21+ Great Nepali Restaurant Vocabs: Dine Accurately!

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Atok, Alu chop, Bambaisan, and Chuira are some of the most-mouth watering dishes of Nepal. But what’s the point if you need help finding these authentically Nepali dishes or cannot order them? When you enter a restaurant, you should be able to express yourself better to get your money’s worth. So let’s get you up and ready with Nepali restaurant vocabs!

Basic Nepali language is easier than Chinese or Arabic, and Nepali words are mainly derived from the Pahari languages or languages of the mountains. Nepalis have food, eating, and meals as a vital part of their daily life. Their main dish is rice, like many south-Asian countries, accompanied by main and side dishes. A frequent favorite at the table is also Achaar (a pickle mix) that can be spicy, sweet, and tangy simultaneously! It adds a nice kick to Nepali food.

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Nepali Restaurant Vocabs_ling app_learn nepali_waiter
Nepali Restaurant Vocabs – Giving Your Order In Nepali

Basic Nepali Restaurant Vocabs

FoodखानाKhana[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खाना[/Speechword]
Tasteस्वादSvada[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]स्वाद[/Speechword]
Restaurantरेस्टुरेन्टResturenta[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]रेस्टुरेन्ट[/Speechword]
DishभाँडाBhamda[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]भाँडा[/Speechword]
Plateप्लेटPleta[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]प्लेट[/Speechword]
MealखानाKhana[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खाना[/Speechword]
CookपकाउनेPakaune[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पकाउने[/Speechword]
Menuमेनु Menu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मेनु [/Speechword]
Vegetables तरकारीTarakari[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तरकारी[/Speechword]
Vegetarianशाकाहारी Sakahari[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]शाकाहारी [/Speechword]
TeaचियाCiya[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]चिया[/Speechword]
Spices मसलाहरू Masalaharu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मसलाहरू[/Speechword]
DrinkपिउनुPiunu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पिउनु[/Speechword]
Onionsप्याज Pyaja[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]प्याज [/Speechword]
SaltनुनNuna[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]नुन[/Speechword]
Oilतेल Tela[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तेल[/Speechword]
Cupकप Kapa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कप[/Speechword]
RiceचामलBhat[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]चामल[/Speechword]
Water पानी Pani[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पानी [/Speechword]
Lentilsदाल Daal[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दाल [/Speechword]
Waiterवेटर Vetara[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]वेटर [/Speechword]

Common Nepali Restaurant Phrases

A table for two. दुई को लागि एक टेबल।Duiko lagi eka tebala.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दुई को लागि एक टेबल।[/Speechword]
Can I make my order? के म मेरो अर्डर गर्न सक्छु? Ke ma mero ardara garna sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के म मेरो अर्डर गर्न सक्छु? [/Speechword]
I want a plate of dumplings. मलाई पकौडाको थाली चाहियो। Malai momo thali cahiyo.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई पकौडाको थाली चाहियो। [/Speechword]
May I have a cup of tea? के म एक कप चिया पिउन सक्छु? Ke ma eka kapa ciya piuna sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के म एक कप चिया पिउन सक्छु? [/Speechword]
The salt was too much in the vegetables. तरकारीमा नुन धेरै थियो । Tarkarima nuna dherai thiyo.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तरकारीमा नुन धेरै थियो ।[/Speechword]
Please do not add any meat. कृपया कुनै पनि मासु थप नगर्नुहोस्। Krpaya kunai pani masu thapa nagarnuhos.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कृपया कुनै पनि मासु थप नगर्नुहोस्।[/Speechword]
How much for the meal?खानाको लागि कति? Khanako lagi kati?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खानाको लागि कति?[/Speechword]
The food was great. खाना महान थियो। Khana mahana thiyo.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खाना महान थियो। [/Speechword]
I need a glass of water.मलाई एक गिलास पानी चाहिन्छ। Malai eka gilasa pani cahincha.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई एक गिलास पानी चाहिन्छ।[/Speechword]
Nepali Restaurant Vocabs_ling app_learn nepali_eat together
Nepali Restaurant Vocabs – Enjoying A Meal Together

How To Order Food In Nepali

There are a few reasons why it is essential to speak in Nepali when ordering food in Nepal. First, it shows respect for the local culture and customs. In Nepal, as in many other countries, the primary language is not English, and speaking in the local language demonstrates that you are making an effort to communicate in a meaningful and appropriate way to the culture.

Additionally, using the local language can help ensure that your order is understood and that you receive the food you intended. In a country where English may not be widely spoken or understood, speaking in the local language can also help to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Finally, using the local language can be seen as a sign of appreciation for the country and its culture and can help to build positive relationships with the people you interact with while you are there.

Ordering At The Restaurant

I would like a table for four people. म चारजनाको लागि टेबल चाहन्छु। Ma carajanako lagi tebala cahanchu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म चारजनाको लागि टेबल चाहन्छु।[/Speechword]
Do you a menu? के तपाइँ मेनु हुनुहुन्छ? Ke tapaim menu hunuhuncha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के तपाइँ मेनु हुनुहुन्छ?[/Speechword]
What is today’s special dish? आजको विशेष परिकार के हो ? Ajako visesa parikara ke ho?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]आजको विशेष परिकार के हो ? [/Speechword]
Please, make the dishes less spicy and less oily. कृपया, भाँडालाई कम मसलादार र कम तेलयुक्त बनाउनुहोस्। Krypaya, bhamdalai kama masaladara ra kama telayukta banaunuhos.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कृपया, भाँडालाई कम मसलादार र कम तेलयुक्त बनाउनुहोस्।[/Speechword]
I would just water to drink. पानी मात्र पिउन चाहान्छु । Pani matra piuna cahanchu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पानी मात्र पिउन चाहान्छु । [/Speechword]
How long is the preparation? तयारी कति लामो छ? Tayari kati lamo cha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तयारी कति लामो छ? [/Speechword]
The meal was perfect. खाना एकदम सही थियो। Khana ekadama sahi thiyo.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खाना एकदम सही थियो।[/Speechword]
Let’s order a cup of tea. एक कप चिया अर्डर गरौं। Eka kapa ciya ardara garaum.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]एक कप चिया अर्डर गरौं।[/Speechword]
Can I have the bill? के म बिल पाउन सक्छु? Ke ma bila pauna sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के म बिल पाउन सक्छु? [/Speechword]
I would like to pack the leftovers. म बचेको प्याक गर्न चाहन्छु। Ma baceko pyaka garna cahanchu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म बचेको प्याक गर्न चाहन्छु।[/Speechword]
See you next time! फेरी भेटौला! Pheri bhetaula![Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फेरी भेटौला![/Speechword]

Ordering Over The Phone

Hi, I am calling from House 12, Road 9, Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu. नमस्ते, म घर 12, रोड 9, कालिकास्थान, डिल्लीबजार, काठमाडौं बाट फोन गर्दैछु। Namaste, ma ghara 12, roda 9, kalikasthana, dillabajara, kathmanddaum bata phona gardaichu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]नमस्ते, म घर 12, रोड 9, कालिकास्थान, डिल्लीबजार, काठमाडौं बाट फोन गर्दैछु।[/Speechword]
My phone number is 12345678. मेरो फोन नम्बर 12345678 हो। Mero phona nambara 12345678 ho.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मेरो फोन नम्बर 12345678 हो।[/Speechword]
I would like to order a plate of rice and lentils, vegetables, chicken Sekuwa and a dish of Rasbari for dessert. म एक प्लेट भात र दाल, तरकारी, चिकन सेकुवा र मिठाईको लागि रासबारीको डिश अर्डर गर्न चाहन्छु। Ma ek pleta bhat ra dala, tarkari, cikana sekuva ra mithaiko lagi rasabariko disa ardara garna cahanchu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म एक प्लेट भात र दाल, तरकारी, चिकन सेकुवा र मिठाईको लागि रासबारीको डिश अर्डर गर्न चाहन्छु। [/Speechword]
Please make it less spicy and less oily. कृपया यसलाई कम मसालेदार र कम तेल बनाउनुहोस्। Krpaya yasalai kama masaledara ra kama tela bana unuhos.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कृपया यसलाई कम मसालेदार र कम तेल बनाउनुहोस्। [/Speechword]
How long will it take to be delivered? डेलिभर हुन कति समय लाग्छ? Delibhara huna kati samaya lagcha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]डेलिभर हुन कति समय लाग्छ?[/Speechword]
What is my total bill? मेरो कुल बिल कति छ? Mero kula bila kati cha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मेरो कुल बिल कति छ? [/Speechword]
Okay, thank you. हस त धन्यवाद। Hasa tan dhanya vada.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]हस त धन्यवाद।[/Speechword]
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