How To Say Happy New Year In Albanian For This 2022

New Year’s Eve in Albania is one thing you need to do and experience. It is the perfect time to really get to know people and traditional food and the customs. One more thing, why don’t you learn how to say a happy new year in Albanian?

A table full of various dishes and the whole family together is how Albanian families typically greet the New Year. In Albania, the New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important date because it brings all of the family together. It is tradition to celebrate with your family, even the younger population celebrate first with their family members, then after midnight go out to celebrate with their friends.

This tradition goes back to the time of communism, where all religious celebrations were prohibited, among other things, Christmas too, so New Year was the main reason to bring the family together. Then let learn how to say a happy new year in Albanian.


Traditional New Year’s Dishes

A rich table full of traditional dishes symbolizes the desired prosperity in the upcoming year. Here are some of the dishes that are a must-have on New Year’s Eve.

Roasted Turkey

This is the centerpiece on the table, and every household will have one specially prepared turkey on their table.

Every restaurant will have on their menu and serve roasted turkey from Christmas to New Year’s. If you find yourself in a position to impress the locals, waiters, and the whole staff in a restaurant, we recommend that you learn how to order Turkey roast in Albanian. This is very worth learning if you plan to visit this country during the holidays:

A mund te kem ndonje gjel deti te pjekur?

Can I have some roasted turkey?


This is a very sweet delight, filled with sugar, nuts, and dry fruit.

This is something everyone should try. It will be most satisfactory for you to learn how to order this delicious sweet as the previous dish.

Mund te marr pak bakllava?

Can I have some baklava?


Like most Balkan countries, rakia is the number one alcoholic beverage, especially during a toast.
It is made from fruit, and it comes in many forms, but the most traditional is plum rakia.

Toasts are very important in every Albanian household. Before dinner, the oldest member of a gathered family usually gives a toast, wishing them all the best in the upcoming year. This also symbolizes the beginning of a family dinner, which is a very festive occasion.

Unlike the above dishes, you will be offered this beverage every step because there is nothing more traditional than drinking rakia. But be very careful, because it is very strong.


New Year’s Eve In Albania Traditions

A couple of traditions are kept until today. First, they believe that it is good luck if a child enters a house on January 1st. Not only that, but it is important which foot enter first. It seems silly, but they strongly believe that it will bring them luck.

Another tradition is to find a coin in a specially made bread, which is prepared just for that occasion. Albanians believe that the person Who finds the coin will have good luck all year.


Albanian people love their fireworks. It is now a tradition that every city has its fireworks, which is amazing because there is even a small rivalry between the cities, who will have the best firework.

Of course, the giant firework is in their capital, Tirana, which is more beautiful every year. Also, it is traditional for every household to have some fireworks because they believe that the loud noises will scare the bad thing or evil spirits away from their houses and prevent them from entering a New Year.

Because New Year’s Eve represents something very special to many people in Albania, everything looks very festive, people are particularly friendly during the holiday season, and you can feel a different atmosphere in the air.

Squares and main streets are decorated and looking very pretty. As We mentioned before, Tirana is the center of tourism during the whole year, and traditionally around Christmas and New Year. Still, another city in the south will amaze and astonish you, and that is the city of Korca.
They saw the opportunity to make something special for the holidays, to attract tourists, and they very well did it. People who visited that small town said that it reminds them of Paris, so cleverly they nicknamed it little Paris.


Happy New Year In Albanian

Happy New Year In Albanian

When you are in Albania for the holidays, it is natural to know how to say a happy new year in Albanian and other phrases associated with this holiday.

Happy New Year – Gëzuar vitin e ri

The pronunciation is very simple, and the emphasis is on the second syllable of a second word.

If you are feeling friendly, then you may add:

Best wishes – Urimet me te mira

When giving a traditional toast, you should always finish with cheers.

Cheers – Gëzuar 

Hopefully, this was informative and educational. You learned something new about traditions and what to expect while visiting Albania. In addition, we helped you learn some new words and phrases for a more enjoyable stay. Learn Albanian and other languages with the Ling app.

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