An Easy Guide To The 4 Main Languages In Punjab

Punjabi is the dominant language in the Indian and Pakistani Punjab. Learning Punjabi along with other spoken languages in Punjab is guaranteed to help you connect better with the locals and be understood in an instant. If you’d love to learn more about that, then this exclusive Ling App guide is perfect for you. Learn all there is to know about the main languages in Punjab today!

The name “Punjab” is from the Persian words “panj,” which means “five,” and “aab,” which means “water.” The Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, and Sutlej rivers are tributaries of the Indus River, and these are the five rivers that India and Pakistan presently share. But contrary to common belief, Punjab people do not only speak the Punjabi language but also many others. For this reason, it would be wise to learn more about these if you are serious about getting connected with the locals on a whole new level. Not only will your skills impress them, but they will see how sincere you are in establishing a connection.

Most Popular Language In Punjab: Punjabi

Languages In Punjab

Punjabi is a language so rich in refinement that it is the world’s eleventh most popular language. It is a member of the Indo-Aryan language family. Punjabi is the official language of Indian Punjab, whereas Punjabi is the second most official language in Pakistani Punjab. Many Punjabi speakers are in neighboring Pakistani and Indian regions like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Karachi, and Rajasthan. The people of these reigns use Punjabi dialects to communicate in their language, which sounds mesmerizing.

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History Of Punjabi Language

Punjabi’s literary status has received a lot of recognition throughout the World. There are around 30 million Indo Aryan languages spoken in India, which is why Punjabi is used to translate most religious and spiritual literary works. 

Punjabi in Gurmukhi script is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by over 150 million people in Pakistan, northern India, and other parts of the World. It is an Indo-European language belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch. Punjabi has emerged from Prakrit languages, spoken in Northwestern India.  In the past, the Devanagari script was necessary for writing Punjabi, but afterward, the tradition changed, and Persian script, along with Perso Arabic words, influenced the Punjabi language. 

Official Languages Of Punjab

 The official language of the Indian state of Punjab is Punjabi, and it is the Indian constitution’s recognized ancient language. About 70 million people in Pakistan speak Punjabi, predominantly in the Punjab region, and the given Pakistani percentage of Punjabi speakers is 39%. But Punjabi is not the first official language in Pakistan; instead, Urdu has official status at national and provincial levels.

Punjabi – Official Language In Indian Punjab

Punjabi is the official language of Eastern Punjab. The ratio of Punjabi spoken people is highest in India. The Indian state has announced the Punjabi dialects as the most spoken language in India. Punjabi is also considered the mother tongue of Punjab, so people have a special attachment to the language. 

However, Punjabi is a bit difficult, and writing Punjabi is a way complex process. Sometimes Indian Punjabi speakers have difficulty writing Punjabi. But with practice, anyone can master the art of the language. 

Urdu – Official Language In Pakistani Punjab

If we say that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and has official status in western Punjab, then it is not wrong. But research states that out of all regional languages in central Punjab, Punjabi has a rich oral tradition. Lahore, the capital of Pakistani Punjab, is the World’s biggest city with the highest ratio of Punjabi speakers. So, the Punjab region has more Punjabi speakers than Urdu dialects. 

Other Spoken Languages In Punjab

Languages In Punjab

Considering Punjabi as the predominant language in Punjab, other languages are also widely spoken in Indian and Pakistani Punjab. In Pakistani Punjab, all these languages include English, Urdu, and Saraiki. In India, some other languages in Punjab have Majhi, Doabi, and Malwai. 


It is one of the official languages of foreign countries, which left its mark in Punjab after the reign of the British empire. People do speak this separate language as a second language after the language Punjabi. 


Saraiki is an Indo-Aryan language of the Lahnda group spoken in Pakistan’s Punjab province in the southwestern portion. It used to be called Multani, after the significant dialect. Saraiki shares a major percentage of its vocabulary and morphology with Standard Punjabi and is mutually intelligible to a high degree.


It is one of the major languages spoken in Indian Punjab. It is the main dialect of Punjabi, and it developed in Punjab’s Majha district. Majlis live in the central section of Pakistan’s Punjab district and the Indian districts of Amritsar and Gurdaspur. 


The Malwa region, located in west-central northern India, holds a particular place in the hearts of all Punjabis. Malwai is a Punjabi dialect that has evolved through the years to the point where now we use it to sing most folk tunes.

Other minority Languages In Punjab

Other minority spoken languages in Punjab include Powadhi, Pahari, Kangri, Dogri, Multani, Barr di boli, Bahawalpur, Thalochri, and Chakwali. 

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