3 Amazing Ways To Say How Are You In Albanian

If you are in the middle of learning Albanian, one important phrase to learn is how to say how are you in Albanian. Since life has become so hectic, many people suffer from depression and anxiety. You can always take a moment to check in on them and see if they are doing alright. 

This allows you to be more mindful of others around you. You never know when you could have the opportunity to help somebody cope with their fears by asking, ‘how are you?’

Sit tight as we are going to take you on an exciting ride to show you 3 amazing ways to say how you are in Albanian.


Learn About The Albanian Language

How Are You In Albanian

Have you ever heard about the official language of Albania? If yes, then you might have noticed the difference in the dialects of Albanian people.

The Albanians who live in the south part of Albania speak Albanian using the Tosk dialect, while the northern Albanians use the Gheg dialect more. This difference can easily be seen if you go across the Shkumbin river.

In addition, when talking about the writing system, the language has passed through different alphabets since the 15th century. The modern Latin alphabet has two additional letters and 10 digraphs


Learn About Albanian People

How Are You In Albanian

While studying at university, I came across an Albanian friend who opened my perspective to learn about Albanians. I was very interested in discovering more about them and their rich culture. So, during our summer break, I was invited to Albania, where I came across some really interesting facts about the country.

What inspired me the most was the great religious tolerance I found in the citizens. No matter which religion you belong to, people respect and accept every religion there. They live with great harmony and dignity in a community.

If you plan to visit Albania, it’s a great idea to explore Albania’s magnificent mountains and beautiful buildings. You would love the beauty there!

The best part is that Albanians are considerate and generous people. They welcome their guests and visitors with open hearts. They keep checking on them about their health and other things by asking them how they are in Albanian.

So if you initiate a conversation with these wonderful people, begin by saying how are you in Albanian to show them you are concerned about them.


Why Is It Important To Ask How Are You In Albanian?

Asking someone how you are can be a small gesture for some of you, but it has great significance in showing your eagerness to connect with others. People usually hide their feelings; some are really not so expressive.

If you reach out to people who really need it, you might offer them a helping hand to reduce the burdens of their troubles which have taken away their precious smiles.

Studies show that when we help someone, it directly benefits us by improving our mood, making us feel good about ourselves, and getting away from our own problems. Isn’t it interesting? You are helping others and yourself at the same time just by asking, ‘how are you?’

It is always a thoughtful deed to ask someone how they are feeling. So, if you have Albanian friends, ask them how are you in Albanian. You will see how they will appreciate not only your effort in talking to them in their mother tongue but also your concern for them. 

Learn The Following Phrases

English PhrasesAlbanian Phrases
How are you?si jeni?
How are you, my love?si je dashuria ime?
How are you feeling today?si ndihesh sot?

Other Useful Albanian Phrases You Should Know

In our lives, we face so many situations where we need help or can offer a helping hand to someone else. Life would become much easier if we followed these basic intentions to spread love and harmony among the people around us by politely talking to them.

So, let’s quickly learn some useful words and phrases to have deep connections and enjoyable conversations.

English PhrasesAlbanian Phrases
Excuse me!më falni!
I do not.unë nuk.
Good!e mirë!
After you.po ti.
Please!ju lutem!
I am!unë jam!
What time is it?sa është ora?
How are you?si jeni?
It’s delicious!e shijshme!
Glad to meet you.gëzohem që ju takoj.
I can see the menu.mund të shoh menunë.
How much does it cost?sa kushton?
What’s your name?si quheni?
I do not understand.nuk kuptoj.


How To Best Learn Albanian Words And Phrases

How Are You In Albanian

Are you thinking of extending your Albanian vocabulary to have memorable conversations in Albania?

Grab the most efficient language learning application, the Ling App, which can offer numerous benefits in providing you the essential emergency words and basic phrases to help you speak the Albanian language like many Albanians.

It can help many younger people and beginners to learn Albanian easily and quickly.

Suppose you are ordering food from the food stalls, asking for two beers, making a small compliment, calling a fire brigade, or saying someone goodbye. In that case, The Ling app can help you speak all the Albanian words and dialogues effortlessly.

Essential Albanian Phrases To Know

No conversation is complete without greetings. If you wish to speak Albanian with confidence, use these essential phrases to be a part of lively conversations by greeting people well in the Albanian language.

English PhrasesAlbanian Phrases
Good morningmiremengjes
Good nightnatën e mirë
Good afternoonmirembrema
Good eveningmirembrema


Learn More Albanian Today With The Ling App

How Are You In Albanian

Spread happiness around you by asking people how they are doing. This is a nice gesture to tell them you value them the most. Be it a stranger, a colleague, any relative, or someone whom you love, ask them how are you to reduce the anxieties of their lives.

If you have recently settled in Albania, learn the 3 amazing ways to say how are you in Albanian to form strong relationships and if you are willing to extend the discussions by using the Albanian language, grab the Ling app, the smartest language learning tool from where you can easily explore exciting Albanian lessons on the go!

You can also learn to say how are you in Thai language if you have any Thai friends!

Just practice 10 minutes a day and learn to speak Albanian or any other language in no time. It’s not a hard language if you put in the time and effort using Ling!

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