30+ Exciting Serbian Expressions You Should Know

Once you land in Serbia, the best way to get comfortable with the local people is to be acquainted with their extraordinary language. Only the knowledge of some basic Serbian expressions can make all the change to your presence and personality in front of them, proffering a sophisticated and favorable outlook. To make it an easy possibility, we have gathered some of the essential and most useful Serbian slang words and phrases that you can learn at home just within a few days. Keep reading and get ready to become a pro-Serbian speaker.

Why Learn The Serbian Language?

If you have a flight to Serbia, no doubt, understanding Serbian is a necessity for you. Nevertheless, the Slavic language has always been a beautiful language to learn and speak. Initially, people who speak English as their mother tongue might find it a bit complicated, but it is worth the while.

The language of Serbia is a part of the Slavic branch from the Indo-European family of languages. It is a language that uses both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet simultaneously, named Azbuka and Abeceda. It has two dialects, Shtoktavian and Torlakian, where the former is the prestigious language of Serbia and most literary languages are based on it.

The language is spoken in Serbia and is also popular in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and has a Serbo Croatian connection. Officially, there are almost around 9.5 million speakers of the language and has produced a large variety of literary work, especially poetry, since the 17th century. Several authors like Danilo Kis, Svetlana Velma-Jankovic, and Borislav Pekic have made their names famous in the international book market. Such a literary community sense gives a pure reason to learn basic Serbian phrases and explore its beauty.


Basic Serbian Expressions

Basic Serbian Phrases

You don’t have to utter Serbian ravishingly with unique Serbian phrases to impress and express your feelings to the locals in Serbia. Getting some of the primary and useful Serbian phrases down will do the job. First, let us begin with some everyday phrases and greetings words that every learner should know. If you have already started learning Serbian, these words will sound quite familiar.

1. Здраво!

English Translation: Hello!/ Hey!

Without any doubt, the first thing you would want to do is greet a warm hello to the person in front of you. In Serbian, you can use the word Zdravo! (Здраво!). It means Hello! and can be used in a very casual tone.

2. Шта има?

English Translation: What’s up?

Šta ima? (Шта има?) is the Serbian translation of the English phrase “What’s up?” It is a polite way to start your conversation with your Serbian friend or local mates. However, it is an informal phrase, so you might want to restrict it in front of seniors.

3. Моје име је…

English Translation: My name is…

It is for sure that nobody would be expecting you to speak Serbian, but once you use Moje ime je.. (Моје име је…), you are going to win hearts. The phrase Моје име је… is the Serbian way of saying “My name is…”.

4. Добро јутро /добро вече  /лаку ноћ 

English Translation: Good morning/good evening/good night

Another polite way of greeting a local would be saying dobro jutro (добро вече)/dobro veče (Добро јутро)/laku noć (лаку ноћ). The first phrase means Good morning, the second stands for Good evening, and the third says Good night. Use these and make Serbian people think twice about your skills.

5. драго ми је да смо се упознали 

English Translation: Nice to meet you

Learning a new language or foreign words can be challenging and time-consuming if you are used to English. But simple phrases like drago mi je da smo se upoznali (драго ми је да смо се упознали) can help you learn Serbian in no time. It means “Nice to meet you” in English. Serbs are delightful people, and you will surely make them your fans with this phrase.

6. како се зовеш

English Translation: What is your name?

Now that you know how to introduce your name, learn this simple phrase to ask questions in return. Kako se zoveš (како се зовеш), which means “What is your name” in English will help you with that. You can also say kako se zovete instead of the former one. Kako se zovete is also a Serbian phrase that concerns asking someone’s name.

7. Волим те 

English translation: I love you

Another needed expression, Volim te (Волим те), can help you become the star amongst the locals. It means “I love you” in English, and using this can help you get people’s attention.

8. да ли говориш српски

English Translation: Do you speak Serbian

Da li govoriš srpski (да ли говориш српски) means “Do you speak Serbian” in English. It is one of the common expressions or Serbian phrases you will encounter once you are between the Serbian crowd. So get ready for it. 

9. Хвала вам

English Translation: Thank you

Hvala vam (Хвала вам) is the Serbian version of Thankyou. Whenever you leave someone’s company, say these two words and act like a pro speaker.

10. Молимо вас

English Translation: Please

Molim vas (Молимо вас) means Please. Use this word whenever you are requesting someone. It is polite and very humble to use such a word. You can also form useful phrases with this word.

More Serbian Phrases To Learn

Serbian expressions

You have already covered the basic Serbian phrases that will help you express yourself openly and talk smoothly in front of the Serbs. However, there is no harm in knowing more. We have some more greetings words and useful Serbian phrases below that you can use to make your Serbian better and more precise.

English Serbian Pronunciation
Do you speak English да ли говориш енглески Da li govorite engleski?
I’m sorry Жао ми је Žao mi je
Where is the restroom? Где је тоалет gde je toalet
What country are you from? одакле си odakle ste
Happy New Year Срећна Нова година srećna nova godina
Good Day Добар дан dobar dan
Happy Birthday Срећан рођендан Srećan rođendan
I do not know! Не знам Ne znam
I am from… ја сам из… Ja sam iz…
Almost done Скоро завршено Skoro završeno
What happened? Шта се десило? Šta se desilo?
Oh My God! О Боже! O Bože!
Is that right? Је л ‘тако? Je l ‘tako?
I hate you Мрзим те Mrzim te
Too hot! Превруће! Prevruće!
What a waste Какав отпад Kakav otpad
Good news! Добре вести! Dobre vesti!
Just Kidding само се шалим Samo se šalim
What a lie! Каква лаж! Kakva laž!
I don’t care није ме брига nije me briga
Leave me alone Остави ме на миру Ostavi me na miru
Go astray Залутати Zalutati
Goodbye збогом zbogom
See you again! Видимо се опет! Vidimo se opet!
What the hell шта дођавола šta dođavola
Never mind Није битно Nije bitno
Dinner Time Време вечере Vreme večere
Have fun! Забави се! Zabavi se!
Good luck Срећно Srećno
Come back soon Врати се ускоро Vrati se uskoro
You are Awesome Ти си супер Ti si super
Happy valentine’s day срећан дан заљубљених srećan dan zaljubljenih
Are you ok? Јеси ли добро? Jesi li dobro?
May I help you? Могу ли да Вам помогнем? Mogu li da Vam pomognem?
Where to? Где да? Gde da?
Don’t worry не брини ne brini
It’s fine Добро је Dobro je
I have to go! Морам да идем! Moram da idem!
Meet me again! Упознајте ме поново! Upoznajte me ponovo!

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