Nepali Question Words With 32 Valuable Common Question

Are you going to Nepal on a business trip or an excursion? Then it would help if you found out about the typical Nepali question words that you might want to ask while talking to Nepali people.

It is essential not only to recognize Nepali question words and how to use them but also to understand the differences they use depending on the context. So, this tutorial introduces the essential question words, and later we will talk about how to use them in contextual situations. Thus, the practice will help Nepali language learners recognize different verbal questions. Also, don’t miss the lesson about how to pronounce these question words, which you can use in preparation for using the app while traveling in Nepal.


About Nepal And Nepali Language

Nepal is a wonderful landlocked country in South Asia. But, more importantly, it is in the Himalayas, making Nepal one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the world map. Visitors from all over the world visit Nepal all year round to witness the beauty of Mount Everest. Also, no word can explain the natural aesthetic beauty of the country.

So, to help you not struggle with the language and talk to Nepali people, I came up with Nepali Questions Words.


Nepali Question Words

English Questions WordsNepali Question WordsDevanagari Font
Whosekasko (whose)कहाँ
Nepali Question Words

Suppose you plan to go to Nepal or have a relative, partner, or friend who originally belongs to this beautiful country. In that case, learning the Nepali question words is the best thing to do if you want to speak the official language of Nepal. Although you can speak English and because Nepalis understand it, it is better to speak in their mother tongue.

Moreover, it would be best to read and learn basic words and phrases, and greetings in Nepali to interact in Nepal easily. Therefore, we hope this article will help you learn essential Nepali question words and use these Nepali question words in sentences.


List Of Basic Questions In Nepali

Nepali Question Words

Below is a list of interrogative expressions and questions in Nepali in a table. Saving this table and learning it will help you add some beneficial and important words to your Nepali vocabulary.

English Question SentenceNepali QuestionsDevanagari Font
where is he?U kahām̐ cha?उ कहाँ छ?
What is this?Yō ke ho?यो के हो?
Who is that?Tyō kō hō?त्यो को हो?
Where is your house?Timrō ghara kahām̐ cha?तिम्रो घर कहाँ छ?
Whose book is this?Yō kasakō pustaka hō?यो कसको पुस्तक हो?
Do you like learning different languages?Kē tapā’ī bibhinna bhāṣāharu sikna cāhānuhuncha?के तपाई बिभिन्न भाषाहरु सिक्न चाहानुहुन्छ?
Can you see?Tapā’īṁ dēkhna saknuhuncha?तपाईं देख्न सक्नुहुन्छ?
Would you like to play a game?Kē tapā’im̐ khēla khēlna cāhanuhuncha?के तपाइँ खेल खेल्न चाहनुहुन्छ?
Whose pen is that?Yō kasakō kalama hō?यो कसको कलम हो?
Why are you sad?Tapā’i kina du: Khī hunuhun cha?तपाइ किन दु: खी हुनुहुन्छ?
How do you want to pay?Tapā’īṁ kasarī tirna cāhanuhuncha?तपाईं कसरी तिर्न चाहनुहुन्छ?
How do I speak Nepali?Ma kasarī nēpālī bōlchu?म कसरी नेपाली बोल्छु?
Can I come?Ma ā’una sakchu?म आउन सक्छु?
Is he sleeping?Ū sutirahēchaऊ सुतिरहेछ
Since whenKahilē dēkhiकहिले देखि
How farkati ṭāḍhāकति टाढा
Do you know me?timi malā’ī cinchau?तिमि मलाई चिन्छौ?
From whereKahām̐bāṭaकहाँबाट
Do you have my book?tapā’īnsam̐ga mērō kitāba cha?तपाईंसँग मेरो किताब छ?
How big is it?Yō kati ṭhūlō cha?यो कति ठूलो छ?
Can I help you?Kē ma tapā’īm̐lā’ī maddata garna sakchu?के म तपाईँलाई मद्दत गर्न सक्छु?
Can you help me?Kē tapā’īm̐ malā’ī maddata garna saknuhuncha?के तपाईँ मलाई मद्दत गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ?
Do you speak English?Kē tapā’īm̐ aṅgrējī bōlnuhuncha?के तपाईँ अङ्ग्रेजी बोल्नुहुन्छ?
How far is this?Yō kati ṭāḍhā cha?यो कति टाढा छ?
What time is it?Kati bajyō?कति बज्यो?
How much is this?Yō kati hō?यो कति हो?
What is your name?Timrō naam ke ho?तिम्रो नाम के हो?
Where is your home?Timrō ghara kahām̐ cha?तिम्रो घर कहाँ छ?
Why did you go to Kathmandu?Tapā’īṁ kāṭhamāḍauṁ kina jānubhayō?तपाईं काठमाडौं किन जानुभयो?
How old are you?Tapā’īkō umēra kati hō?तपाईको उमेर कति हो?
How are you (single, polite)?Tapā’īṁ kasto hunuhuncha (ēkala, namra)?तपाईं कस्तो हुनुहुन्छ (एकल, नम्र)?
Where do you live?Timi kahām̐ baschau?तिमि कहाँ बस्छौ?
Nepali Question Words With Sentences


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