hours watching the tv show FRIENDS on my phone. I also have no map to get myself oriented. My few resources were the name of my hotel and a few words in Tamil that I had luckily checked out the day before my trip.

The day was almost over, and just when I was starting to feel hopeless, a kind lady probably saw my face of desperation and reached out to me, offering to help me find my way to my hotel. Her kindness filled my heart as she offered me a ride to my hotel in her little 2-seat car to my hotel, which I would later figure out was close to where I was standing.

Despite my limited language skills, I was determined to express my gratitude and thanks in the local language to this lady, so I searched my memory and dropped a “Nandri” with a smile, and the response I got was truly unexpected.

Not only did my heartfelt thanks bring a smile to the lady’s face as she saw my attempt to speak her language, but it also led her to invite me to her home for dinner. Over a warm meal, I got to experience the generosity and hospitality of the Indian people firsthand. To top it all off, I kept in contact with the lady and her husband, who offered to be my guide, showing me some of the city’s hidden gems I would have never discovered.

It was honestly one of the best moments of my traveling life, and I have to thank this small word: “Nandri” (pun intended!).

After I’ve rambled on about this magical and unforgettable experience of mine, I want to help you have the chance to experience something similar on your own during your next trip to India. Thus, in this article, we will explore the simple yet powerful Tamil phrase “thank you.”

Whether this is your first contact with the Tamil language or you’re trying to improve and expand your vocabulary, this is the right article for you! Let’s get it going!

Thank you in Tamil

Different Ways To Say Thank You In Tamil

Tamil is not a widespread language worldwide, as it is spoken in some states of India and some parts of Sri Lanka; however, that doesn’t mean that it is a simple and boring language. On the contrary! Tamil is a fresh, rich, and interesting language with a strong cultural aspect! For example, there are several ways to express gratitude besides the usual and boring “Thank you.” Let’s take a look at them.


Pronunciation – “nun-dree”

“Nandri” is the most common way to say thank you in Tamil and is often used in a more formal or polite setting. Use “Nandri” when you want to show gratitude to someone more formally or respectfully. You can compose this word to say “Thank you very much” by using “Romba Nandri” ( Rom-buh Nun-dree).

Enakku Theriyamal Pidikka

Pronunciation – “ay-nuh-koo thee-ree-uh-mahl pee-dik-kuh”

This phrase, which translates to “I got it because of you,” is a more elaborate way of expressing gratitude. Use this phrase when you want to emphasize the impact that someone has had on you and express your thanks in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Naan Unakku Theriyala

Pronunciation – “nun ahn-uh-koo thee-ree-uh-luh”

This phrase, which translates to “I am because of you,” is used to express gratitude to someone who has significantly impacted your life. Use this phrase to express deep gratitude and appreciation to someone instrumental in your life.

You're welcome in Tamil

How To Respond To A Thank You In Tamil

If you are a good person (I believe you are if you’re looking for ways to say thank you in foreign languages), you’ll eventually do something good and receive a “Nandri” from someone. In this case, it is also respectful to answer something back, acknowledging the other person thanking gesture. Here are a few answers you can use:

  • Ille (pronounced “ill-uh”) is a simple and casual way to respond to “Thank you” in Tamil. It can be used in many situations, from responding to a small favor to acknowledging a generous gift. 
  • Nalla Venum (pronounced “nuh-luh vay-num”) translates to “No problem,” and it is a more casual way to reply. Use this phrase when you want to convey that it was not a problem or inconvenience to help.
  • Athikaaram“(pronounced “uh-thee-kuh-rum”) is a more formal way of responding to “Thank you” in Tamil, and it translates to “It was my pleasure.” 
  • Nalla Theriyum (pronounced “nuh-luh thee-ree-yum”) translates to “It’s nothing” and it is another way to sound cool if someone drops a “thank you” in your direction.

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