Beautiful In Nepali: 5+ Best Ways To Make Compliments

Traveling to a foreign country is not that easy if you don’t understand the native language. To have a perfect trip to amazing Nepal, besides greetings, and common vocab, learn to say beautiful in Nepali to interact with natives.


Nepali The Official Language Of Nepal

Nepal is a country situated in South Asia. Nepalese speak Nepali. Not only Nepalese but some people of West Bengal also talk in the Nepali language. When you are touring a country, it is beneficial to learn its native language.

You can use a language learning app called Ling app to learn the language. This app can help you quickly learn basic Nepali words and phrases, and along with their pronunciation if you are an English speaker.


Vocabulary For The Word Beautiful In Nepali

Are you seeking for the appropriate term to express something incredible you observed in Nepal? Learn to appreciate the beauty and say beautiful in Nepali.

You can use these words to describe various things that appeal to you, such as the view from a mountain, a sunset, or a sunrise. You can also use “beautiful” to compliment someone you meet or something you see in the market. Also, you can complement music by saying “Beautiful music” pronounced as “Sundara saṅgīta.”

Following is a set of some English to Nepali words that can prove useful while staying in Nepal. You can also learn English to Nepali pronunciation for a better understanding of each word.

English WordsNepali WordsPronunciation
Appealingअपील गर्दैapīla gardai
exquisite उत्कृष्टutkr̥ṣṭa


Phrases To Say Beautiful In Nepali

After learning some Nepali words, it is time to learn some sentences and expressions. When a foreigner praises the native speakers or calls them beautiful in their native language, they are friendlier towards you.

To start an engaging conversation with the Nepalese, you can complement them by using the following sentences.

English WordsNepali TranslationsPronunciation
That’s a magnificent picture!यो एक शानदार तस्वीर हो!Yō ēka śānadāra tasvīra hō!
I am interested in this exquisite piece of art.मलाई कलाको यो उत्कृष्ट टुक्रामा रुचि छ।Malā’ī kalākō yō utkr̥ṣṭa ṭukrāmā ruci cha.
Your baby girl is cute.तिम्रो बच्चा केटी प्यारी छ।Timrō baccā kēṭī pyārī cha.
I am having fun on this delightful night with my favorite food.म यो रमाइलो रातमा मेरो मनपर्ने खानासँग रमाइलो गर्दैछु।Ma yō ramā’ilō rātamā mērō manaparnē khānāsam̐ga ramā’ilō gardaichu.
I walk and walk to see the beauty of Nepal.नेपालको सुन्दरता हेर्न हिँड्छु ।Nēpālakō sundaratā hērna him̐ḍchu.
It is my pleasure to attend this appealing event.यो आकर्षक कार्यक्रममा उपस्थित हुन पाउँदा मलाई खुशी लागेको छ।Yō ākarṣaka kāryakramamā upasthita huna pā’um̐dā malā’ī khuśī lāgēkō cha.
She is an attractive beautiful girl.उनी एक आकर्षक सुन्दर केटी हुन्।Unī ēka ākarṣaka sundara kēṭī hun.


Antonyms Of Beautiful In Nepali

Sometimes you do not find something appealing and want to share your inner feelings. Of course, it is better not to say something bad in front of natives. However, these descriptive phrases are still useful to know.

English WordsNepali TranslationsPronunciation

Instead, you can use a more respectful way even if you don’t like something. You can use the following sentences in the Nepali language so you don’t appear rude to them.

English Nepali Translations Pronunciation
I will prefer this food instead of that.म यसको सट्टा यो खाना रुचाउनेछु।Ma yasakō saṭṭā yō khānā rucā’unēchu.
I am not attracted to this picture.म यो तस्विरमा आकर्षित छैन।Ma yō tasviramā ākarṣita chaina.
That’s a beautiful scarf, but I don’t need any.त्यो एउटा सुन्दर स्कार्फ हो, तर मलाई कुनै चाहिँदैन।Tyō ē’uṭā sundara skārpha hō, tara malā’ī kunai cāhim̐daina.
  Jackets are more appealing than coats.ज्याकेटहरू कोट भन्दा बढी आकर्षक छन्।Jyākēṭaharū kōṭa bhandā baḍhī ākarṣaka chan.

I hope by learning these sentences and Nepali words, you can easily communicate with the Nepalese. Once you start learning some basic phrases, you will gradually learn the language. If you enjoy reading our blog “Beautiful In Nepali”, you can read more blogs on “Introduce yourself in Nepali” and “Common greetings in Nepali.”


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Beautiful In Nepali

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