#1 Ultimate Guide To Vocabulary About Food In Malay

Learn vocabulary about food in Malay in this great blog

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to vocabulary about food in Malay! As you expand your knowledge of the Malay language and cuisine, you’ll come across these words at some point in your education.

This blog post will explore some essential terms related to various food categories, talk about the names of some cooking techniques, and even introduce you to some of the more popular ingredients that define Malaysian cuisine. We even threw in some phrases you can use to interact with locals about cooking!

Get your knives and forks out and prepare to makan (eat) – let’s dive into the ultimate guide to vocabulary about food in Malay!

Vocabulary About Malay Food, Cooking, And More

To make it easy to reference, we’ve created these lists of vocabulary about Malay cuisine. We’re going to discuss a lot today: food categories, cooking techniques, ingredients, and utensils. Plus, we included a few phrases that you can use to socialize with Malay people (or people interested in Malay food).

This list of vocabulary about food in Malay will help you navigate a grocery easier

Food Categories In The Malay Language

Familiarizing yourself with these food categories in Malay will help you better understand the diverse flavors, ingredients, and unique cooking techniques that make up the rich cultural heritage of Malaysian dishes. Whether you’ll be dining or preparing meals in Malaysia, this knowledge will enhance your experience and appreciation of the local culinary delights.

Fruit Buah-buahan
Meat Daging
Pork Daging babi
Beef Daging lembu
Chicken Ayam
Fish Ikan
Seafood Makanan laut
Rice Nasi
Noodles Mee
Vegetables Sayur-sayuran
Learn cooking techniques better with these Malay food words

Cooking Techniques In Malaysian Cuisine

Next up is a list of cooking techniques in Malay! These terms are used for various cooking methods. They will help you get a deeper understanding of how your Malay dishes are prepared, leading to a greater appreciation of the cuisine in general. Learn how your Malaysian fried chicken is made, and savor the rich flavors of Malay food!

Bake Bakar
Boil Didihkan
Fry Goreng
Grill Bakar
Roast Panggang
Steam Kukus
These are some of the best Malaysian dishes ever -- can you name some of them?

Popular Cooking Ingredients In Malaysian Dishes

Malaysian cuisine is renowned for its unique and vibrant flavors, combining a plethora of herbs and spices to create mouthwatering dishes that leave a lasting impression on the taste buds. From aromatics like lemongrass and star anise to intense flavors like chili paste, Malaysian recipes blend these ingredients together to achieve a delicate balance of flavors.

Salt Garam
Sugar Gula
Coconut milk Santan
Chili Cili
Turmeric Kunyit
Lemongrass Serai
Galangal Lengkuas
Kaffir lime leaves Daun limau purut
Shrimp paste Belacan
Tamarind Asam jawa
Candlenuts Buah keras
Fish sauce Kicap ikan
Spicy paste Sambal
Coconut Kelapa
Palm sugar Gula Melaka
Soy sauce Kicap soya
Garlic Bawang putih
Ginger Halia
Shallots Bawang merah
Cumin Jintan putih
Coriander Ketumbar
Lime Limau nipis
Pepper Lada hitam
Bay leaves Daun salam
Cardamom Buah pelaga
Cinnamon Kayu manis
Star anise Bunga lawang
What are the names of these kitchen utensils in Malay?

Kitchen Utensils And Tools In Malaysian Cooking

While they’re similar to the ones you have in your kitchen, it’s essential to learn the names of kitchen utensils and tools in Malaysian cooking! Knowing these words will help you understand cookbooks in the Malay language and know exactly what the instructions expect you to do.

Pot Kuali
Pan Kuali leper
Wok Kuali wok
Ladle Senduk
Spatula Spatula
Tongs Penjepit
Knife Pisau
Cutting board Papan pemotong
Mortar and pestle Lesung batu
Steamer basket Dulang kukus
Strainer Penapis
Grater Parut
Cook just like an auntie with these Malay words for the kitchen

Food Preparation And Cooking Terms In Malay

Carving, chopping, dicing, and grating are just some of the techniques that you’ll need to master to create authentic Malaysian dishes. By learning the Malay words for these techniques, you’ll easily follow Malay recipes!

This list of food preparation and cooking terms in Malay is a great starting point for anyone who is new to Malaysian cuisine. So grab your kitchen tools, and let’s get cooking!

Carve Ukir
Chop Potong
Dice Dadu
Grate Parut
Mash Lenyek
Mix Gaul
Sprinkle Tabur
Stir Kacau
Burn Bakar
Cook Masak
Fry Goreng
Grill Panggang
Heat Panaskan
Preheat Pemanas pra
Roast Panggang kering
Steam Kukus
Share your love for Malaysian food with these phrases

Phrases Related To Food In Bahasa Melayu

Suppose you’re passionate about Malaysian food and want to connect with others with the same enthusiasm. In that case, learning some key phrases related to food in Bahasa Melayu, or Malay, can be a great way to start conversations and show your appreciation for this rich culinary tradition.

This list of phrases related to food in Malay will enhance your understanding of Malaysian cuisine. It will help you build connections with fellow food lovers who appreciate the unique flavors and textures of this diverse and delicious cuisine.

How can I get a Malaysian cookbook? Bagaimana saya boleh mendapatkan buku masakan Malaysia?
Malaysian food is delicious! Makanan Malaysia sedap!
I’m on a diet, but I guess I can go for dessert! Saya sedang berdiet, tapi saya boleh makan pencuci mulut!
What is the name of this dish? Apa nama hidangan ini?
What drinks go well with this food? Minuman apa yang sesuai dengan hidangan ini?
Which Malaysian food is your favorite? Makanan Malaysia yang mana yang menjadi kegemaran anda?
May I please have some juice? Bolehkah saya minta air jus?
You have to tell me your recipe! Awak kena beritahu saya resipi anda!
This sauce tastes great. Kuah ini sedap rasanya.

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