10+ All-Round Attractive Nepali Job Titles

There is a famous prediction made when babies are born in my Southeast Asian cultures; if it’s a boy – he shall be an engineer; if it’s a girl, – she shall be a doctor! But in Nepal and their culture, what Nepali Job titles are famous and most common? Let’s find out!

The employment rate in Nepal was once the highest in South Asia at 68%, and people with no jobs but within the working age was just 32%. The pandemic changed things around, though, and job availability was scarce. Nepal’s people mostly have agricultural jobs, and these jobs support the country’s primary income.

Many do not have many employment opportunities, so they seek training and education to help them secure a job abroad. Some social issues that affect a job in Nepal are lack of education, gender equality, religious conflicts, and many more. If you are looking for workforce diversity, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is where it is highest.

Most Common Nepali Job Titles

Common Nepali Job Titles
Common Nepali Job Titles

The skills needed for a full-time job generally are communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. What skills are job seekers looking for these days in Nepal? Here are some of the top Nepali Job Titles and their translations:

  • Farmer – किसान (Kisāna)
    • Most Nepalis work as farmers. Education on this starts within the family. In the company of family, children learn farming quickly and resume responsibility at an early age.
  • Construction Worker – निर्माण कार्यकर्ता (Nirmāṇa kāryakartā)
    • Urbanization has employers constantly looking for construction workers in Nepal. These jobs are also important when debris and dangerous materials need removal in disasters.
  • Teacher – शिक्षक (Śikṣaka)
    • Education is growing in value among Nepalis, and teaching services have increased. Teachers must follow the guidelines and curriculum set in Nepali education.
  • Engineer – इन्जिनियर (Injiniyara)
    • Not only engineering based on computer science but also civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering are becoming top jobs in Nepal. A company seeking engineers usually offers a great position with great benefits. These are mostly found in Kathmandu.
  • Hotelier – होटल व्यवसायी (Hōṭala vyavasāyī)
    • Hotel owners have great workforce diversity as they cater to tourists and have a wide range of jobs from cleaning to cooking, gardening to security. Many services require excellent management and skills.
  • Tour Guide – भ्रमण गाइड (Bhramaṇa gā’iḍa)
    • Candidates and workers in this sector must have a good grip on Nepali culture and English. Nepal has a vast tourism industry, and employers seek people with excellent people skills who create a friendly environment for tourists to feel enlightened and engaged in the tours.
  • Retailer – खुदरा (Khudarā)
    • Small business owners are many in Nepal. They are common again in tourism to have food retailers or souvenir sellers. It is more self-employed and requires you to apply your strengths in the business for it to grow.
  • Health Care Workers – स्वास्थ्यकर्मीहरू (Svāsthyakarmīharū)
    • Those working in health care and medicine have particular category jobs in demand in mostly all countries. Here in Nepal, there are many entry-level jobs in health care. Job seekers provide the training needed, and the work hours are often flexible. For example, in an orphanage, as a caregiver under a nurse’s supervision.
  • Business Workers – व्यापार कार्यकर्ताहरू (Vyāpāra kāryakartāharū)
    • Business-related jobs require management, finance, and data skills. In addition, they also require English language and Nepali skills to communicate. It is a rising profession, and many have benefitted from start-ups during this pandemic.
  • Government Workers – सरकारी कर्मचारीहरु (Sarakārī karmacārīharu)
    • A job title brings enormous prospects for a worker, like a spouse! Such is the case with government jobs. These are pretty challenging and may even require sponsorship or special training. But once this is set – the future is bright and shining!

Phrases For Job Applications

Phrases For Job Applications
Phrases For Job Applications

To create a good job application, you need to mention your education and training and give an account of your job experiences and abilities, e.g., computer science ability, language skills, finance and accounting skills, management skills, and so on.

Here are some skills that are worth adding to your job application today and their translation to Nepali language:

  • Good Communication skills in English and Nepali Language – अंग्रेजी र नेपाली भाषामा राम्रो संचार कौशल (Aṅgrējī ra nēpālī bhāṣāmā rāmrō san̄cāra kauśala)
  • Loves to travel – यात्रा गर्न मन पर्छ (Yātrā garna mana parcha)
  • Have received training in the following fields – निम्न क्षेत्रहरूमा तालिम प्राप्त गरेको छ (Nimna kṣētraharūmā tālima prāpta garēkō cha)
  • Willing to undergo training – तालिम लिन इच्छुक (Tālima lina icchuka)
  • Can provide detailed account of previous work experiences if requested – अनुरोध गरेमा अघिल्लो कार्य अनुभवहरूको विस्तृत खाता प्रदान गर्न सक्छ (Anurōdha garēmā aghillō kārya anubhavaharūkō vistr̥ta khātā pradāna garna sakcha)
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me – कृपया मलाई सम्पर्क गर्न नहिचकिचाउनुहोस् (Kr̥payā malā’ī samparka garna nahicakicā’unuhōs)
  • I can provide more references if required – आवश्यक भएमा म थप सन्दर्भहरू प्रदान गर्न सक्छु (Āvaśyaka bha’ēmā ma thapa sandarbhaharū pradāna garna sakchu)
  • Committed to working with guidelines under management – व्यवस्थापन अन्तर्गत दिशानिर्देशहरूसँग काम गर्न प्रतिबद्ध (Vyavasthāpana antargata diśānirdēśaharūsam̐ga kāma garna pratibad’dha)

Nepali Job Titles Among Locals

Here are uncommon job titles found in the streets of Nepal:

  • cook – पकाउने (Pakā’unē)
  • sweeper – स्वीपर (Svīpara)
  • maid – दासी (Dāsī)
  • driver – चालक (Cālaka)
  • tea seller – चिया बिक्रेता (Ciyā bikrētā)
  • tailor – दर्जी (Darjī)
  • barber – नाई (Nā’ī)
  • security guard – पाले (Pālē)
  • ricksha puller – रिक्सा चालक (Riksā cālaka)
  • helper – सहयोगी (Sahayōgī)
  • police – प्रहरी (Praharī)
  • hawker – फेरीवाला (Phērīvālā)
  • monk – भिक्षु (Bhikṣu)

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