8 Best Haunted Places In Punjabi Regions

Haunted Places in Punjabi Regions- Ling App

There’s no denying that the Punjab holds deep history. Like other Asian countries, it has undergone several wars, giving birth to dark, creepy areas that can make your blood run cold. So, are you ready to discover these most haunted places in Punjabi regions? Make sure not to pee yourself as we venture through the paranormal activity experienced by locals.

Punjab is a region rich in history and culture but is also home to many reportedly haunted sites. These places in Punjab have become the subject of local legends and folklore, attracting visitors and ghost hunters worldwide. In fact, the country has several sites that’ll literally make you feel scared, like the Khooni Ladi and Lothian Cemetery. Despite the skepticism surrounding the existence of ghosts and the paranormal, many people remain fascinated by these spots in Punjab, seeking to uncover the truth behind the stories surrounding them.

Haunted Places in Punjabi Regions - Ling App

Most Spine-Chilling Haunted Places In Punjabi Regions

From ghostly apparitions to unexplained sounds and events, these places are steeped in mystery and legend and attract visitors looking for a spooky experience. We explored some of the most famous haunted places in the Punjab region and their eerie stories. Whether or not you believe in these unexplainable paranormal activities, these places will indeed send a shiver down your spine.

1. Khooni Nadi

Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle? In Delhi, you’ll find their own version of it, which is the Khooni Nadi. It’s apparently haunted, and locals claimed they’ve heard and encountered unexplainable paranormal events on this site. Taking a little trip back to its history, it was said that the river had been a site for people who committed suicide. This bloody river sucks anyone to its depths with their victims’ bodies to never be found again. The eerie atmosphere of Khooni Nadi, combined with its mysterious and tragic history, makes it a popular destination for ghost tours and those seeking a spooky experience.

2. Lothian Cemetery

The final resting place of people who moved forward to the afterlife is probably the worst yet expected place sight negative energy. Places like cremation grounds and cemeteries are the home of ghost stories and paranormal happenings that’ll make you pee your pants.

Like any other haunted place, the Lothian Cemetery is rumored to be plagued by the souls of soldiers buried in unmarked graves. Visitors report seeing spirits and strange noises, including marching feet and clanking weapons. It’s famous for the ghostly sighting of a headless soldier rumored to have fallen for an Indian woman but didn’t end up with her. He shot himself in the head, and from then on, his story lives in the minds of locals. Despite its spooky reputation, the cemetery is a popular tourist destination for those interested in Delhi’s history. Visitors should be respectful as it is still considered a sacred burial ground.

Haunted Places in Punjabi Region (Bhangargh Fort)- Ling App

3. Rajasthan Bhangarh Fort

Upon seeing this fort in photos, you may not think it’s a place filled with stories that ghost hunters would go bonkers for. This old building is a masterpiece worth admiring for its unique architecture! But just like in real life, things can never be too good to be true.

Legends say that there was once a local princess who caught a wizard’s attention and practiced black magic. He wanted to love him, so he concocted a potion to do things to his bidding. But his tactics didn’t go well since the princess knew his schemes. To cut the story short, the princess made a boulder roll downhill, coincidentally crushing the sorcerer to his death. Well, he won’t leave in peace without a final word, would he? He bestowed a curse on the whole city that no one would ever live in the precincts of Bhangarh. Soon after, Mughal forces attacked the town, causing the death and downfall of the kingdom.

4. National Library In Kolkata

The National Library is also known for its spooky reputation. According to legend, the library is haunted by the ghost of a former librarian named Colonel Lamb. It is said that Colonel Lamb died in the library in the early 20th century, and his spirit still roams the halls at night.

Visitors and staff members have reported hearing strange noises and footsteps, feeling sudden cold spots, and seeing apparitions. Some have claimed to have been touched by unseen hands, while others have felt a sense of being watched. Despite its spooky reputation, the National Library remains a popular destination for scholars and researchers. It also offers tours to visitors who are interested in the history and architecture of the building. However, visitors are advised to be respectful and not disturb the books or the library’s peace.

5. Mukesh Mills

Mumbai Mukesh Mills is known for its spooky reputation and has become a popular destination for film shoots, especially horror movies. Before it was named Mukesh Mills, it was first known as the Colaba Mils. This abandoned place was destroyed by a fire in 1982, leading to the deaths of several workers. From then on, visitors claim to see shadows and hear noises from the corridors of the area. To add fuel to the fire, some also say that the mill was built on a burial ground, adding to the ghostly legends of the place.

6. Lambi Dehar Mines

What would you do if someone took revenge on your actions? Years ago, this haunted place was a mining site for 50,000 workers in Mussoorie. Mysteriously, they all suffered from lung disease, causing them to cough blood, eventually leading to their death. What makes things even more unusual for this construction site is hearsay about a woman’s spirit guarding the place.

7. Aleya Ghost Lights

Aleya ghost lights, also known as Aleya Lights or Marsh Ghost Lights, are a natural phenomenon that occurs in the swamps of West Bengal, India. These lights are said to resemble floating orbs or flames that appear above the marshes at night. It may also remind you of the wisps from Brave!

The appearance of these mysterious lights has various explanations. Some believed they were the spirits of fishermen who died in the swamps, while others suggested they were caused by methane gas released from the decaying organic matter. There are tons of explanations for it; some even involve paranormal activities. This unexplained phenomenon has become a popular tourist attraction, and most people even dare to visit the swaps at night just to see it.

8. Dumas Beach

If some places have haunted houses, well, the Punjabi regions have otherworldly beaches. Over the years, aside from having black sand, this spot gained notoriety for rumors of paranormal activities and hauntings. Many visitors say that they’ve encountered strange occurrences and ghostly apparitions, which have led to many people believing that the beach is haunted.

Moreover, despite being a great relaxing place, people leave before the sun goes down. Gossips say anyone who dares to stay here for the night would never return or encounter worse scenarios. Its unique black sand was rumored to have remnants of the Hindu ancestors once buried there. Are you willing to take the risk for the sake of thrill?

Punjabi Words Related To Ghosts

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EnglishPunjabi ScriptPunjabi Pronunciation
Hauntਭੂਤ ਵਾਲਾ ਸਥਾਨbhoot waala sthaan
Poltergeistਪਾਰਾਪਟਨ ਭੂਤpaaraa-ptan bhoot

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