How To Say Beautiful In Tamil: Impress Your Partner With These 15+ Stunning Words

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It doesn’t take much to impress your Tamil partner. All you have to learn is a few words on how to say Beautiful in Tamil and see their eyes sparkle with emotion!

I’m going to start this article by telling you a very personal story of mine where I discovered that learning a few words in the local language can have a very strong influence on the whole trajectory of not only your trip but also (in my case) my photography career.

My whole objective in traveling to this country was to capture the local life, and one of my dream shots was a portrait of a Sri Lankan woman in local clothing.

This all started when I was on a long flight to Sri Lanka, where I had the opportunity to sit next to a local who taught me some Tamil phrases. From நன்றி (Naṉṟi – Thank you) to some slang words, my vocabulary evolved a lot during the 8h flight from Lisbon. Little did I know at the time one of those expressions would come in handy on one of my walks around Colombo.

As a photographer, I was always looking for interesting subjects to capture on film, and I was especially searching for my dream shot. One morning with the beautiful sunrise light, I came across a beautiful woman completely dressed in local vestings and knew I had to take her photo. I approached her, trying to explain my intentions in broken English, showing her some of my work, but she wasn’t understanding me and was reluctant to be in front of the camera.

My mind returned to the plane just then, and I remembered the word for ‘beautiful’ in Tamil that my flight companion had taught me. I nervously mumbled அழகு (Aḻaku), and to my surprise, the woman burst out laughing. She found my accent so funny that she agreed to the photo!

Beautiful in Tamil - Woman portrait

Fast forward to now, and that photo remains one of my all-time favorites and has been a major boon for my career. It’s a great reminder of the power of language, especially when traveling to new places.

So, for those of you looking to impress your partner or make a great impression on your next trip to Sri Lanka, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most stunning Tamil words to say “beautiful”. Whether you’re trying to compliment someone’s appearance or express your admiration for a work of art, these words will definitely do the trick. Get ready to be a hit with the locals!


How To Say Beautiful In Tamil

Enough with the chitchat; let’s get straight to the point: the Tamil word for “beautiful” is அழகு and it is pronounced as Aḻaku. You can use this word to compliment somebody in the street (just like I did), to say that something is very good-looking, or simply to express your admiration for the incredible landscapes of Sri Lanka.

If you really want to up the level of your compliment, you can use the phrase மிகவும் அழகான that is pronounced Mikavum aḻakāṉa and means “very beautiful.”

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Other Words For Beautiful In Tamil

Tamil is such a rich language that there are many words you can use to transmit the message that someone is beautiful. While அழகு (Aḻaku) is the most common way to compliment someone on their physical features, why just stick to this boring and simple word? Let me teach you a bunch of other words you can say to the person you’re trying to impress, and I can guarantee you that they will be completely stunned by the richness of your Tamil vocabulary! If you get to use them on your next date, please tell me in the comments how your partner’s reaction was to you complimenting them in Tamil!

Stunningஅதிர்ச்சி தரும்atircci tarum


How To Respond To A Compliment In Tamil

Now, there comes a time where you are the target of a compliment, and on that occasion you should know how to answer graciously. Here are a few options:

  1. “Nandri” (நன்றி) – Thank you
  2. “Mikka naṉṟi” (மிக்க நன்றி) – Thank you very much
  3. “Enakku unga vaalthu kandippa” (எனக்கு உங்க வாழ்த்து கண்டிப்பது) – Your kindness means a lot to me
  4. “Nāṉ atai pārāṭṭukiṟēṉ” (நான் அதை பாராட்டுகிறேன்) – I appreciate it
  5. “Nīṅkaḷ eṉ nāḷai uruvākkiṉīrkaḷ” (நீங்கள் என் நாளை உருவாக்கினீர்கள்) – You made my day

When responding to compliments in Tamil, it’s important to keep your tone humble and grateful. By expressing your gratitude, you’ll show the other person that their words have positively impacted you.

Now that you know how to respond to compliments in Tamil, you’re ready to impress your friends and partners with your language skills. Whether you’re in Sri Lanka or just speaking with Tamil-speaking friends, these responses will come in handy.


Over To You

Now it is your chance to reach out to that other person you’re trying to impress and use these words to get their attention! But before that, why don’t you enrich your vocabulary with some more words and phrases in Tamil? Make sure you check out our blog, where we post new content every week about the Tamil language to help you master it in no time!

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