Free Arabic Lessons On Ling: Get Ready For The World Cup Season 2022!

Ready to join conversations related to the upcoming FIFA World Cup? Make your voice stand out and build stronger connections with other sports fanatics by taking advantage of Ling App’s Free Arabic lessons today!

The days leading to the World Cup just keep on getting closer! And just like you, we can’t get enough of this out-of-control excitement in the air. For this reason, Ling prepared something extra special for you! We believe that if Football has the power to unite people, languages are the connectors that make this union possible. To many people, the World Cup offers an incredibly unique opportunity and motivation to learn a new language: Arabic! 

As a language app, we know how important a language is for acquiring cultural intelligence and experiencing a country in depth. We love to see how people, no matter where they come from, get together and become interested in a single language and culture. 

To be part of this, we are launching our quality Arabic language lessons FREE for the world to enjoy and learn before the World Cup. Plus! The lessons will have a new unit specially designed for football fanatics and more features to commemorate the Qatar World Cup season. 

What The World Cup Can Teach Us About Creating Social Union 

The sentiment of the football fanbase is so strong and influential that it can bring people together. The FIFA World Cup event has forged global relationships since it started in France in July 1930. 

Those who have Football running through their veins are thinking about each championship, who will be the winner, and rooting for their favorite team. Even non-fans begin to feel the energy of the season, witnessing how Football can unite people regardless of their culture, language, or origin.

Indeed, countries will have to face each other with the hopes of earning the much-coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy. At the same time, this sporting event can pave the way in drawing people across countries closer than ever. And in the process, we are discovering the world and opening our minds to other people’s delightful cultures.

Doha Qatar

It is the moment for Qatar to host one of the most significant events of the centuries. For the first time, the World Cup will be hosted in a magical, modern, and breathtaking Middle East country. A country that, for many people, is still an unfamiliar place with so many incredible facts to learn and discover, including the language. 

It’s the opportunity for Qatar to not only have people united for a common shared interest but also showcase their country’s highlights, culture, and beautiful language. There are countless secrets for you to find about Qatar that are worthy. A journey through this land will leave you mesmerized. 

The Power Of Football In Culture And Language Learning

The World Cup is the perfect opportunity for people to bond through the language of sport. As we know, learning languages is a vital part of human connection. While learning a new language, we also gain valuable insights into other cultures, which in turn, helps us understand and interact with people better. 

But why does this sport have the power to create union and increase cultural and language awareness?

During the FIFA World Cup events, we can see how people make an effort to learn about the culture and language of the host country to remove communication barriers. 

From the organizers and staff of the sports event to the Football teams, and finally, the fans who travel all the way to see the most exciting matches in the world, they all learn the language and culture of the host country. 

The World Cup can indeed create a big impact on language and culture learning. It demonstrates that society can become so close by one common share. 

Why Should You Learn The Arabic Language?

Languages are the bridges that we have to create opportunities. After talking about how Football can unite us and how language learning can bring us together with no communication barriers to face, we must also state how learning languages makes us have strong innovative thinking. 

We can build environments where people feel more valued by talking to them in their language. 

Not only that, but we can also expand into the world, into new possibilities and peaceful social interactions. People who have learned a new language often talk about how beautiful and insightful it is to be able to communicate with others in their native languages. It feels as if they are living a second life. And it is indeed a powerful emotion for someone who has experienced it. 

Qatari men and woman

Some might think that since Qatar has a high percentage of English speakers, those attending the World Cup don’t necessarily need to learn the official language, Arabic. However, we believe they couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you see an opportunity to learn Arabic from this event, go ahead and leverage the motivation! No matter if you are traveling to Qatar or not. You never know when you will be able to connect with people who speak this magnificent language. 

Did you know that Arabic is the world’s fifth most spoken language, with nearly 500 million speakers?

Perhaps you want to involve yourself even more in culture while traveling throughout other Middle Eastern, where Arabic is also the official language. 

Even the FIFA official website has provided some basic words and phrases in Arabic for people who will fly from their countries to enjoy the World Cup. Even though English is well-spoken across the country, learning Arabic will bring you higher experiences in your travels. 

In addition, if you are planning on going to Qatar for the World Cup, besides learning Arabic, there are some important facts about the country and the rules you should know as a tourist. 

Free Arabic Lessons: Learn With Ling App! 

Share your passion for Football and the Arabic language with us! As we become part of the union that Football creates among us all, we want to encourage and promote Arabic language learning and drive you through this new experience by offering our Arabic course for free.

free arabic  Ling App

Fifty lessons from beginner to advanced will be available to learn on Ling App so that you can have enough vocabulary ready for your travel to Qatar.

Learn Arabic Words & Phrases Such As:

Before visiting Qatar, you should familiarize yourself with a few Arabic travel expressions.

  • Hello! – Al-salaam alaykum
  • How are you? – kayfa l-Haaluka? (To a man) – kayfa l-Haaluki? (To a woman.)
  • Goodbye – Ma’a Salama
  • Welcome – Marhaba
  • Thank you – Shukran/Mashkur (To a man.) – Mashkura (To a woman.)
  • You’re welcome – Ahlan wa sahlan.
  • Please – Min fadhlak (To a man.)/Min fadlick (To a woman.)
  • My name is… – ‘ismii…
  • Nice to meet you – tasharrafnaa
  • Yes – Aiwa/Na’am
  • No – Lah
  • Pardon me – Xafwan
  • Excuse me! – eifuaan!
  • Do you speak English? – Hal tatakallam ’ingilizi?
  • Speak slowly, please – Rajaa’an takallam bi biT’.
  • Where is a good restaurant? – Hal hunaaka maTxamun jayyidun?
  • How much does that cost?- Kam huwa th- thaman?
  • Can you help me? – Hal tastaTiixa ’an tusaaxidani?

Would you like to learn even more Arabic words and phrases? 

Challenge Yourself And Access The Offer Today! 

Are you ready to light up this FIFA World Cup and experience Qatar thoroughly? 

To access free Arabic lessons on Ling App, follow the steps below:

  • Download the app from App Store or Play Store.
  • Sign up and log in.
  • Select Arabic among the languages to learn.
  • Download the Arabic course.
  • Begin your lessons and enjoy!

Ready For That Challenge? Learn Arabic With Ling!

Ling is a language learning app that uses games and interactive challenges to help you learn new languages. Professional native speakers develop the lessons to offer trustworthy learning material with natural and colloquial vocabulary for everyday use. 

While learning Arabic, you will feel like you are playing a game. We make language learning easy yet effective with speaking, spelling, listening, writing, vocabulary, and engaging grammar exercises that will entertain you until the end. 

Learn Languages Ling App

If you thought Arabic was a complex language, you would be delighted to know that Ling will make your learning experience simpler. It’s time to hit your language-learning goals extra faster to get involved in local culture, create meaningful connections, have fun, and enjoy your travel! 

A large worldwide event such as the FIFA World Cup, capable of bringing people together, should be leveraged. And we want to encourage the world to learn something new and use a new language to build beautiful and lasting bonds. 

So join us in this fun challenge. Get your free Arabic lessons today! 

For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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