7 Easy Ways To Say Happy New Year In Nepali

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 09:56 am

Learning different ways to say Happy New Year in Nepali only requires good guidance and partners to practice it, and a little excitement is enough. In any event or future situation, if you come to Nepal from any country or any corner of the world, and you are not familiar with the language here, you will meet serious difficulties. Also, you may face problems every day.

So, today, we will teach you about the new year’s wishes in the Nepali language to wish your friend or family a happy new year in Nepali.


Top 3 Ways To Say Happy New Year In Nepali

1. नयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना Naya Barsha Ko Subhakamana

This phrase is the most commonly used when wishing someone a happy new year in Nepali. Its literal translation is “Good wishes for the new year.” Though, it is the most generally used way of wishing a happy new year in Nepali. The word “Subhakamana” is composed of two words, “Subha” means brings the right omen or good, and “kamana” means wishes. Whereas “naya” means new, and “Barsha” means year.

2. नयाँ वर्षको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना Naya Barsha Ko Dherai Dherai Subhakamana.

This sentence is translated in English as “many many wishes for a new year.” It is the official wish. The word ”Dherai” is used twice in the phrase to exaggerate desire. Also, it is a great way to wish someone a happy new year in Nepali. It is a common expression that you will hear from people or use it for whom you are willing to wish.

3. नयाँ वर्षको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना Naya Barsa Ko Hardik Mangalmaya Subhakamana 

This sentence is also a formal way of wish blessings, literally translated as “Heartful wishes of Good Omen and Good times for New Year.” This sentence tries to convey that the wisher hopes to pray for the listeners. The wisher also prayed for a good omen to follow the listener, and the good signs would accompany him throughout the year. Thus, it is more like a spiritual wish. Further, don’t be surprised if you also receive any text messages because this phrase has been in use ever since.


Other Ways To Wish Happy New Year In Nepali

1. नयाँ वर्षको उपलक्ष्यमा यहाँलाई धेरै धेरै बधाई Naya Barsa Ko Upalakshya Ma Yahalai Dherai Dherai Badhai 

This sentence is another official wish for the new year. Its literal English translation is “Many Many congratulations to you on the occasion of the New Year.” This sentence expresses respect for the elderly by using the word yaha, which is usually used in Nepali to express respect for the elderly

2. सफलताको सुरुवात नयाँ वर्षको साथ Safalta Ko Suruwat Naya Barsha Ko Saath 

It is another happy new year in the Nepali wish statement. This sentence can be translated as “the beginning of success is the beginning of the new year.” This sentence tries to show that the speaker wants and is trying to encourage his friends or family or people to believe in them and try to start something, and as the new year comes, their success will come soon.

3. नयाँ वर्ष आउन लाग्यो Naya Barsh Aaauna Lagyo 

This phrase is just a wish that reflects the excitement that the New Year brings to people, children, and communities in the community. The accurate English translation is “New Year is coming soon.” Although not very wishful, it is a roar of soul determination after the cycles and the resetting of the four seasons, and the fortune also sets the way back. Good luck in using these phrases in the new year.

4. तिमीलाई नयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना Timilai Naya Barsa Ko Subhakamana 

It is a more formal statement and can also be used in writing. This sentence is literally in English, meaning “Good wishes of New Year to you.” The speaker uses this statement when the audience is a single person and is the same as them regarding age, social or professional status. This sentence conveyed a feeling of love and affection to the audience. Also, it expressed the kindness of the speaker’s prayers like good health for the audience and the kindness of hope. The statement can also be aimed at plural audiences; just replace the word “timi” with “timiharu.”


Vocabulary Related To Happy New Year In Nepali

Happy New Year In Nepali
The new year I wishNayām̐ varṣaनयाँ वर्ष
Year aheadagāḍi sālaअगाडि साल
Good healthrāmrō svāsthyaराम्रो स्वास्थ्य
Good luckŚubhakāmanāशुभकामना
Life, happiness, hopeJīvana Khusi āśāजीवन खुशी आशा
Next yearĀ’unē sālaआउने साल
Dear, joy, wonderfulPriya, khusi, adbhutaप्रिय, खुशी, अद्भुत
New year happyNayām̐ varṣa khusi chaनयाँ वर्ष खुशी छ
Nepali new yearNepali nayām̐ varṣaनेपाली नयाँ वर्ष
Happy new year wishesnayām̐ varṣakō subhakamanaनयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना
Success, peace, freeSaphalatā, śānti, niḥśulkaसफलता, शान्ति, निःशुल्क
Friends, family, loved onesSāthīharū, parivāra, priyajanaharūसाथीहरू, परिवार, प्रियजनहरू
Happy New Year In Nepali


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