An Epic Guide To 10 Best Nepali Funny Phrases

The Nepali language has a vast number of funny words and phrases. Learn Nepali funny phrases to have a better connection with locals.

Nepali (नेपाली) is an Indo-Aryan language belonging to the Eastern Pahari sub-branch. It is Nepal’s official language, and Nepalese and Bhutanese people speak it. People in Nepal are often humorous and friendly, and therefore they employ funny phrases in their everyday talks.

Furthermore, the meaning of Nepali vocabulary differs from that of several other Indian languages. If you genuinely want to communicate with locals while in Nepal, you should learn Nepali and Nepali funny phrases. Start learning the Nepali language using Ling App and get the most out of it.


Common Slang Words Used In Nepali Funny Phrases

Some people are unfamiliar with the term “slang.” It is a term that has evolved from various groups of individuals usually developed during a conversation. On their own, they have a different meaning, but over time, meanings change and become slang. These slang words are then blended to form funny phrases.

Nepali Funny Phrases

Slang words are entertaining to use in Nepali funny phrases, but they can be difficult to learn and understand in some respects. For example, locals use the slang words “nonsense” “बकवास “and “funky” “फन्की” in Nepali phrases. I want to compile here many of these slang words along with a brief explanation.

English PronunciationNepali Slang Word
Silly laughMūrkha hām̐sōमूर्ख हाँसो

Some Of The Best And Humorous Nepali Funny Phrases

While visiting Nepal, if you get a chance to be friendly with locals, do not miss the point. Getting friendly and humorous with people helps you have a healthy laugh. Therefore, speak Nepali and express your humor using funny phrases in Nepali.

Moreover, if you want to say that you can provide a good company, you can say it using the phrase “Caution: you might get addicted to me” meaning Sāvadhānī: Tapā’im̐ malā’ī lata lāgna sakcha” “सावधानी: तपाइँ मलाई लत लाग्न सक्छ.” Some funny Nepali phrases are below. 

EnglishTranslationNepali Funny Phrases
Caution: you might get addicted to me.Sāvadhānī: Tapā’im̐ malā’ī lata lāgna sakcha.सावधानी: तपाइँ मलाई लत लाग्न सक्छ
I always get ignored that my nickname should be ‘Terms and Conditions.’Mam̐ aksara upēkṣā garincha ki mērō upanāma’niyama ra śartaharu’ hunu parcha.मँ अक्सर उपेक्षा गरिन्छ कि मेरो उपनाम ‘नियम र शर्तहरु’ हुनु पर्छ।
Here to say that if time is money, I am running out of time.Yadi samaya paisā hō bhanē, ma samaya kō bāhira calirahēkō chu.यदि समय पैसा हो भने, म समय को बाहिर चलिरहेको छु।
In hindsight, I do not have much to say about many things.Antardr̥ṣṭi mā, ma dhērai cījaharu kō bārē mā bhanna kō lāgī kama cha.अन्तर्दृष्टि मा, म धेरै चीजहरु को बारे मा भन्न को लागी कम छ।
Pardon, but laughing is one of my favourite things to do.Mapha hām̐snu mērō manaparnē cījaharu madhyē ēka hō.माफ हाँस्नु मेरो मनपर्ने चीजहरु मध्ये एक हो।

Find Out Some Other Nepali Funny Quotes

In Nepali, there is a tradition when all the friends and family members have a get-together. In such meetups, people use local alcohol for amusement purposes. Moreover, the Wife serves the dishes, and friends create a happy environment using funny phrases. Note that always widely express your emotions in the Nepali language during your visit to your friends in Nepal.

However, use the funny emotional phrases like “Sometimes, I prefer to use my face for emotions” “Kahilēkām̐hī, ma imōṭikansa kō lāgī mērō anuhāra prayōga garna rucā’um̐chu” “कहिलेकाँही, म इमोटिकन्स को लागी मेरो अनुहार प्रयोग गर्न रुचाउँछु. “There are many other phrases that can give you a decent laugh. Furthermore, if you want to have a good laugh, here is a rich collection of funny Nepali phrases. 

EnglishTranslationNepali Funny Phrases
I thought I would die if you leftTimilē chōḍi gayau bhanē ta marchu hōlā jhai lāgthyōतिमिले छोडि गयौ भने त मर्छु होला झै लाग्थ्यो
But the fever did not cometara aha jvōrō pani ā’ēna |तर अह ज्वोरो पनि आएन
I prefer to use my face for emotions.Ma imōṭikansa kō lāgī mērō anuhāra prayōga garna rucā’um̐chu.कहिलेकाँही, म इमोटिकन्स को लागी मेरो अनुहार प्रयोग गर्न रुचाउँछु
Hello! quit looking for a reason to dislike me; I’m naturally likable.Namaskāra! Malā’ī mana naparā’unē kāraṇa khōjna chōḍnuhōs; ma mātra svābhāvika manaparnē chu.नमस्ते! मलाई मन नपराउने कारण खोज्न छोड्नुहोस्; म मात्र स्वाभाविक मनपर्ने छु


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Nepali Funny Phrases

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