Basic Words And Phrases In The Albanian Language

March 10, 2021

Are you planning to visit Albania and want to learn some basic words and phrases in the Albanian language? That's a great idea! Younger people in Albania speak English. And that is great news for you. However, older Albanians don't speak international languages so it would be better if you learn how to say  “hello”, “thank you”, “nice to meet you” in Albanian. Locals really appreciate you doing the effort. And more importantly, it does come in handy in so many situations.

Since I want to help you with learning basic words and phrases in the Albanian language, I’ve made a list of the most useful ones. I’ve included the most essential phrases in Albanian, and they will help you to quickly learn and use Albanian on various occasions (for example: in a hotel or restaurant, on a trip, small talk, shopping, getting to know people, at the doctor, at the bank, and many similar situations). 

So, let's get started. 



Albanian Phrases 

How to pronounce basic words and phrases in the Albanian language? It's not that hard. 

The rule is that the main stress falls on the last word of a phrase and on the last syllable of a word. So, for instance, you will pronounce Faleminderit (Thank you) like this: Faleminderit

The modern Albanian alphabet has 36 letters, and it’s easier to learn than it appears at the first look. So, you more or less pronounce the letters as they appear.


Basic Words And Phrases In The Albanian Language

Let's talk about some words and useful phrases in Albanian for you to memorize. Those will help you get to know the most common expressions in this interesting Indo-European language.

I propose that we get started with learning!

Albanian English Translation
Po Yes
Jo No
Si Jeni? How are you?
Gëzohem që ju takoj. Nice to meet you.
Më fal! Sorry!
Më falni. Excuse me.
Faleminderit. Thank you.
Ju lutem. You’re welcome.
(Unë) nuk kuptoj. I don’t understand.
Flisni Anglisht? Do you speak English?
Ku është tualeti / banjoja? Where can I find the toilets?
Sa është ora? What time is it?
Mund të më ndihmoni? Can you help me?


Basic Albanian Directions Phrases

While you’re exploring a new town or can’t find a certain sight, shop, or restaurant, it can be really helpful to know the most basic words and phrases in the Albanian language to ask for directions. And of course – to understand the answer. So, I always ask locals for directions when I travel, and almost every time they make the effort to either follow me to my destination or at the very least make sure that I know where I’m going. People in the Balkans are so warm and helpful more than anywhere else on the planet.

Albanian English Translation
Ku? Where?
Këtu Here
Djathtas Right
Majtas Left
Si mund të shkoj te How do I get to…?
A mund të shkoj më këmbë atje? Is it within walking distance?
Taksi Taxi, cab
Autobus Bus


Basic Albanian Words For Eating And Ordering Food

Here are a few words and phrases in the Albanian language essential for drinking, eating, or ordering food in general.

Waiter taking order from the woman in a restaurant

Also, when eating in a restaurant, it pays to compliment them by saying “shee-SHMEH” (delicious) for the food when you’re about to pay the bill. I always do this when I eat at restaurants or food stalls. Trust me, a small compliment goes a long way!

Albanian English Translation
Mëngjes Breakfast
Drekë Lunch
Darkë Dinner
Një tavolinë për një person/dy njerëz, ju lutem. A table for one person/two people, please.
A mund të shoh menunë, ju lutem? Could I please see the menu?
Një birre/dy birra , ju lutem A beer/two beers, please.
Një gotë vere e kuqe/e bardhë, ju lutem A glass of red/white wine, please.
Një kafe, ju lutem. One coffee, please. 
Një gotë ujë, ju lutem. One glass of water, please. 
Sa kushton? How much is it?
Faturën, ju lutem. The check, please.
Ishte e shijshme It was delicious.
Jam vegjeterian. I’m vegetarian.
Jam vegan. I’m vegan.


Basic Albanian Emergency Words and Phrases

If something goes wrong and you need help while you’re visiting Albania, it’s pretty important to know how to ask for it. So, let's see the most essential emergency words and phrases you should learn. Also, at the bottom of this section, you’ll find the Albanian emergency numbers. Just in case you need them.

Albanian English Translation
Ndihmë! Help!
Kujdes! Look out!
Zjarri! Fire!
Largohu! Go away!
Hajdut Stop! Stop the thief!
Tërhiqni vëmendjen e policisë! Call the police!
Unë jam i sëmurë. I’m sick.
Unë kam nevojë për një doktor I need a doctor.
Unë jam i humbur. I’m lost.
A flet njeri anglisht? Does anyone speak English?

Emergency numbers in Albania: 

Ambulance (127)

Fire brigade (128)

Police (129)

General emergency (112)


Basic Albanian Shopping Phrases

It can be useful to know the basic phrases for buying a gift or a souvenir. I personally don't like to bargain for anything, but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try to get something cheaper while visiting Albania. 

Albanian English Translation
Sa është kjo? How much is this?
I shtrenjtë! That’s too expensive!
I lirë! That’s cheap!
A mund të më bëni një zbritje? Can you give me a discount?
A e dini se ku mund të blej ...? Do you know where I can buy...?


Final Words

Knowing a few basic words and phrases in the Albanian language will get you a long way. Like a “thank you” in the store, “nice to meet you” when you make new friends, or “it was delicious” when you leave the restaurant and want to compliment the chef. Trust me, locals are much more open and friendly if you know a few words of their native language or just show that you’ve made a little effort. 

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